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Newsletter n° 10 - 19 February 2020  


September 2010

Dear Reader is a website that has been created to share Biblical truth with Christians and non-Christians alike. The website aims to present the truth in a world where lies and half-truths are prevalent. The articles are informative and provide an easy way to obtain a Biblical understanding of important and relevant topics. End Time Events, the Fulfilment of Prophecies, World Events, the New World Order, False Teachings, Book- and Movie Reviews, Social Issues, Contemplative Spirituality and events in the Middle East are but a few of the topics that will be covered.

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2. What went wrong with Obama?

From the right as well as the left, alarms are being raised. Is the problem inexperience? Incompetence? Or something much worse? On the right-wing fringe are those convinced that Barack Obama is on a mission to bankrupt America and force us into a one-world monetary system as well as a global government. More moderate Washington insiders say he is just an impractical ideologue – an academic socialist – in over his head and doesn’t have a clue of what damage he is doing. But no matter the theories, it’s hard to find anybody who believes he is going a good job – or is certain of where he is trying to take America. 

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3. The coming persecution of Christians in the coming One World Government

In the United States, The Department of Homeland Security issued its “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fuelling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” Report. In addition, in many States, like Missouri, “Fusion Centers” have been set up based on the MIAC Strategic Report – The Modern Militia Movement. This Government Report alleges that a violent “rightwing extremist” movement is trying to take over the nation. According to the definitions in these reports, Bible believing Christians are labelled as “rightwing extremists.”

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4. Natural Disasters are on the Increase

Six major earthquakes in the last seven years, plus the deadliest hurricanes (Katrina and Rita) - does that look like "end of days" birth pains described by Jesus? Statements of late twentieth to twenty-first century increases in natural disasters are coming from worldwide sources. Although most attribute it to climate change, the rapid increase in weather catastrophes shown in reports below seems to match up with Bible prophecy of end times.

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5. The Positive Confession Movement

The fastest growing segment of professing Christianity in recent years has been among churches connected with the Positive Confession movement or Word-Faith movement. It has involved two distinct but closely related factions: the Norman Vincent Peale/Robert Schuller Positive-Possibility thinkers/Positive Mental Attitude, with their roots in New Thought; and the Kenneth Hagin/Kenneth Copeland Positive Confession and Word-Faith groups, which have their roots in E.W. Kenyon, William Branham, and the Manifest Sons of God/Latter Rain movement. Well-known names among its leaders are E.W. Kenyon, Charles Capps, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Frederick K.C. Price, Robert Tilton, and David [Paul] Yonggi Cho. It does not yet constitute a new denomination, but it certainly represents innovative teachings outside of mainstream Christianity.

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6. Israel – God’s modern day miracle

Properly, the Jew ought hardly to be heard of; but he is heard of, has always been heard of. He is as prominent on the planet as any other people, and his importance is extravagantly out of proportion to the smallest of his bulk. His contributions to the world list of great names in literature, science, art, music, finance, medicine and abstruse learning are also way out of proportion to the weakness of his numbers.

The very existence of the small democratic Jewish nation of Israel thriving amidst a sea of Islamic dictatorships is truly a modern-day miracle. Emerging from the ashes of the Shoah (the Holocaust), this ragtag group of people was to ascend to the heights in every area expertise and professionalism ranging from entertainment to cosmetology to science.

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7. Biblical Hebraic Roots

There are many important reasons why Christians should learn about the Jewish Roots of the Christian faith. But before we discuss them, let me address one common concern that many pastors rightfully have about this subject. We are not teaching that the Church should adopt Judaic customs such as donning prayer shawls, or wearing phylacteries.

What we, however, are teaching is the restoration of the authentic Biblical "faith once delivered to the saints" (Jude 3). This faith is the "Faith of Abraham," (Romans 4:16) perfected and made available to the whole world by the birth, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. Christian faith, as practiced in far too many places today, does not reflect Biblical Jewish heritage.

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8. Tattoos

“Tattooing was practiced by the Egyptians as early as 2000 BC. Colour tattooing became highly developed among the Maoris of New Zealand and was once popular as a form of adornment in China, India, and Japan. Sailors introduced the practice into Europe during the Age of Exploration. “The Maoris of New Zealand tattooed elaborate designs on their faces to disguise expressions of fear. Early Japanese wore tattoos to designate their rank in society. Tattoos were used in the 19th century to brand criminals and in the 20th century to label inmates of Nazi concentration camps”

The popularity of Tattoo and body piercing has increased tremendously. A 2006 survey taken by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology an estimated 36% of Americans aged 18-29 now have tattoos.

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9. Motivational Training

The "Human Potential" movement is a branch of the "New Age" movement that is especially packaged to be acceptable to corporations, government, small businesses, and the educational establishment in the form of "motivational seminars" or "Learning to Learn skills". Its principles are based on eastern mysticism and the occult, but the terminology has been changed to sound scientific and psychological. Claiming that humans have unlimited or infinite potential, the goal then becomes to achieve this infinite potential.

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10. Update on the Middle East

We are most decidedly the generation that is witnessing the fulfilment of many of the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets regarding the end of this age. All the nations surrounding Israel are mentioned in Ezekiel 38 as being part of the confederate Arab states that will unite to destroy, and "wipe Israel off the map “as predicted in Psalm 83. These were incidentally, the very words uttered by Pres Ahmadiniyad of Iran, in one of his hate-speeches against Israel. Great political tensions prevail at this present time in the Middle East as also the Western nations, including the European Union, are aligned against these prophetic utterances of many centuries ago.

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11. Salvation

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