One American burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshes. This is a terrible thing to say.  In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it's just as bad not to say it - Jacques Cousteau.

by Ross Pittman

Let’s take a look at what 'insiders' have been saying about the American government over the past 217 years. I’m talking about actual past presidents, vice presidents, congressmen, senators, and other high profile political leaders.

by quotetab

How I learned to love the New World Order - Joe Biden.

by Tony Pearce
January 2021

The Corona virus may be seen as a forerunner of the final plagues in Revelation. It is used to bring about radical changes in life on earth and increase the power of governments to control the people.

by D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
Arranged and Edited by John Loeffler
Last updated: May 31, 2016

In the mainline media, those who adhere to the position that there is some kind of "conspiracy" pushing us towards a world government are virulently ridiculed.

by Garry Allen

The story you are about to read is true. The names have not been changed to protect the guilty. This book may have the effect of changing your life. After reading this book, you will never look at national and world events in the same way again - John G. Scmitz, United States Congressman

by  Lorraine Day, M.D.

The vast majority of Christians, including Christian pastors and seminary theologians, have never heard the names of those who originated, and are continuing to promote, the One World Religion, names such as Madame Helena Petrova Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Alice Bailey and her Demon Spirit Guide, Djwhal Kuhl, Benjamin Crème, Lord Maitreya, the Lucis Trust (formerly The Lucifer Trust), and the Theosophical Society.

by Ron Tex
October 16, 2013

The purpose - to change Christian tradition or to redeem the nations of Christian tradition.

by Pastor Jannie Viljoen

The attainment of the ‘Coming Great Church,’ proclaiming one Gospel to the whole world … implies the surrender of distinctive evangelical truth.  The one Gospel to be preached certainly will not be the Gospel of salvation through the exclusive merits of Christ. Already we can see the beginning stages of what the Bible prophesies. An incredible worldwide delusion is gathering momentum.

by Lanette Irwin
October 20, 2015

The 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions was held October 15-19 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They estimated over fourteen thousand people attended this New Age (now called “interfaith”) convention. The Parliament of the World's Religions has an agenda and they are now very open about it. It is now an outright attack on the Christian church and the Word of God. They are not afraid to say that “an orthodox Bible believing Christian does not fit in our world nor will they be tolerated.”

by UN News Centre
September 25, 2015

The 193-Member United Nations General Assembly today formally adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, along with a set of bold new Global Goals, which Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hailed as a universal, integrated and transformative vision for a better world. “The new agenda is a promise by leaders to all people everywhere. It is an agenda for people, to end poverty in all its forms – an agenda for the planet, our common home,” declared Mr. Ban as he opened the UN Sustainable Development Summit which kicked off today and wraps up Sunday.

by  Rebecca Terrell
September 27, 2015

As Pope Francis rounds out his nine-day trip to North America with a visit this weekend to Philadelphia and the 2015 World Meeting of Families, media coverage of his historic visit is instead centered on his remarks during the past week regarding climate change. From his discussion with Fidel Castro on Sunday, September 20 to speeches at the White House and Congress, the pontiff's theme has been a continual plea for protecting the environment from "human activity" and promoting so-called "sustainable development."

by Kelly OConnell
August 1, 2012

Agenda 21 is a plank of UN policy encouraging the globe to embrace Sustainable Development, which conservatives understand as a code word for global Marxism. Sustainable development sounds like a nice idea, right? It sounds nice, until you scratch the surface and find that Agenda 21 and sustainable development are really cloaked plans to impose the tenets of social justice/socialism on the world. At risk from Agenda 21; Private property ownership; Single-family homes; Private car ownership and individual travel choices; and Privately owned farms.

by Tom DeWeese
April 6, 2011

According to its authors, the objective of sustainable development is to integrate economic, social and environmental policies in order to achieve reduced consumption, social equity, and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity. Sustainablists insist that every societal decision be based on environmental impact, focusing on three components; global land use, global education, and global population control and reduction.

by Michael Snyder
January 26, 2013

The people promoting this philosophy have very, very deep pockets, and they are actually convinced that they are helping to “save the world” by trying to reduce the size of the human population. Anything that reduces the human population in any way is a good thing for those that believe in this philosophy. This twisted philosophy is being promoted in our movies, in our television shows, in our music, in countless books, on many of the most prominent websites in the world, and it is being taught at nearly all of the most important colleges and universities on the planet.

by  William F. Jasper
11 October 2012

Influential Americans, as well as foreign leaders, in politics, media, and academe, have been advocating — blatantly and openly, as well as indirectly — for transforming the United Nations system into a full-blown world government. What’s more, they have begun actual implementation. It is no longer hypothetical that the UN and its affiliated institutions will usurp legislative, executive, and judicial powers, including taxing, policing, and military powers. It has already begun; it is already happening. And it is happening with the acquiescence, approval, encouragement, and funding of globalists in our own government, both Republicans and Democrats.

by Jeremiah Project

No longer are we only threatened from without by a group of balding hard-line Communists - we are now threatened from within - by a group of intelligent, well-dressed globalists who are convincing America and the nations of the world that the only way to lasting world peace is the establishment of a ... "New World Order."

by The American Truth

The following is a four page list of quotes by famous individuals that reflect their knowledge of Government, Banking, Military, and Media control - or otherwise known as the "New World Order."

by Stephen Lendman
May 16, 2013

For over 14 years, Daniel Estulin has investigated and researched the Bilderberg Group’s far-reaching influence on business and finance, global politics, war and peace, and control of the world’s resources and its money.

by Prof Johan Malan

In the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks, the world has entered a period of rapid global transformation towards a new world order in which religion will play a major role. A united, new world order not only demands the political and economic unification of the world but also its religious unification. In the emerging international order the former antagonists, Russia and the USA, are increasingly united in the fight against the global threat of terrorism.

by Heidi Swander
August 10, 2010

"On April 2, 2009, the work of July 4, 1776 was nullified at the meeting of the G-20 in London."  So begins an article written by author and commentator Dick Morris on April 7, 2009, titled, "European Socialism to Run Our Financial System."  According to Morris, a communiqué from the meeting "essentially announces a global economic union with uniform regulations and by-laws for all nations, including the United States." Please note: This took place last year.

by Victor Christensen

The Bible teaches that in the final moments of earth’s history the entire planet will be under the control of a one world government. Ultimately an autocratic world ruler code named “the beast” will dominate world affairs. Through his agencies he will determine who is to live and who is to  die. This despot will not bring peace. He will be the agent of chaos, destruction and despair.

by Berit Kjos

"...absolute behavior control is imminent.... The critical point of behavior control, in effect, is sneaking up on mankind without his self-conscious realization that a crisis is at hand. Man will... never self-consciously know that it has happened."

by Loren Davis

The dream for a world government is found throughout world history. Follow the progression up to today.

by Prof. Johan Malan

In preparation for the UN Millennial Summit, the organisation's Secretary-general, Kofi Annan, said that the concept of national sovereignty would have to be redefined or abandoned as it stands in the way of greater unity in the world. He also promised that steps would be taken in 2000 to promote a world religion: "The UN will expand its role as peace-maker to the religious field by staging the first meeting for the world's religious leaders," he said. This new approach gave rise to the United Religions Initiative, aimed at developing into the United Religions Organisation.

by Donna Wasson

How does one go about trying to explain the fantastic? How do you tell others that much of their basic understanding of their country and the world around them is based on lies? How do you explain that the movie, The Matrix, really wasn’t that far off the mark with regard to our world system?

by Berit Kjos

“...some opponents of Humanism have accused us of wishing to overthrow the traditional Christian family. They are right. That is exactly what we intend to do.”  "...if you give me any normal human being and a couple of weeks, ...I can change his behavior from what it is not to whatever you want it to be.... I can turn him from a Christian into a Communist.... We can control behavior.”

by Jeremy James

Many dismiss those who believe in a global conspiracy as cranks and fools. And yet evidence that such a conspiracy exists is fairly easy to establish.  One definition of conspiracy reads as follows: ‘A secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act.’


"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill." - "The First Global Revolution", A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider 1991


Quotes by the Globalists