You've Missed The Rapture Of The Church, Now What?


Millions Missing, Here's What You Need To Do Next

"And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe." John 14: 29

Well, we told you it was coming

Perhaps you were a casual reader of this site, but never got really involved, "too many religious nuts" you said. Maybe you had a family member who would plead with you night after night to "get right" with Jesus before His return. "Nah, never happen",you said, "people been saying that for ever. Nonsense!". But, it wasn't nonsense, was it? Turns out the religious nuts were right after all. The Rapture of the Church actually happened. Now we are gone, and you remain. Left behind. I can only imagine the shock - terror - panic - and questions that must be running through your head right now. My heart breaks for you, and that's why I made this page, to get you through what the Bible calls the time of Jacob's Trouble, the Great Tribulation, and it's moments away from starting. Are YOU ready?

Let's begin at the beginning...

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