by Paul Benware

The purpose for this short series of articles is to inform us, or perhaps simply remind us, of some of those good reasons why the church of Jesus Christ is removed out of this world prior to the start of the coming time of tribulation.

by Mark Hitchcock
December 5, 2017

The truth of the rapture is agreed upon by most Christians, but the same is not true when it comes to the timing of the rapture. Simply stated, the key issue is this:  Will the church go through any or all of the seven-year tribulation before the rapture occurs?

by Dr. David R. Reagan

“The Pre-Tribulation Rapture is a johnny-come-lately idea that is too new to be true.” This is the most common argument that I encounter against the concept of the Rapture of the Church occurring before the Tribulation begins.

by Dr. Thomas Ice

Recently at a prophecy conference I was ask if there was a difference in the Bible between the marriage of the bride (the church) to the Lamb and the marriage supper of the Lamb. I answered that I believe that Scripture indicates that there is a difference in these things and that they are two events that will take place at two different times in history. Let me show you why I think this way.

by Dr. David R. Reagan

Some believe the Rapture will occur in the middle of the Tribulation. Others place it near the end. And some combine it with the Second Coming. I happen to believe that the best inference of the Scriptures is that it will occur before the Tribulation begins.

by Prof. Johan S. Malan

The rapture is the secret meeting between Christ and His church, as opposed to His public appearance when every eye shall see Him.

by Dr. David R. Reagan

The Rapture ia the promise is that someday very soon, at the blowing of a trumpet and the shout of an archangel, Jesus will appear in the sky and take up His Church, living and dead, to Heaven.


Millions Missing, Here's What You Need To Do Next

By Beginning and End
February 23, 2013

The parable of the Ten Virgins is a very important end times prophecy.  The parable of the ten virgins is a direct reference to the Rapture of the Church – the removal of all born again Christians, dead and alive from the Earth, into the clouds to meet the Lord Jesus and be taken to Heaven until the Second Coming and Armageddon. Some Christians will miss the Rapture and be left behind to experience God’s wrath unleashed on Earth during the end times Day of The Lord.

By Beginning and End
March 21, 2012
This article will look at several  Biblical foreshadows of the Rapture in Bible prophecy that show that God always removes His people from harm when He is preparing to supernaturally punish the unbelieving heathen world. 

by Dr. Thomas Ice

God's purpose for the tribulation revolves around His plan for Israel and does not include an earthly presence for the church.Another purpose for the tribulation is that it is a time of God's wrath upon a Christ-rejecting world and a time of revenge for Gentile treatment of Israel.

by Prof Johan Malan

The rapture is a very important promise in the chronology of end-time events. It must be properly understood if we wish to be ready and worthy to escape the coming tribulation period.

by Joshuanet 

The early Christian writer and poet, Ephraem the Syrian, (who lived from A. D. 306 to 373) was a major theologian of the early Byzantine Eastern Church. Ephraem's text revealed a very clear statement about the pre-tribulational return of Christ to take His elect saints home to heaven to escape the coming Tribulation.

by Don Koenig

Does the Bible teach that the Church will be supernaturally removed (rapture)? Will the Church escape the tribulation? Is the rapture pretribulation pre-wrath, or post tribulation?

by Dr. Thomas Ice

We believe that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ could come in the clouds at any-moment and take His church to be with Him to His Father's house (John 14:1-3). What a great hope, that while you are reading this article, our Lord could return and rapture His church. We have come to call this any-moment hope of the rapture an imminent event.

by Unknown

There is an interesting parallel between a Jewish wedding and the Rapture. Only a Pre-Tribulation Rapture will fit into this scenario.

by Dr. Andy Woods

The rapture will be an event which is distinct from the Second Advent. In other words, the Second Coming of Christ is divided into two phases. There would be part 1 of the Second Coming of Christ and then part 2 of the Second Coming of Christ.