Wycliffe Bible Translators and Rome

by Way of life Literature

“Even" Wycliffe Bible Translators UK have joined the Romeward move. Not to be outdone by others in showing its true ecumenical colours, it has also proudly declared its association with the Roman Catholic Church in an article entitled, ‘Wycliffe BT project in Cote d’Ivoire with Roman Catholic collaboration’. The article has as its sub-title, ‘The work is our own now’. In reading the text of this article we read that ‘In 1984 the local Protestant church invited SIL [Summer Institute of Linguistics, an organisation associated with Wycliffe Bible Translators] to help them’ with the translation of the Holy Scriptures into the Adioukorou language. 

Now, after many years of little progress, the report continues, ‘For the first time since the inception of Christianity in the area, various churches were sitting down together’ and, later in the article, the ominous statement is made, ‘“The work is ours now,” said Marcel Mel Djipro, catechist of the Catholic Church of Cote d’Ivoire. “It’s up to us to finish the work”’.) How sad that following a request from a Protestant church for assistance in completing the translation of their Bible, the work is now in the hands of those who are more than happy to work with Rome in the completion of the task!”  [Taken from the Trinitarian Bible Society’s Quarterly Record, March 2003, p. 8]

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