by Mark Pickering

When someone raises this objection, they are generally implying one of two things: either that other religions must be valid routes to God, or that an exclusive gospel suggests some great miscarriage of justice at the final judgment.

by J. I. Packer

In a word, the evangelistic message is the gospel of Christ and Him crucified, the message of man’s sin and God’s grace, of human guilt and divine forgiveness, of new birth and new life through the gift of the Holy Spirit.

by JC Ryle

There are only two classes of people in the world, in the sight of God There are those who are called the wheat — and there are those who are called the chaff.

By David Dombrowski
May 27th, 2012

If I were to say to you that much of the church today has set aside the power of God, would you be shocked? After all, we live in a time where having the power of God in your life is a major theme preached from pulpits across the country. And book after book, sold in massive quantities, pour off the presses promising a special connection or intimacy with God that will revolutionize your life and make it more dynamic.

by y-jesus

Are the New Testament gospels the true eyewitness history of Jesus Christ, or could the story have been changed through the years? Must we simply take the New Testament accounts of Jesus by faith, or is there evidence for their reliability?

by Prof. Johan Malan   
March 2013

The world is under strong pressure to turn their backs on the true Christ of the Bible in order to advance a multireligious receptiveness to the appearance of the false Christ of all faiths. The coming Messiah-King of the deceived world will be the Antichrist, the great adversary of the true Christ.