Behold Your King

By William Webster

Behold Your King: Prophetic Proofs that Jesus is the Messiah.

Prophecy and its literal historical fulfillment distinguishes the Bible from all other religious writings and sets Jesus apart as the most unique man who has ever lived," says William Webster in his introduction to Behold Your King. What distinguishes his body of work from others on messianic prophecy is his interaction not only with Scripture, but also with ancient rabbinic sources.

Webster begins with a systematic discussion of how Jesus fulfilled certain messianic prophecies in the Tanakh. His analysis is skillful, but it is his extensive collection of appendices (they take up more than half the book) that truly make his work worthy of commendation. Quoting from a variety of sources, from Targum Jonathan to the writings of Bruce Chilton, Webster gives the reader thorough documentation of the prophetic passages in the Tanakh that have long been interpreted as messianic by Jewish scholars. The author also draws from the works of such noted scholars as Alfred Edersheim and Samson Levy, providing readers with a comprehensive list of passages from the Tanakh that have been interpreted messianically by the Targums and rabbinic writings.

This book is an ideal reference resource for both Jewish skeptics and seekers who have an interest in discovering if Y'shua is or isn't the fulfillment of messianic prophecy, as well as for those with questions as to the reliability of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. It can be ordered by going to

By WIlliam Webster. 421 pages.