Why Ukraine matters

By Bruce Walker
March 8, 2014

The gradual re-conquest of the old Soviet empire by a former officer of the Soviet Gestapo ought to worry us a lot.  If Putin succeeds in making Ukraine a virtual vassal of Moscow, then all the other appendages of that empire – the Baltic States, the Warsaw Pact members, Belorussia,  Transcaucasia, and the sprawling Muslim nations that were once part of the Soviet Union – will have begun, willing or not, to gravitate back to Great Russia.

The question is not ideology, as it seemed to be in the Cold War.  Hillary actually came close to the truth in her speech on March 5.  This is nationalism, augmented by the desire of a strongman, in control of an economically fraught nation, to make his people feel that foreign nations are the problem.

Ideology is not the problem.  In fact, ideology was not the problem during the Cold War.  No sane person thought so by 1968, when Moscow ended the rule of Czech Communism and the “Prague Spring” by asserting the right of Russia to intervene when other communists nations went astray.