Christian yoga: Rooted in Hindu occultism (part 1)

by Chris Lawson

The number of people today, including Christians, that are involved with yoga is absolutely astonishing.  Yoga, once considered by the western world to be a Hindu spiritual practice for attaining of occult enlightenment, has now been thoroughly integrated into the western world.

Dear reader, the following article has been written in order to convey information about the unbiblical practice of Christian Yoga.  Sadly, many professing Christians in the church are too undiscerning to know any better. Even Hindu’s recognize that “Christian Yoga is still Hindu”.

This article is also written with heartfelt grief and concern for those whom I have lovingly warned about the dangers of yoga, but who have rejected biblical counsel, pastoral exhortation, brotherly advice, testimony of destroyed lives, written warnings from yogi’s of the dangers involved with yoga, etc.  This past year I have received several emails from people whose lives have become dismantled due to yoga practice.  Others, thinking they know better, have laughed at me and said that I don’t know what I am talking about.  Some have even gone so far as to ignorantly state that hatha yoga is just “exercise” and cannot harm anybody.

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