Evangelism and discipleship - How to evangelize

by Missionstraining   

The overall plan of evangelism is to conduct evangelistic training, pray, rely on the Holy Spirit, go and witness, and leave the results to God.     

1.  Leaders Must Train People to Evangelize

Missionaries and pastors should prompt their congregations to evangelize. Leaders set an example by evangelizing. Someone wrote, “Evangelism is more caught than taught.” In other words, disciples catch onto evangelism by going to evangelize with more experienced witnesses. It is good to learn the basics of evangelism in a classroom, but most evangelistic skill is learned through practice. When an experienced witness evangelizes together with a less experienced disciple, the disciple participates in witnessing when he feels comfortable in doing so. The disciple will learn more with each household visited.

In many places, door-to-door personal evangelism produces many converts. In other places, other forms of evangelism may be more effective.

Churches that have strong outreach and discipleship programs often are the churches that grow. If a church has an insufficient number of people to support the work of the church, and to support the pastor, that church may be weak in evangelism. So the pastor may need to concentrate on outreach.          

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