What's so wrong with sex before marriage?

By Nestor A. Toro
July 2, 2013

Something vital is missing from the prevailing mindset toward sexual relations outside of marriage.

Lining supermarket check-out lanes, amid candy bars and breath mints, are enticing headlines in bold, eye-catching letters: “101 Sex Secrets,” “43 Ways to Improve Your Love Life,” “15 Ways to Drive Him Wild”…

Sex is everywhere. It permeates television shows, the Internet, and magazines. Even children’s movies often have thinly veiled sexual overtones.

For more than a century, Western nations have shed every hint of Victorian-era prudery: the “free love” 1960s gave way to the counterculture 70s; standards on sex continued to drop in the 1980s, and even more in the 90s, with a high-profile case involving the President of the United States. In 2012, a similar case involved a top U.S. intelligence leader.

Today, society’s carefree thinking on sex out of wedlock is simply, “Why not?”

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