Answering Atheism

by Ruth

This list of articles has in the first place been compiled to answer most of the arguments that atheists have against the Word of God.  The timeless truths that are presented would  also benefit us as believers in that we will be strengthened in our faith through knowing that God’s Word truly is infallible, can be trusted and will stand the test of time.


1.   The New Atheist agenda

2.   Is there such a thing as absolute truth / universal truth?

3.   The Bible: Proof of its supernatural  origin

4.   Biblical archaeology: Factual evidence to support the historicity of the Bible

5.   Archaeology and the historical reliability of the New Testament

6.   Dealing with the Bible’s apparent contradictions

7.   The Bible critics were wrong

8.   The scientific case against evolution

9.   The myth of chemical evolution

10.  The tiny code that's toppling evolution

11.  The universe is finely tuned for life

12.  Intelligent design:  Can science answer the question, does God exist?

13.  Quotes from scientists regarding design of the universe

14.  Science increasingly makes the case for God

15.  Does science contradict religion?

16.  Supernatural or science: How do we explain miracles?

17.  Who created God?

18.  The attributes of God

19.  What is the doctrine of the Trinity?

20.  7 Reasons to believe in God

21.  Is the God of the Old Testament a merciless monster?

22.  Why does God allow suffering?

23.  Jesus Christ is God  in the flesh

24.  Biblical prophecies fulfilled by Jesus

25.  A historical case for the resurrection of Jesus

26.  ‘Jesus was just a copycat of pagan myths’

27.  Why Christianity?

28.  Is it intolerant to say that Christianity is the only true religion

29.  Does Christianity promote arrogance by claiming we are special people?

30.  Is Christianity a psychological crutch?

31.  The church is full of hypocrites

32.  Won’t a good, moral life get me to heaven?

33.  A loving God wouldn’t send people to hell

34.  What it means to be a Christian