The Importance of Sound Doctrine

by Eddie Snipes

As the church has entered the postmodern era, historic Biblical teaching has fallen by the wayside and new theologies have taken their place. The ‘new theology’ downplays the value of scripture and shifts the focus on emotionalism and experiential Christianity instead of Christianity based on truth.

What makes us feel good is not the measure of truth. Feelings sway with the wind of circumstances but the truth of God’s Word stands as a solid rock that does not change whether times are good or times are bad.  

Those who are founded upon the rock will never be moved even if the world around them falls apart.  As biblical teaching is pushed aside, people are no longer standing strong in the Lord.  In fact, very few have any concept of an immovable truth or even what spiritual maturity is all about.Unless a preacher or teacher stirs the hearts of believers with the truth, very few will ever go beyond their Sunday morning dose of emotional excitement. There is so much more to Christianity than getting an emotional charge and claiming self-centered requests from the Lord.Without understanding truth – all of the truth, Christians will be dwarfed in their growth and never experience the true things of God.

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