When Science and Magic Combine: The Shameless Fraud known as Darwinian Evolution

by Jeremy James

Like most college students in our modern, materialistic world, I was taught to believe in the so-called science of evolution. All the usual proofs were trotted out and we were expected to accept that the staggering diversity of life that we see around us was simply the product of a long series of random genetic mutations. This seemed a rather naive way of explaining phenomena which, even to my limited understanding, seemed incredibly complex. Given sufficient time, could an elephant really evolve from a primitive micro-organism through multiple stages of ever-increasing complexity?

The leap from one level to another seemed far too great for such an explanation to be tenable. But the experts alleged – and science claimed to prove – that any life-form could develop from a more primitive antecedent provided the right sequence of purely random changes at a chemical level had sufficient time to occur.

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