New super-fast biometric ID propels mankind toward mark of the Beast

by mdn.mainichi                 

He Causeth All To Receive A Mark(er) In Their Right Hand (Rev. 13:16)

New super-fast biometric ID system may allow card-less ATMs.

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a new high-fidelity biometric identification system capable of picking out individuals from among even a million records in just two seconds.

The new technology announced on June 1 scans not just fingerprints but also the pattern of blood vessels in the palm of a person's hand. Furthermore, the quick identification time means consumers may soon be seeing it in places like ATMs, where it could serve as a card-less ID check for withdraws and deposits.

Currently, biometric security systems are usually paired with ID cards. Information on fingerprints or blood vessel patterns is recorded on the card for quick access when scanning the user. According to Fujitsu Laboratories, the ability to check identities from among 1 million records in such a short time without using an ID card is a world first, handily beating out the tens of minutes it takes current systems.

Fujitsu Laboratories, a research division of electronics giant Fujitsu, says that it used some interesting data refinement techniques to both speed data processing and get high-fidelity results. The researchers are hoping to market the technology not just to banks but also for government services and building security, among other applications. It also plans to expand the possible identification range to 10 million people by the end of fiscal 2011.

"We think it'll be possible to design a system that could cover about 100 million people, almost equal to the entire population of Japan, in the future," the laboratory said.