Another US war crime: the use of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq

By Ben Nichols and Joe Lopez
29 May 2003

One of the war crimes for which the Bush administration should be prosecuted is the US military‚Äôs extensive use of weapons tipped with depleted uranium (DU) during the war against Iraq.  The Pentagon has repeatedly dismissed warnings from a variety of scientific and other bodies about the potential dangers of such weaponry.

In the aftermath of the war, Washington has refused to clean up the residue left behind or allow UN experts into the country to assess the potential long-term environmental and health hazards caused by depleted uranium.

In its use of DU weapons, the Bush administration has acted with complete indifference to international law and convention. In January 2001, the European Parliament voted in favour of a resolution that took the modest step of imposing a ban on the use of DU munitions while investigations were carried out into the links between DU and cancer.