by Andrea Widburg
August 29, 2021

'Gun control' promoted at least seven other major 20th Century genocides, including those in Rwanda, Cambodia, and the ex-Soviet Union.

by Lawrence Kadish
August 18, 2021

The horror of President Joseph Biden's deliberate retreat from Afghanistan is so immense and its geopolitical impact so severe, we have to fully comprehend the extent of the disaster.

by Michael Snyder/End of the American dream
July 21, 2021

A clear and troubling consensus has emerged in the American national security community that the Taiwan Strait is the most likely place for a major war to erupt between the United States and China; that it might start soon, and that such a conflict might quickly escalate into a nuclear confrontation.

by reliefweb

Hundreds of civilians in Mozambique have been killed by ‘Al-Shabaab’, government security forces and a private

by Greg Corombos
July 24, 2018

In every century and in every place where there have been Muslims, there have been jihadis.


Thanks to new military technologies and the horrors of trench warfare, World War I saw unprecedented levels of carnage and destruction. By the time the war was over and the Allied Powers claimed victory, more than 16 million people — soldiers and civilians alike — were dead.


The instability created in Europe by the First World War set the stage for another international conflic – World War II – which broke out two decades later and would prove even more devastating. Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist (Nazi Party) rearmed the nation and signed strategic treaties to further his ambitions of world domination.

by BBC News
February 7, 2017

As many as 13,000 people, most of them civilian opposition supporters, have been executed in secret at a prison in Syria, Amnesty International says. A new report by the human rights group alleges that mass hangings took place every week at Saydnaya prison between September 2011 and December 2015.

by Ariella Mendlowitz
July 19, 2016

In this video ‘campers’ can be seen learning how to wield knives, successfully carry out stabbing attacks, correctly handle military-grade weapons, fist fight properly and even have the chance to receive a “sound religious and ideological education,” said one camp counselor in the short clip.

by American Red Cross
April, 2011

These Conventions provide specific rules to safeguard combatants, or members of the armed forces, who are wounded, sick or shipwrecked, prisoners of war, and civilians, as well as medical personnel, military chaplains and civilian support workers.

by CBC News
August 17, 2016

Amnesty International outlines the violent and overcrowded conditions detainees face in Syria.

by The History Place

In December of 1937, the Japanese Imperial Army marched into China's capital city of Nanking and proceeded to murder 300,000 out of 600,000 civilians and soldiers in the city. The six weeks of carnage would become known as the Rape of Nanking and represented the single worst atrocity during the World War II era in either the European or Pacific theaters of war.

by Jessica Stern and JM Berger
March 10, 2015

Children as young as 10 have been filmed executing prisoners for Isis, which has approached their training and indoctrination with characteristic ruthlessness.  Isis actively recruits children to send them to training camps and then to use them in combat and suicide missions. It has used children as human shields, suicide bombers, snipers and blood donors.

by Kathleen Caulderwood
June 05 2015

According to his estimates, between 30 metric tons and 40 metric tons of cocaine come through West Africa every year en route to booming markets in Europe. While a great deal of the profits go to the South American drug cartels, the African traffickers, often from local tribal groups, are getting a big cut, too. Jihadist militias that have blossomed in the region’s chaos in recent years have managed to get a piece of the profits, thanks to their control of ancient trade routes through the Sahara.

by Elizabeth Brown
February 27, 2014

SEATLLE, Washington — Child soldiers have been exploited throughout history and are currently involved in the conflict in Syria. There are many misinterpretations around how and why child become involved in conflict and how to help children recover from trauma. Here are ten facts that everyone should know about child soldiers.

by Paul Bedard
 June 26, 2015

The spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is warning the U.S. to stay out of his country's business and, in particular, its nuclear program, which is set to resume this week. Speaking on a tour of southeast Iran, Khamenei said the US "deserved a punch in the mouth." From where does this brashness come? It comes from Iran's plans to launch an Electro-Magnetic Pulse Nuclear war against the USA and Europe, crippling the West in the War on terror.

by BBC News
12 March 2015   

More than 200,000 Syrians have lost their lives in four years of armed conflict, which began with anti-government protests before escalating into a full-scale civil war. More than 11 million others have been forced from their homes as forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and those opposed to his rule battle each other - as well as jihadist militants from Islamic State. This is the story of the civil war so far, in eight short chapters.

by The New Middle East
August 17, 2014

ISIS' desire to unite all Muslims under a caliphate relates back to its Wahhabi roots that provide the foundation for its ideology, particularly the notion of the Unity of ‘God’ (al-tawhid).  Because only ISIS defends Islam against the West, it is incumbent on Muslims everywhere to obey its orders and support it on the battlefield in Iraq and Syria to attack its enemies in their own countries..

by Samuel Smith
March 25, 2015

Minors as young as age 6 are separated from their family and sent to jihadi training camps, where they are indoctrinated with ISIS' barbaric and extremist mindset through the teaching of sharia courses. Once the "cubs" are indoctrinated, they take part in extensive and dangerous, military, combat and martial arts training.

by Graeme Wood
March 2015

The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy - and for how to stop it.

by Jacob Siegel
August 31, 2014

The most bloodthirsty terrorist group in memory is also a canny manipulator of social media. It seeks to frighten and inspire. The migration from Internet chat forums to social media platforms came late to jihadists, but they’ve adapted skillfully. A strategy developed over years has evolved into a sophisticated campaign and now, at the center of the world’s attention, ISIS is using its skill to communicate directly to an American audience.

by News24
February, 4, 2015

Geneva - Islamic State militants are selling abducted Iraqi children at markets as sex slaves, and killing other youth, including by crucifixion or burying them alive, a United Nations watchdog said on Wednesday. Children from the Yazidi sect or Christian communities, but also Shi'ites and Sunnis, have been victims, she said.

by Joel C. Rosenberg
January 20, 2015

(Costa Mesa, California) — Are we heading towards another war between Israel and Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terror movement in Lebanon? Tensions are rapidly rising. Israeli intelligence indicates that Iran and Hezbollah have been planning a series of major attacks against civilians along Israel’s northern border. Now, Israel appears to have taken pre-emptive action, killing an Iranian general and several of his top operatives in an airstrike. Iran and Hezbollah are vowing revenge.

by Ray Sanchez, Laura Smith-Spark and Jethro Mullen, CNN
January 17, 2015

(CNN)European counterterrorism agencies scrambled Friday to assess the potential danger of a complex and growing terrorism threat exposed by the arrests of more than two dozen people with suspected links to Islamic extremists. As many as 20 sleeper cells of between 120 and 180 people could be ready to strike in France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, a Western intelligence source told CNN.

by Monica Mark - The Guardian
10 January 2015

Hundreds of bodies – too many to count – remain strewn in the bush in Nigeria from an Islamic extremist attack that Amnesty International described as the “deadliest massacre” in the history of Boko Haram. 

by BBC News
11 December 2014

A BBC investigation has found that more than 5,000 people around the world died as the result of jihadist violence during the month of November. There were deaths in more than 14 countries ranging from Mali to the Philippines, caused by al-Qaeda or groups that subscribe to a similar ideology, such as the so-called Islamic State.

by Maplecroft
23 July 2014

Over the last 12 months, global fatalities from acts of terrorism have risen 30% compared to the previous five year average, according to a new security monitoring service from global risk analytics company Maplecroft, which also identifies China, Egypt, Kenya and Libya as seeing the most significant increases in the risk of terrorist attacks.

by Mordechai Ben-Menachem
August 20, 2014

WikiLeaks documents prove that the United States has known for quite some time (years) that the fictitious pseudo-state of Qatar bankrolls Hamas as part of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Ikhwan.  While Iran is the world’s major facilitator of terror, Qatar is their bank.  The US Administration knows this well.

by Newsmax
August 23, 2014

Between recruitment videos and social media, ISIS jihadists are working hard to recruit "soldiers" in the Western world, and their efforts appear to be succeeding, with recruits falling for the violent Islamist group's influence in the United States, as well as in Europe, Canada, and other countries around the world, experts warn.

by Rappler
Aug 22, 2014

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) poses a greater danger than a conventional "terrorist group" and is pursuing a vision that could radically alter the face of the Middle East, US defense leaders said Thursday, August 21.

by Dalit Halevy, Ari Yashar
August 16, 20148

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction, often touted internationally as a "moderate" alternative to Hamas, has declared its intentions to further increase its terror attacks against Israeli citizens.

by Cristina Corbin
August 12, 2014

Shocking accounts of medieval brutality — including video of kneeling Iraqis being gunned down, a Twitter image of a young jihadist holding a severed head and threats by ISIS to take its savagery to the White House — have prompted desperate calls for the international community to stop the fanatical Islamic group.

by Israel Today Staff
March 25, 2014

A Hamas member of the Palestinian parliament said in a recent televised address that Palestinian Muslims must either subdue or massacre the Jews, and that genuine, long-lasting peace with the infidels is not achievable.

by Lawrence A. Franklin
July 25, 2014

The Hamas plan consisted of what was to be a surprise attack in which 200 fighters would be dispatched through each of dozens of tunnels dug by Hamas under the border from Gaza to Israel, and seize kibbutzim and other communities while killing and kidnapping Israeli civilians.

by Israel Today Staff
July 29, 2014

In a to-the-point interview with CNN, Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of one of the founders of Hamas, said that the terror organization is not only the reason for the current war, but is holding the people of Gaza, and in particular its children, hostage to a violent Islamic ideology.

by Ryan Jones
July 10, 2014

Hamas is not even trying to hide the fact that it uses the civilians of Gaza as a human shield as it launches attacks against Israel. In fact, the coastal enclave’s terrorist rulers are openly calling on local residents to do their duty and place themselves in the path of Israeli reprisals.

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Here are 10 things to know about al-Shabab, the Somali Islamic extremist group that has claimed responsibility for the attack on Kenya's premier shopping mall that killed dozens of civilians.

by Ryan Cummings
12 Jun 2014

The time is ripe to consider growing evidence of an entrenched al-Shabaab presence within South Africa. And the evidence is plentiful. It is not only on foreign shores that al-Shabaab’s linkages to South Africa have been made explicit. But how credible is the al-Shabaab threat to South Africa and, more importantly, are we at risk of an imminent attack?

by enca
26 September 2013

Security experts have called on South Africa’s security apparatus to increase their vigilance against threats of external terrorism. This comes after it emerged that alleged terrorist Samantha Lewthwaithe was in possession of a South African passport with a fraudulent identity. However, it is not the first time South Africa is linked to incidents of terror, raising questions of the country’s counter-terrorism capabilities.

by The National Counterterrorism Center

The Harakat Shabaab al-Mujahidin—commonly known as al-Shabaab—was the militant wing of the Somali Council of Islamic Courts that took over most of southern Somalia. Al-Shabaab’s senior leadership is affiliated with al-Qa‘ida.

by The National Counterterrorism Center

Boko Haram, which refers to itself as “Jama‘atu Ahl as-Sunnah li-Da‘awati wal-Jihad” (JASDJ; Group of the Sunni People for the Calling and Jihad) and “Nigerian Taliban”—other translations and variants are used—is a Nigeria-based group that seeks to overthrow the current Nigerian Government and replace it with a regime based on Islamic law. It is popularly known in Nigerian and Western media as “Boko Haram,” which means “Western education is forbidden”

by The National Counterterrorism Center

HAMAS formed in late 1987 at the beginning of the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising). Its roots are in the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, and it is supported by a robust social/political structure inside the Palestinian territories. The group’s charter calls for establishing an Islamic Palestinian state in place of Israel and rejects all agreements made between the PLO and Israel. More recently, HAMAS has publicly expressed a willingness to accept a long-term cessation of hostilities if Israel agrees to a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital.

by The National Counterterrorism Center

Formed in 1982 in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Hizballah (the “Party of God”), a Lebanon-based Shia terrorist group, advocates Shia empowerment globally. The group also supports Palestinian rejectionist groups in their struggle against Israel and provides training for Iraqi Shia militants attacking Western interests in Iraq. Hizballah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah publically indicated in May 2013 that Hizballah was supporting Bashar al-Asad’s regime by sending fighters to Syria.

by The National Counterterrorism Center

Established by Usama Bin Ladin in 1988 with Arabs who fought in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union, al-Qa‘ida’s declared goal is the establishment of a pan-Islamic caliphate throughout the Muslim world. Toward this end, al-Qa‘ida seeks to unite Muslims to fight the West, especially the United States, as a means of overthrowing Muslim regimes al-Qa‘ida deems “apostate,” expelling Western influence from Muslim countries, and defeating Israel.

by pushsyndication
May 8, 2014

(RNS) Boko Haram is among the most vicious terrorist groups operating in North Africa, home to some of the worst Islamist extremists in the world.

To see the progression of WWII click on the folllowing link

by Mail Online

Some of the most brutal and horrifying atrocities of the Nazis at war are laid bare in secretly recorded conversations of captured German soldiers published in Britain for the first time today. The prisoners, mostly ordinary soldiers, sailors and airmen as opposed to SS hardliners, are overheard bragging about shooting women and children for sport as well as raping and slaughtering innocent civilians.

by Jon Boone - The Guardian
22 October 2013

US officials responsible for the secret CIA drone campaign against suspected terrorists in Pakistan may have committed war crimes and should stand trial, a report by a leading human rights group warns.

by Katherine Zimmerman
September 10, 2013

The failure to define al Qaeda properly has confused American policy and strategy. The enemy was not just the man shot dead on May 2, 2011, in Abbottabad, Pakistan, nor is it the 1.5 billion Muslims for whom Osama bin Laden claimed to speak.

To view images of Iraq birth defects click on the following link:

By Ben Nichols and Joe Lopez
29 May 2003

One of the war crimes for which the Bush administration should be prosecuted is the US military’s extensive use of weapons tipped with depleted uranium (DU) during the war against Iraq.  The Pentagon has repeatedly dismissed warnings from a variety of scientific and other bodies about the potential dangers of such weaponry.

by Aljazeera 
15 March 2013

Two US-led wars in Iraq have left behind hundreds of tonnes of depleted uranium munitions and other toxic wastes.

By Irving Wesley Hall
April 17, 2006

Depleted uranium contamination causes virtually every known illness from acute skin rashes, severe headaches, muscle and joint pain, and general fatigue, to major birth defects, infection, depression, cardiovascular disease, brain tumors, and every other type of cancer. Uranium replaces calcium, destroying teeth and bones. Over time, the health of all foreign troops will be affected.

by Ron Ross

The threat of disaster grows steadily every year. Weapons are now developing to devastating proportions, and the ability to launch an attack becomes more feasible by the moment. This year, the question that should be asked is, “What would you do if 70% of the USA was shutdown in a single second?” Or ”What would be the consequence if Israel was wiped off the map in a single moment of time?” Both scenarios are now possible. Either result could be achieved by terrorist or rogue states using an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) technique.

by Julie Stahl
28t August 2010

Iran is flexing its military muscle for the second time this week after the regime said it successfully test fired a short-range, guided missile called "The Conqueror." The test launch comes two days after Iranians announced the completion of a new unmanned aircraft they're calling "The Ambassador of Death."

by Carl Teichrib

In analysing this hypothesis of religion’s global war guilt, let’s examine the role of religion as the primary killing factor in the bloodiest century of all time – the last one hundred years.