Sharing Biblical Truth Newsletter No 27

 Sharing Biblical Truth
 20 August 2019  


August 2016

Dear Reader is a website that has been created to share Biblical truth with Christians and non-Christians alike. The website aims to present the truth in a world where lies and half-truths are prevalent. The articles are informative and provide an easy way to obtain a Biblical understanding of important and relevant topics. End Time Events, the Fulfilment of Prophecies, World Events, the New World Order, False Teachings, Book- and Movie Reviews, Social Issues, Contemplative Spirituality and events in the Middle East are but a few of the topics that will be covered.

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2.   About marriage and family

Today, marriage and the family are regularly viewed as social conventions that can be entered into and severed by the marital partners at will. As long as a given marriage relationship meets the needs of both individuals involved and is considered advantageous by both sides, the marriage is worth sustaining.

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3.   How to handle fear and suffering

I found myself growing fearful. Not a heart-stopping all-encompassing fear, but the kind of constant gnawing that creeps into your bones when you hear bad news or see something going awry. When you extrapolate the discouraging trends of the present into the future and assume things will never change.

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4.   Christian persecution

Russian President Vladimir Putin has just crossed a very dangerous line. He has just signed a law making it illegal for Russian followers of Jesus Christ to share or preach the Gospel anywhere outside the walls of their church or even email their family and friends to invite them to church. What's more, he has done so under the guise of preventing "terrorism".

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5.   Does God still expect us to obey His laws?

The hyper grace crowd preach the glorious truth of justification by grace alone, but then overlook the hundreds of imperatives found in the New Testament which urge these newly justified believers to work out this wonderful salvation by growing in obedience and holiness - sanctification in other words.

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6.   Children and pornography

An epidemic of pornography addiction is affecting teenagers and preteen children all over the world, while receiving very little notice from the media or medical community. Parents are unaware that their children can begin to struggle with this mind-altering addiction even before they are teenagers.

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7.   Biblical creation

Some galaxies are so far away that even light would take billions of years to travel that distance. But since we see these galaxies, their light must have traveled from there to here. So if the light really took billions of years to get here, then the universe would therefore be billions of years old. But this interpretation clashes with a straightforward reading of the Bible.

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8.   Ever wondered about the violence in the Bible?

The fact that God commanded the killing of entire nations in the Old Testament has been the subject of harsh criticism from opponents of Christianity for some time. That there was violence in the Old testament is indisputable. The question is whether Old Testament violence is justifiable and condoned by God.

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9.   Entertainment

Okay, so it's clear that entertainment's message have changed a lot since TV, radio and movies first appeared. But why does it matter that entertainment is slipping morally? Desensitization. Society didn't go to bed one night with one set of values and wake up the next morning with an entirely different set. It's been a gradual process of getting more and more comfortable with lower and lower standards.

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10.  How the Church became the enemy of God's chosen people

All in all early Christianity, spearheaded by the early Church Fathers, began to view Judaism as inferior to Christiaity and Jews themselves as evil and cursed, unworthy of mercy and love. In essence, a Jew was regarded as worse than a pagan.

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11.  Spiritual warfare

There are two primary issues to address regarding spiritual warfare and the Bible. First, does spiritual warfare exist? Second, what does the Bible say about engaging in spiritual warfare?

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12.  Civilization Jihad

By allowing our attention to be focused exclusively on the danger and prevention of terrorism, we ignore the many other ways we are being attacked. This series is an introduction to 'civilization jihad', a form of warfare that employs manipulative financial techniques, lawfare, infiltration of our civil institutions and government and insidious information dominance.

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13.  Euthanasia

It is not difficult to appreciate the popular appeal of the Living Will.  People realise that at somethime they are likely to und up and against their wish. 

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14.  The life-threatening effects of synthetic drugs

The chemicals used in designer drugs are unknown to the user. It can have dangerous toxic effects and may cause may cause violent behaviour, heart attacks, strokes and death.

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15.  Salvation

Änd this is the testimony: 'God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. The one who has the Son has this eternal life; the one who does not have the Son of God does not have this eternal life." -  has this life, has eternal life'' - 1 John 5:11-12  This passage tells us that God has given us eternal life and this life is in His Son, Jesus Christ. In other words, the way to possess eternal life is to possess God’s Son. The question is, how can a person have the Son of God?

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