by Joshua Infantado 
January 27, 2016

Valentine’s Day is among the most popular Christian holidays in the world today. However, what’s popular does not automatically mean it’s acceptable to God. You might be shocked to know that the Bible actually forbids the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

by David Wilber

Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25 by millions of people around the world. Does the Bible offer any insight into whether or not Christians should celebrate this holiday?

by Dr. Gregory Reid
October 27, 2015

What is Halloween? It is a pagan holiday. It is a Druid celebration of the dead. Samhain - or Saman - the druid Lord of the Dead – is given his worship on this night.

by Pastor Mike Taylor
December 14, 2014

Traditionally, it is the Christmas season, again. A time of joy about the birth of our Savior, a time of good will toward men, and family getting together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Many Christians view this time as a most holy time when Jesus Christ was born in a manger, as God in the flesh, and was announced to the world via shepherds tending their flocks in the fields by night. But is it the truth of His birth? Those who wish to honor God, and the birth of our Savior MUST know the historical truth behind what our modern era calls "Christmas" and here it is.

by Dr. Terry Watkins

When you hear the word "halloween" what images appear?  Halloween leaves most people scratching their heads questioning, "How and where did Halloween come from"?

by jeremiahproject

When Christianity spread to parts of Europe, instead of trying to abolish these pagan customs, people tried to introduce ideas which reflected a more Christian world-view. Halloween has since become a confusing mixture of traditions and practices from pagan cultures and Christian tradition.

by Pastor Steve Harmon Th.D.

The Celtic God, Samhain, the lord of the dead, is the source of the present day Halloween celebration. Human beings and animals were sacrificed as part of the rites. The human sacrifices were usually criminals. They were locked in wicker and thatch cages which were set afire by priests to roast the victims alive. This practice continued until 61 A.D. when it was outlawed by the Roman government; the Romans had conquered the area in 43 A.D.

by Anonymous

During 325 AD it was decided that all the churches should celebrate the Passover, or actually Easter, on the ecclesiastically chosen Sunday rather than the Biblical date!  All the churches were thus informed, or rather, ordered, as Constantine did so under the threat of death if anyone should resist unifying with his decision.

by True Jesus Church

Many Christians believe that the Christmas pageant sums up the concept of God and the coming of Christ- the Savior of humankind. But how valid is this belief? Just take a copy of the Bible and look for a mention of Santa Claus, holly wreaths, mistletoe and Christmas trees.  None of these things are mentioned in the Bible.

by Last Trumpet Ministries International

Christmas is a holiday shared and celebrated by many religions.  It is a day that has an effect on the entire world. To many people, it is a favorite time of the year involving gift giving, parties and feasting. Christmas is a holiday that unifies almost all of professing Christendom.

by Johan

Is Kersfees regtig `n Christenfees? Bring ons eer aan Jahushua Messias (Jesus Christus) deur die viering van Kersfees? Min Christene het nog ooit die moeite gedoen om die antwoord op hierdie vrae te kry. Talle mense het groot geword met die herdenking van die 25 Desember as die geboortedag van Jahushua (Jesus) en aanvaar dat dit volgens die Bybel korrek is en derhalwe God se goedkeuring het. Wat is egter die waarheid?