Bell Calls Homosexual ‘Marriage’ a Move of God for ‘Greater Affirmation of Gay Brothers, Sisters’

By Heather Clark
March 23, 2013

Just days after word broke that Rob Bell, author of the best-selling and controversial book Love Wins, which challenges the Christian teaching of Hell, came out in support of the homosexual lifestyle, Bell has reiterated his beliefs to the media.

This week, Odyssey Networks posted a video interview with Bell, during which he further outlined his stance, stating that he believes that the push for homosexual “marriage” is actually a move of God.

“What we’re seeing right now in this day, I believe, [is] God pulling us ahead into greater and greater affirmation and acceptance of our gay brothers and sisters and pastors and friends and neighbours and co-workers,” Bell asserted. “And we’re realizing that God made some of us one way and some of us another.”

“A lot of people when they say, ‘By God [pulling us] ahead, do you mean like same sex marriage?’ Yes,” he continued. “[W]e live in a world where we have friends, neighbours, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles — people we’ve journeyed with for years who are gay. And we need to love, affirm and all of us together work on the real problems we have in the world.”

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