Lessons From The Apostles: Standing Up For Your Faith

Bb Beginning and End
October 7, 2012 

Standing up for the Christian faith starts and ends with knowing the Bible. Have you ever felt challenged to defend your Christian faith? Do you get shy when it comes to talking about the Bible? Do you feel like certain people will go out of their way to argue or try to silence you when you bring up Jesus, God or the Bible?

Sharing the good news of forgiveness of sin and eternal life in Jesus Christ is the duty and challenge for all Christians. And when you open your mouth or live your life as a testimony to Jesus Christ, be sure that you have stepped on the battlefield of spiritual warfare and will be challenged.

At Pentecost in the book of Acts, the Apostles received a supernatural blessing of the Holy Spirit to start spreading the Gospel and building the Christian Church. In Chapter 3 Peter and John continue their mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, heading to the temple to preach. On their way they heal a crippled which provided the opportunity to preach The Word boldly and passionately and sure enough, they drew strong opposition. By Chapter 4 not only were their beliefs challenged, they were thrown in jail for their testimony. In their example all Christians can find principles for defending the Christian faith.

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