Redeem education

by Errol Naidoo

If ever the Body of Christ needed to get actively involved in the nation – the time is now! The deeply concerning and shambolic state of education in South Africa is being exposed on an almost weekly basis. In fact, to refer to the current state of government education as a ‘crisis’ is an understatement.

Stable, functional and quality education is deteriorating at such a rapid pace that many analysts believe the entire government-run educational system may collapse within a decade. If you have trouble believing that, consider government education in the Eastern Cape.

Gross mis-management

Education in that province is completely dysfunctional as a result of gross mismanagement. In 2011, the Eastern Cape Education Department overspent its budget by a staggering R625 million. Their solution to address the budget crisis was to fire more than 4 000 desperately needed teachers.

And despite the Eastern Cape being the worst performing province last year, the 2012 academic year began with a teachers strike in protest against the 100 to 1 pupil teacher ratio.

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