In the Image of Man: An Overview of the Human Potential Movement and Motivational Seminars

by Marcia Montenegro

The Human Potential Movement and related teachings are based on human-centered psychology; on beliefs that one is in complete control of one's destiny and that one deserves worldly success; and on Eastern/New Age/occult teachings about the self and the world.

This movement arose in the 1970's and 1980's, finding fertile soil in the ambitious and success-oriented 80's, promoting personal power, improved self-worth, and team cooperation through books, lectures, workshops; and through seminars offered on weekends, in the workplace, and elsewhere.

The usual function of these seminars, which is not advertised, is to break down the identity and worldview of the participants, and replace it with a new paradigm for reality and self-identity based on the philosophies belonging to the founders of these programs. In effect, it is mind re-programming. 

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