The Biblical road to salvation: Where will you spend eternity?

By Bud Press

Please take a moment and read Exodus 20:3-17, then ask yourself this question: Have I broken any of these Commandments? If your answer is Yes then, according to God's word, you are a sinner in need of salvation. 

Briefly, what is sin?

"Sin is any personal lack of conformity to the moral character of God, or the law of God. Then sin is a disposition of the heart. It is a bent. It thinks evil; it speaks evil; it acts evil and it omits good. Let me give you those four, because those are the four ways in which you sin. You sin by thinking evil, speaking evil, acting evil or omitting good. You sin when you do, when you say, when you think, or when you don't do, say, think what God demands you to. So it is commission, as you've often heard, or omission" --John MacArthur

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