The Ten Big Myths of Pro-'Gay' Beliefs

by Mission America

Have you absorbed some of these unsupportable ideas? Check and see.

Myth # 1: Homosexuality is no more risky than heterosexuality. On the contrary, public health studies reveal that homosexual practices are much higher-risk than those of heterosexuals-- and heterosexuals aren’t behaving all that well!

Homosexuals are at much higher risk for many sexually transmitted diseases, including not just HIV, but also syphilis, gonorrhea, human papilloma virus (HPV), hepatitis, chlamydia, and a whole group of infections called “gay bowel syndrome.” The promiscuous and often harmful sex practices of homosexuals are the cause. The legalization of “gay” bars and bathhouses has only accelerated this epidemic. No condom can ever make a practice like anal intercourse “safe,” despite the claims of advocates who say otherwise.

Also much more prevalent among “gays” and “lesbians” is use of alcohol and drugs. Mental health issues are also reported more frequently by homosexuals, including compulsive behaviors.1 Even though the comparative dangers of homosexuality are well-documented, very little public discussion occurs, so there’s a false impression that the picture can’t be too bad, when the reality is widespread infection and sometimes, early death.

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