by Charles Stone

Integrity is contagious, especially to little ones. They watch what we do, what we say, and how we respond.

by Bill Muehlenberg 
November 10, 2019

There hardly could be a more fitting description of our own culture today. Bent on the pursuit of autonomous freedom - freedom from any restraint, and especially from God’s truth and moral absolutes – our culture has set itself on the course of self-destruction - Francis Schaeffer.

by Francine H.
August 29, 2019

Once seen as a shining light of hope and prosperity, the U.S. has now become a country of contempt.

by Family Policy Institute

If you’re a parent who’s been told that your child’s sex-ed program at school is comprehensive, evidenced-based, age-appropriate, and that it promotes healthy relationships, then you, and every other parent who’s been sold the same message, have essentially been lied to.

by Cause For Justice

The South African Parliament is currently considering a new Bill (the Films and Publications Amendment Bill), which amongst other things, proposes legalising and decriminalising online distribution of pornography.

by Dr Jim Denison
August 17, 2017

Why is Game of Thrones so astoundingly popular? What does its popularity say about us?

by Michael Brown
September 28, 2017

Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 91. I hope he found grace and repentance before leaving this world. I also hope that his death will signify the end of the sexual revolution. It has failed miserably on every front. May it never rise again.

by Dr. David R. Reagan

A nation that once honored God has plunged into a moral abyss. And the decay has reached the point where, in the words of the prophet Jeremiah, the nation “does not even know how to blush” (Jeremiah 6:15).The descent has been swift.

Dr. Michael Brown

After making threats for weeks, anonymous hackers have released the private information of millions of users of the Ashley Madison website, billed as the "most successful website for finding an affair and cheating partners" and boasting that it is "the world's leading married dating service for discreet encounters."

by Dr. Steven Riser

Why does it seem that the collective fabric of our society is becoming unraveled amid the revelations of lust, greed and immorality in high and low places? What is happening and where are we headed? Has there ever been a more critical time in history when we needed people of integrity?

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero

We had assumed that paganism would attack the church frontally. It did not. Instead, it cleverly came through the door of government, courts, schools, our institutions. The media and press facilitated it, collaborated. We expected paganism to ride at us in blatant anti-religious garb. Instead, it arrived on a Trojan horse, a benighted political horse: liberalism.

by Dr. David R. Reagan

Just as beautiful art can inspire and ennoble, degrading art can depress and demean. The degradation of art in America has reached epidemic proportions.

By Nestor A. Toro
July 2, 2013

Something vital is missing from the prevailing mindset toward sexual relations outside of marriage.

By Allan Hall
16 September 2012

Let loose in strange lands, provincial burghers became willing executioners.  In Italy, Russia, Poland, it was the same - men who, before the war would never have kicked a dog or struck a child, behaved with the barbarity of Mongol hordes.  'I used to shoot at everything', a soldier admitted - 'We liked to go for women pushing prams, often with children at their sides. It was a kind of sport really...'.  As Germany's premier news magazine Der Spiegel puts it: 'Research has often been interested in the question about how quickly ordinarys men became killing machines in war.  After reading these reports one must say: very quickly.'

 by Noel Hornor

We are now some 30 years into the sexual revolution that began in the 1960s. What has been the impact on society? What are the implications for the future? Sex is everywhere. It permeates the movies and the television programs we watch, the music we hear, the magazines and books we read, the talk shows we listen to. Society, it seems, is obsessed with sex.

by Berit Kjos

"If we will not be governed by God, then we will be ruled by tyrants." William Penn, 1 March 1701

by David Ramgeet

The continued persistence to exclude God from our daily lives has been fueling moral decline in our society and the world over.

by Ruth

Hollywood has been in the movie making business for decades and has enthralled countless audiences. It has perfected the art of entertainment, and going to the movies or watching a DVD has become one of the most popular forms of relaxation for modern day society. For an hour or two, the worries and cares of the day can be forgotten in favour of a make believe world where heroes have adventures, good triumphs evil and boy meets girl. From a Christian perspective, do we need to be careful of what we watch? Surely a movie can be nothing more than a harmless hour of entertainment?