An Antichrist Central World Government is Coming

by Loren Davis

The dream for a world government is found throughout world history. Follow the progression up to today.

After the Flood in Noah’s day, the people united to become one people, and began to build the Tower of Babel. They were erecting the Tower of Babel for the purpose of living free from God and His rules so they would not die if God sent another flood. Here, in the land that would be known as Assyria with its great city of Babylon, is where they developed their pagan Babylonian religion.

God saw that if mankind unified, that there was nothing man couldn’t do. This was the reason God confused the languages at Babel. Uniting together and building the Tower of Babel was an act of war of mankind against God to escape Him. After the language was confused, people left Babylon and scattered going to the ends of the earth, but with them they took their Babylonian religion and their dream of uniting and coming under one government. That dream of uniting and centrally governing the world was resurrected by Nebuchadnezzar in Assyria, the country now known as Iraq, the very same place where the dream of world unification originated. 

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