Due to the fact that martial arts is connected to the kingdom of darkness and derive from the wisdom of devils, you cannot disconnect the physical exercises from the spiritual aspect of martial arts.

by secretdangersofmartialarts

In the Eastern mind, 'Tao,' or 'Dao, is the supreme god. It is a 'Force' and an 'energy' rather than a personal being; which is said to encompass and animate the entire universe.

by Gaylene Goodroad

This e-booklet examines how the soaring popularity of the Star Wars film franchise has also resulted in a cunning validation of the mystical ki (chi) energy of the Martial Arts. The author reveals how these Eastern belief systems are threatening to subvert and undermine the biblical Christian faith.

by Dr. John Ankerberg

In this article we will examine three concerns with martial arts: 1) the occult origin of some of the martial arts; 2) the spiritistic potential of the traditional dojo; 3) the ability of martial arts practice to develop psychic powers by “generation” and manipulation of psychic energy (ki, chi, etc.). These three facets underscore the occult nature and dangers of much martial arts practice.

by Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon

We briefly [examine] the practices of meditation, visualization, and yogic breathing methods as they relate to the martial arts.

By Linda Nathan
February 13th, 2014

Are you wondering if there’s a problem with involvement in the martial arts? You say your neighbor’s little boy is taking a class, and now your son wants to, too? Several women in your office are learning it for self-defense. And, why, even your church has a class! Perhaps you yourself are involved but feel uncertain and want more information.

by Erwin de Castro, B.J. Oropeza, and Ron Rhodes

One of the most serious concerns regarding the Christian's possible involvement with the martial arts stems from the fact that a good majority of them originated in Asian cultures permeated by a variety of Eastern religions.

by Erwin de Castro, B. J. Oropeza and Ron Rhodes

High-flying kicks combined with deadly punches and lethal throws. A lone warrior single-handedly overpowering a band of burly attackers; An old sage imparting wisdom to a young, attentive disciple. These images depict how many people perceive the martial arts.

by Mike R. Taylor

Judo teachers generally agree that by using Judo alone, no woman would be able confidently to defend herself against attacks by men. For example, a 6-foot man would have hit his victim long before she could get near enough to throw him. Only a large person who had done many years of training would find Judo an effective form of self-defence -- and then possibly against only one person.