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 12 May 2022  




August 2014

Dear Reader is a website that has been created to share Biblical truth with Christians and non-Christians alike. The website aims to present the truth in a world where lies and half-truths are prevalent. The articles are informative and provide an easy way to obtain a Biblical understanding of important and relevant topics. End Time Events, the Fulfilment of Prophecies, World Events, the New World Order, False Teachings, Book- and Movie Reviews, Social Issues, Contemplative Spirituality and events in the Middle East are but a few of the topics that will be covered.

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2.  An amazing Biblical prophecy

Isaiah 53 Explained makes the story of the Bible understandable, practically and simply explaining how you can have a soul-satisfying relationship with God and revealing the surprising key that makes this relationship possible.

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3.   Persecution

Listed below are numerous records of  President Obama’s attacks on Biblical persons or organizations, examples of the hostility toward Biblical faith, a listing of his open attacks on Biblical values and finally, a listing of numerous incidents of his preferential deference for Islam’s activities and positions, including letting his Islamic advisors guide and influence his hostility toward people of Biblical faith.
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 4.   You have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings – Psalm 8:5

Even though I am a mathematician, I look at fetal development with marvel: How do these instruction sets not make mistakes as they build what is us? The magic of the mechanisms inside each genetic structure saying exactly where that nerve cell should go — the complexity of these mathematical models is beyond human comprehension.       

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5.   The war between Israel and Hamas

IDF Excavation of the tunnels has resulted in the seizure of tons of Hamas supplies as well as the discovery of plans for future operations. Hamas had been preparing a murderous assault on Israeli civilian targets for the coming Jewish New Year Holiday, Rosh Hashanah, which begins on September 24 according anonymous sources in the Israeli security services.  The Hamas plan consisted of what was to be a surprise attack in which 200 fighters would be dispatched through each of dozens of tunnels dug by Hamas under the border from Gaza to Israel, and seize kibbutzim and other communities while killing and kidnapping Israeli civilians.

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6.   The terrifying brutality of ISIS

The organisation we are invited to call the Islamic Caliphate (ISIS) possesses the virtue of clarity, if nothing else. Hitler’s genocidal plans for the Jews became public knowledge only years after he came to power. The Soviet gulags were for a long time shrouded in secrecy. But Isis has never made any bones about either means or ends. The ends: to establish a worldwide Islamic state based on the most reductive and intolerant version of Sunni Islam. The means: the elimination of everyone who believes something different and refuses to convert.

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7.    A Biblical warning about end time apostasy

 We are living in a time of the most immense and relentless attacks on the Christian faith.  The present onslaught does not primarily occur on the physical level in order to persecute and torture Christians, but rather on the spiritual and doctrinal level with a view to utterly deceiving them. These assaults constitute a determined and final effort by the kingdom of darkness to completely obliterate the Christian faith and replace it with the Antichrist’s alliance of false world religions.

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8.  Finance

An excellent CBC documentary on the Global Financial Collapse

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9.   Morality

We had assumed that paganism would attack the church frontally. It did not. Instead, it cleverly came through the door of government, courts, schools, our institutions. The media and press facilitated it, collaborated. We expected paganism to ride at us in blatant anti-religious garb. Instead, it arrived on a Trojan horse, a benighted political horse: liberalism.

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10.   Anti-Semitism

400 protesters attacked a synagogue and Jewish-owned businesses in Sarcelles, in the north of Paris, shouting “Death to the Jews”. Posters had even advertised the raid in advance, like the pogroms of Tsarist Russia. The Community Security Trust has issued a security alert for Jewish institutions. France has suffered the worst violence, but anti-Semitism is spiking across Europe.
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11. According to the Word of God

Our Lord taught us, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. If your treasure is stored up here on an earth that is fast passing away, and someone attacks your treasure, of course you’re going to get anxious  and agitated. If your entire life is hidden with Christ in God - then nothing can shake you, because your treasure is hidden in the safest storehouse there is:  God Himself. The Lord is near! Let your gentleness be made manifest to all people.
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12. How to recognize a cult

Dr. Zukeran compares the beliefs of several modern cults against a conservative biblical worldview.  This analysis makes it readily apparent that cults are not representing a scriptural view of true Christianity.

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14. The third Temple in Jerusalem

Daniel was given a vision far into the future, pointing to a time when the Jewish Temple would be rebuilt. The Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD, and for nearly 2,000 years now it has laid in ruins. Watchers of end times bible prophecy have long speculated as to whether or not the Temple would be built for a third time. But Daniel clearly sees that there is a rebuilt Temple.

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15.  America’s weakens under Obama presidency

According to The Economist  Mr. Obama  made a difficult situation worse in two ways. First, he has broken the cardinal rule of super power deterrence -- you must keep your word. In Syria, he drew a red line he would punish Bashar Assad if he used chemical weapons. The Syrian dictator did and Mr. Obama did nothing. In response to Russia's aggression he threatened fierce sanctions only to unveil underwhelming ones. The cumulative message is weakness."
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16. Do you know how circus animals are treated?

The truth about the treatment of animals in circuses. Filmed by Animal Defenders International, this video lifts the lid on the use and abuse of animals in entertainment  including, violence used to train and control the animals, the small cages,  chains the animals live and die in, the long journeys, the animals driven out of their minds by boredom and deprivation.

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17. Salvation

Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord, said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."

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