The Human Potential Movement: What every Christian should know

by procinwarn

The "Human Potential" movement is a branch of the "New Age" movement that is especially packaged to be acceptable to corporations, government, small businesses, and the educational establishment in the form of "motivational seminars" or "Learning to Learn skills".  Its principles are based on eastern mysticism and the occult, but the terminology has been changed to sound scientific and psychological. Claiming that humans have unlimited or infinite potential, the goal then becomes to achieve this infinite potential.

•    This is accomplished by rejecting traditional beliefs that limit us and avoiding any negative thoughts.

•    The subconscious must be reprogrammed by daily affirmations, positive thinking, and constant self-talk (e.g., "I am great, I am wonderful, I will achieve!").

•    The ability to be reprogrammed can be enhanced by consciousness altering techniques that create a state of higher suggestibility, such as meditation, visualization, guided imagery, and other inward looking activities. These are also promoted for stress reduction.

•    "Self" is said to be the source of all success and each person can "take responsibility" to "create his own reality".

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