All Roads Lead to Babylon

by Ralph Woodrow

There are only two religions: (1) the Truth of the Almighty, as expressed in His Word, the Bible; and (2) every other belief.  These two religions cannot be mixed, without disastrous results.  Babylon is the source of false religion, Revelation 17:1-6.  When John wrote the Revelation, Babylon, as a city, had already been destroyed and left in ruins, as Old Testament prophets had foretold, Isaiah 13:19-22; Jeremiah 51-5

Though the city of Babylon was destroyed, its religious concepts and customs had spread around the world.  Today’s myriad of false religions have their origin in ancient Babylon. 

Ralph Woodrow, in his book, Babylon Mystery Religion (first published in 1966, now out of print), clearly traces the practices and teachings of ancient Babylon, and their modern counterparts in the Roman Catholic Church and her Protestant daughters.  Babylonian ideas are by no means isolated to professing Christianity.  Since nominal Christianity is so permeated with false doctrines from Babylon, we should carefully study this problem, so as to avoid Babylonianism.  Today, there is an almost irresistible tide in the Church of God to turn aside to ideas of Babylon.  All too many believers are taking one of the many roads to Rome and Babylon.  Here is a summary of Woodrow’s excellent book, Babylon Mystery Religion.

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