by Dave Williams
February 17, 2020

Yoga - any brand of yoga - makes you move away from the one true God of the Bible and pulls you toward a counterfeit god while deceiving you into believing you are 'connecting' with the true God.

by Caryl Matrisciana

People in the West have been deceived into thinking that yoga is the art of living; but to people in the East, it is the art of dying.

by Truth Behind Yoga

Two antithetical definitions of meditation are being increasingly confused as the same term in today’s society. It is important this confusion be cleared, as one leads to a path of Biblical understanding, and the other leads to pagan spiritualism.

by William

Yoga is not just a harmless physical exercise, it opens the door to demonic control. The consequences are more serious than you might realise.

by Miscellaneous News Source
March 16th, 2016

In just a few years from now, there could be over 55 million people in America practicing Yoga! Couple that with all the other forms of meditation that Americans are practicing, and we surely are living in a “namaste nation.”

by Ray Yungen
October 8, 2015

The word “yoga” actually means to be yoked to or united in body, mind, and spirit with Brahman.Yoga adherents cannot divorce the religious or spiritual aspects of Yoga from the physical because the physical postures were, from their inception, specifically designed to serve as conduits to yogic religious experience.

by Marcia Montenegro

To introduce children to Yoga is in my mind irresponsible and potentially dangerous at the very least. Even if this type of Yoga appears to have no outward effects, there can be hidden ones, and it certainly creates a bond that may pull the child deeper into its spirituality as he or she gets older before the child has knowingly been able to make such a choice.

by Biblical Discernment Ministries

Yoga means "to yoke"—to yoke with Brahman (i.e., the "Infinite," the "Universal Spirit," the impersonal force that the Hindus call "God") via the realization of an altered state of consciousness, thereby theoretically releasing oneself from the bondage of endless reincarnation. Yoga comes out of the Hindu Vedas. It can be traced back to Patanjali, who was a religious leader. Shiva, one of Hinduism's three most powerful gods, was known as "The Destroyer"—he's called Yogi Swara or the "Lord of Yoga."

by Chris Lawson

The number of people today, including Christians, that are involved with yoga is absolutely astonishing.  Yoga, once considered by the western world to be a Hindu spiritual practice for attaining of occult enlightenment, has now been thoroughly integrated into the western world.

by Chris Lawson

Today, with many Christian leaders endorsing things like yoga (Christian Yoga), Contemplative (centering) prayer, Christianized meditation, mantras and altered stated of consciousness - all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it is no wonder that mystical manifestations of occult power are being experienced in Churches and in believers’ lives.

by Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon

An excerpt from the book "The Coming Darkness" which is an in-depth perspective on current occult activity, proof of its dangers, and the One source of true deliverance.

by Holly Vicente Robaina

Yoga led Laurette Willis into a New Age lifestyle. Now she's warning others of the spiritual pitfalls—and offering an alternative.

by Michael Gleghorn

What is yoga? For many in the West, yoga is simply a system of physical exercise, a means of strengthening the body, improving flexibility, and even healing or preventing a variety of bodily ailments. But if we inquire into the history and philosophy of yoga we discover that "much more than a system of physical exercise for health, Yoga is an ancient path to spiritual growth." It is a path enshrined in much of the sacred literature of India.