The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown

by David Livingstone

Just finished reading Dan Brown's latest.  I don't normally read fiction, but I read this just to stay in touch with the type of propaganda that is being disseminated.

This book is utterly ridiculous.  It's a great example of modern American kitsch.  It takes all the sleazy ploys of American entertainment, and applies them to celebrate the lowliest aspect of modern civilization: secret societies, and all the pseudo-spiritual accoutrements of occultism.

This book takes an amazing turn however.  It's been at least 250 years since the occult underground has been concentrating their efforts on discrediting Christianity.  It's been consistent.  Explore the teachings of occult philosophers, and you'll find repeated and vociferous condemnations of the Christian religion.  Brown's last two works have been no different.  Until now.

The surprising conclusion is that the lost symbol, or the lost "word" of the Ancient Mysteries is the Bible!  So ultimately, it's not Buddhism, or the Sanskrit scriptures, as the occult has been suggesting for many years, but the Bible that holds the ultimate truth that must be unveiled to unleash the coming transformation known as the New Age, or the Age of Aquarius.

But it's not the Bible as you read it.  It's not about a God as creator of humanity, who requires obedience to basic commandments of fairness and decency.  No, it's the other Bible.  Its hidden teachings, which have been cloaked for centuries in the esoteric thought of the Kabbalah.  So paradoxically, the hidden teachings of the Bible, according to Brown et al., and the Ancient Mysteries are one.

Is that possible?  Can the worship of pagan sun gods, astrology, magic and the practice of human sacrifice be the essential teachings of the Bible?  No.  Unless you reverse it's message, as the Gnostics did.  Brown quotes William Blake, whose penchant for the diabolical is well-known, who explained:

"Both read the Bible day and night, but thou read black where I read white".

This was the practice of the ancient Gnostics, early Christians who appropriated the secret teachings of the Kabbalah into Christianity, and who reversed their interpretation of the Bible, such that God the creator became the evil god, while the devil was the true god, who taught man "liberty" from the laws of God, by leading him to the tree of knowledge, which is understood to be magic.

So occultists regard magic as the great power that makes man like a god.  And this is the central message of The Lost Symbol.  Which leads into the second premise of Brown's claims, that God is not a creative force "out there", but that man is god, and that all the Ancient Mysteries are trying to teach us is how to harness the latent powers of the mind so that we can become gods.  In other words, man is God.

This of course is the central tenet of the Kabbalah.  For all it's myriad superstitions, hidden in astrological and alchemical allegory, that is its ultimate message.  In fact, according to the Kabbalah, the history of the universe is that of man coming to the knowledge that he is god.  In the beginning, God wanted to know himself.  Supposedly, therefore, he created an other by which he could come to know himself: man.  But this other of god was in beginning unconscious of his divine nature.  But man is apparently evolving in self-knowledge.  This is expressed in the supposed progress of mankind away from religion, beginning with the philosophy of the Greeks, to the Humanism of the Renaissance, and finally the secularism of the Enlightenment.

Most clearly articulated in the New Kabbalah of Isaac Luria, who lived in the sixteenth century, it was communicated to the Christian world by way of Jacob Boehme, who became the central mystic of the European occult tradition.  His greatest exponent was Hegel, whose brand of German idealism continues to spearhead the aims of the elite to this day.  The end product of this evolution is the Last Man, Nietzche's "Superman", who can finally fully actualize the "truth" that he is God.  This is knowingly the anti-Christ of the Book of Revelations, the blueprint of the Illuminati conspiracy, written by the most revered saint of the occult, John.

But the greatest affront of The Lost Symbol is it's blatant insult to man's basic democratic right to be informed and to check those in power.  Oddly enough, the very principle that the American Masonic empire are based upon.  In Brown's absurd universe, the elite have been protecting this ancient knowledge by keeping it from us.  Why?  Because, according to a posture ridiculed in a role played by Jack Nicholson, "you can't handle the truth".  That's right, you don't have the mental fortitude to understand the hidden significance of occult rituals so you need to be lied to.

The central plot of the book is that a Masonic ritual has been video-taped, and threatened to be released to the internet, but Brown's protagonist assists the CIA and the chief Masons in preventing it from coming to light.  The message is, next time your government cries "national security", trust them implicitly.

The truth has never been hidden.  It can't be.  Maybe it has been adopted by only a minority at times, but they have always been willing to share it with anyone interested enough to listen.  The truth is merely this: to do unto others as you would they unto to you.  That means compassion for your fellow human being, and in our time, speaking out against the oppression meted out in so many parts of the world by Western imperialism, and carried out cynically and secretly by the Freemasons and the CIA, whose more dubious activities Brown would rather choose to deny to have us share in his fantasy.