by Marcia Montenegro
April 12, 2016    

You have unlimited potential.” “Success comes from within.” “Empower yourself.” These and other similar phrases are used to publicize and market seminars originating from what is best known as the Human Potential Movement.

by Dan Delzell
September 28, 2012

There are tremendous differences between "motivational speaking" and "biblical preaching." In America today, many churches offer one or the other. One approach leaves people "encouraged" in their emotions and in their "self-esteem." The other builds up Christians in the Gospel as the Holy Spirit applies the Scriptures to the hearts and minds of the hearers.

by Marcia Montenegro

The Human Potential Movement and related teachings are based on human-centered psychology; on beliefs that one is in complete control of one's destiny and that one deserves worldly success; and on Eastern/New Age/occult teachings about the self and the world.

by procinwarn

The "Human Potential" movement is a branch of the "New Age" movement that is especially packaged to be acceptable to corporations, government, small businesses, and the educational establishment in the form of "motivational seminars" or "Learning to Learn skills".  Its principles are based on eastern mysticism and the occult, but the terminology has been changed to sound scientific and psychological. Claiming that humans have unlimited or infinite potential, the goal then becomes to achieve this infinite potential.