Keep Christian Values In Schools. Eradicate Humanism!

I write this update from Moscow, Russia where Arlene and I are attending the “International Forum on Family - Large Families & The Future Of Humanity" at the Kremlin Palace & Christ the Savior Cathedral.

On Thursday 11 Sept I will use this significant global platform to present my topic, “Public Policy and the Demise of the Natural Family” to an international audience. I will speak on the SA experience.

By now you must have heard of the court interdict that seeks to declare unconstitutional the Christian ethos and activities at six public schools in SA - four in Gauteng and two in the Western Cape. 

The obvious objective of the athiest group, “Organisasie vir Godsdienste-Onderrig en Demokrasie” is to eradicate all Christian activity at state run schools. Humanists want education all for themselves.

Although a small minority, athiest groups are growing bolder and more aggressive in their diabolical quest to eradicate Christianity from public life in South Africa. Man is then free to reign as god.

What you may not realise is that secular humanism is a religion! And what athiests are actually advocating is replacing Christianity with the godless and bankrupt ideology of secular humanism as the most dominant religion in SA. Incidentally, They already control politics, the media and academia.

A culture war is currently raging in SA society. Two conflicting worldviews are engaged in a life or death struggle for the hearts and minds of people. Victory is assured for the courageous and the committed.

On one side of the battlefield are advocates of the Biblical Christian Worldview with its message of service and submission to an all powerful God. On the other side are the secular humanists whose ultimate goal is to abolish all acknowledgement & recognition of God from the national psyche.

Significantly, apathy and disunity in the Christian Church has emboldened atheist groups, sexual rights activists and other anti-family radicals in South Africa. The Church's silence amplifies their voice.

Somebody desperately needs to sound the alarm in the Christian Church in SA. The enemy is united, committed and well-resourced. And they have a cunning plan to control and dominate society.

For now, you and Christians across the country can pray that God will intervene in this situation. You and I can pray that this wicked agenda will not prosper and that God will ultimately be glorified!

Thankfully, the six schools under attack are ably represented by the Federation of School Governing Bodies of South African Schools (FEDSAS). Their leaders have already made their intentions known.

FEDSAS will oppose the court action brought against the six schools and have appointed a team of experienced attorneys to defend and protect religious freedoms in South Africa.

The alarming moral breakdown in the South African public schooling system is tragically apparent. What we need in our schools today is a lot more instruction in Godly values - not less.

Please earnestly pray for FEDSAS, the Christian attorneys representing the schools and that the Christian Church in South Africa will finally unite to fulfil its true purpose in our beautiful nation.