How Can We Protect Our Children From Worldly Influence?

by Christian Assemblies International

The family is the foundation of our society and Satan is out to destroy this foundation. We have often allowed Satan to enter our homes like a thief, and have not even noticed his presence. He has not just come once and disappeared, but continues to sneak in undercover daily, using the influence of games, toys, books, TV, videos, movies, music, computer games, the Internet, and above all school friends and teachers. Often parents do not realise how their children are being affected as they busy themselves with all the work they “have” to do.

God tells us to guard our gates. No darkness should enter our homes, but the thief keeps trying to creep in. How can you protect your home if you do not know how the thief works? We need to know and understand how Satan has used significant events and developments in recent history to underpin his attack on the family and on our children.

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