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February 2010

Dear Reader is a website that has been created to share Biblical truth with Christians and non-Christians alike. The website aims to present the truth in a world where lies and half-truths are prevalent. The articles are informative and provide an easy way to obtain a Biblical understanding of important and relevant topics. End Time Events, the Fulfilment of Prophecies, World Events, the New World Order, False Teachings, Book- and Movie Reviews, Social Issues, Contemplative Spirituality and events in the Middle East are but a few of the topics that will be covered.

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2. Is Bible Doctrine Important?

The meaning of the word “doctrine” is teaching and instruction. More than one third of the New Testament is about Biblical doctrine. The Bible warns us repeatedly about false teachers who will, especially in the End Times, turn their backs on these teachings. The result would be a turning away from the true Christian faith by so many people that Jesus said in Luke 18:8 ‘when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?’ Paul told us to test what people say – don’t plainly accept what any preacher says. Check everything out against the Word of God which is our final and only authority. > Read the full article.

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3. Bible Prophecy and End Times

Biblical prophecy refers to prophecies in the Bible in which passages of scripture predict future events. These have been divinely inspired by the revelation of the Holy Spirit to Old Testament prophets. The forthtelling of future events, beyond the human ability to foresee, was one of the important functions of the prophets of the Bible. Many believers engage in the study and interpretation of prophetic scriptures because they believe that it contains descriptions of future global politics, natural disasters, end-time signs, the future of the nation of Israel, the coming of the Messiah and a Messianic Kingdom and the ultimate destiny of mankind. Historical evidence points to the fact that many prophecies in the Bible have already been fulfilled. Many of these have been fulfilled to the letter, as evidenced in the 65 prophecies spoken over Jesus in His birth, life, death and resurrection. Why then would the rest, speaking of end-times, not also be fulfilled? > Read the full article.

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4. Abortion

Since the legalization of abortion in America, 50 million of its babies have been killed. After 37 years there is still a general lack of knowledge concerning the negative impact of an abortion on the mother’s health, the cruel and inhuman methods of abortion that are often used, the fact that babies experience pain from 8 weeks and beyond and that these aborted fetuses/babies are often thrown away in garbage bags. While the world turns a blind eye to their silent suffering the Bible is very explicit about the sanctity of human life. 

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5. The Secret

The latest occult scam to capture the imagination of the West is called The Secret. The book by that name, a top New York Times bestseller, has quickly sold more than 6 million copies and the DVD over 2 million copies.

The bait on the hook of The Secret is stated repeatedly: "The Secret gives you anything you want: happiness, health, and wealth....You can have, do, or be anything you want....We can have whatever it is that we choose."
> Read the full article.

6. What it means to be saved 

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  2. Are you born again?  
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