by Compelling Truth

There are two primary issues to address regarding spiritual warfare and the Bible. First, does spiritual warfare exist? Second, what does the Bible say about engaging in spiritual warfare?

by Dr. Opal Reddi

There are many reasons for the popularity of the generation curse concept. An obvious one is the reluctance of most humans to take blame for their wrongdoing. Psychological theories have convinced many people that they are not really sinners, but rather victims of society in general and parents in particular.

by Pastor Anton Bosch
June 9, 2015

The Christian is locked in an intense war. Many of us, however, are so interested in fighting an external war with the Devil that we forget that the most important battle is not with external forces, but within our own mind, heart and thoughts. These verses above contain the keys to victory in an area where most Christians are constantly defeated.

by Alf Cengia
April 10, 2015

As Christians we acknowledge the fact of spiritual warfare. We understand that this is the world we live in. Yet I wonder if we're always aware just how close and personal it is. We're often tired of running our races and we tend to lose our focus. However, the enemy never relaxes. He is always up close and personal. Skeptics will naturally laugh at spiritual warfare; picturing Christians hunting for demons in every corner and closet of their households. I can understand that.

By Gary Gilley
June 1995

The Bible does not recognize occult sin as a special category that has not been dealt with at the cross.

By Gary Gilley
May 1995

We quickly examined, in our last newsletter, the branch of the Spiritual Warfare Movement known by some as the "power encounter" branch. These are men such as Mark Bubeck and C. Fred Dickason who believe that we must forceably confront, bind, and expel demons from the lives of some people if they are to find spiritual freedom. This time we will turn our attention to the "truth encounter" branch of the SWM.

by Gary Gilley
April 1995

According to Dickason, God neglected to include in His Word instructions for victory over one of the Christian's most powerful enemies.