Is Christmas Biblical?

Soon the festive season will be here again. Many homes will be decorated with holly wreaths, mistletoe, and Christmas trees; department stores will be adorned with Christmas lights and echo with the sound of Christmas carols; and postboxes will be filled with greeting cards. Almost universally, shoppers will pack the high streets, gift-hunting for their friends and loved ones. Young children especially will look forward to receiving gifts from Santa Claus, that benevolent, bigger-than-life father figure who supposedly visits them once a year with his reindeer.

What's the Origin of Christmas? Is It Really the "Birthday" of Christ?

Many Christians believe that the Christmas pageant sums up the concept of God and the coming of Christ--the Savior of humankind. But how valid is this belief? Just take a copy of the Bible. Look for a mention of Santa Claus, holly wreaths, mistletoe and Christmas trees.  None of these things are mentioned in the Bible!

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