by Daniel Strange

Christian Universalism contends that an individual’s destiny is not fixed at death, and that ultimately everyone will be saved by Christ.

by Learn Religions - Catherine Beyer
June 25, 2019

Rastafari is an Abrahamic new religious movement that accepts Haile Selassie I, the Ethiopian emperor from 1930 to 1974 as God incarnate and the Messiah who will deliver believers to the Promised Land, identified by Rastas as Ethiopia.

by South African History Online

Although traditional African religion recognises a Supreme God, followers do not worship him or her directly as they do not feel worthy enough. They therefore ask the ancestors to communicate on their behalf.

by Faith Defenders

Buddhism Unmasked tells us that Buddhism is an Eastern religion that has gained many followers in the West especially among movie stars. It is only appropriate that we examine this ancient pagan religion.

by Gary Crous
June 6, 2011

God in His goodness has set His people free from all fear of the ancestral spirits, or the power of demons. 'Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage' - Galatians 5:1.

by Marilyn Adamson

A brief description of the major world religions and their beliefs about God. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and New Age Spirituality  and how Jesus' teachings differs from major religions.

by Caryl Matrisciana

People in the West have been deceived into thinking that yoga is the art of living; but to people in the East, it is the art of dying.

by Tony Pearce
October 17, 2017

Interest in Kabbalah crosses the great Israeli divide of secular and religious. Melilah Helner who teaches Zohar at the Hebrew University says enrolment has tripled over the past five years.

by Wayne Jackson

The 'New Age' phenomenon of recent years has provided fresh impetus to the occult concept that the living, somehow, are able to communicate with those who have died.

by Matt Slick

Christian Science denies the essential doctrines of Christianity and it also completely reinterpreted the Bible.

by Got Questions

Among the main beliefs held by followers of New Thought is the assertion that 'true human self-hood is divine'. Within this we see the original lie that Satan told man: through knowledge of good and evil 'you will be like God'.

by Ryan Turner

Mormons frequently claim that many “plain and precious truths” have been removed from the Bible. What these "plain and precious truths" exactly are we are not told.

by Caryl Matrisciana

The aim of all Hinduism is to escape the hopeless cycle of reincarnation. The purpose of Yoga is to prepare a person to cut off the relationship between himself and the physical world, in preparation for death.

by Probe

Scientology claims that its belief system does not conflict with the beliefs of Christianity. However, upon investigation there is an impassible gulf between the two worldviews.

by Berean Research

The Jehovah’s Witnesses go door to door, distribute the Watchtower and Awake magazines, deny the Trinity, the deity of Christ, and deny His physical resurrection. Are they Christian or something else?

by Christian Library

The "Way" movement is causing considerable confusion in some communities. This article shows that it is a different way of salvation than the Biblical way taught by traditional Christianity.To continue click on the link below:

by Samaria Mission

The African Traditional Religion has no founder. It evolved through many centuries, before the westerner come to Africa. Different fathers played a role in the development of this religion. It is not documented. It has no sacred book or Scripture. It is written in the hearts, history and experience of the people. It is passed with the word of mouth.

by Samaria Mission

The African Traditional Religion has no founder. It evolved through many centuries, before the westerner come to Africa. Different fathers played a role in the development of this religion. It is not documented. It has no sacred book or Scripture. It is written in the hearts, history and experience of the people. It is passed with the word of mouth.

by Nanci Des Gerlaise
July 19, 2016

Basically, shamanism is the belief system that utilizes shamans in order to make contact with the spirit world.  Traditional shamanism “is where the shaman functions as healer, spiritual leader, and mediator between the spirits and people.”  In Western society, Native Spirituality is the main venue, but it is not confined to Native Spirituality. The New Age movement began incorporating shamanistic rituals into their own New Age spirituality:

by Marlene Jones-Skurtu

What most people don't understand is that false prophets may have been true prophets, full-blown cults may have been cult churches, and cult churches may have been normal churches at one time.

by Rick Branch

The rediscovery of Goddess in the West in the late 1960s coincided with the women’s movement, the ecology movement, and the beginnings of the so called New Age movement.” She continues by citing one other religious movement which helped popularize this philosophy. “Perhaps one of the most visible arenas for the revival of Goddess is the neo-Paganism and Neo-Pagan Witchcraft nature religions.

by Paul K. Williams

Drums beat their monotonous single-beat rhythm announcing another ceremony of the sangomas (one of the Zulu words for "witch doctor"). Onlookers, both curious and devout, gather as the sangomas begin their ritual dance. Dressed in skins, feathers and beads they go through various gyrations, calling on the ancestors and working themselves into a state where they can commune with the spirits.

by Michael Houdmann

Satan has always sought to supplant God, and he uses lies about worshipping other gods and even ancestors to try to lead people away from the truth of God’s existence. Ancestor worship is wrong because it goes against God’s specific warnings about such worship, and it seeks to replace Jesus Christ as the Divine Mediator between God and mankind.

by Matt Slick

Because unity denies basic Christian theology it is considered an non Christian cult.

The true origin of Rosicrucianism is unknown. Today there are two groups which claim to be representative of Rosicrucianism, the Rosicrucianism Fellowship in Oceanside, Calif., and the rival organization, the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC) in San Jose, Calif. The latter group is adamant about being the faithful Rosicrucianism order.

by Matt Slick

Of all the Biblically-based cults in America today, Christian Science is one of the most interesting. Not only does it deny the essential doctrines of Christianity but also it has completely reinterpreted the Bible. It drastically redefines the Bible’s culture and terminology and rips thousands of Scriptures out of their historical and Biblical contexts. The result is a non-Christian mixture of metaphysical and philosophical thoughts.

by Michael Houdmann

Answer: The Way International was founded in 1942 by Victor Paul Wierwille as a radio program, then was renamed the Chimes Hour Youth Caravan in 1947. The name became “The Way” in 1955, no doubt a reference to Jesus’ statement that He is “the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6). In spite of its name, however, The Way International is not a Christian denomination. By all rational tests, it fits the definition of a cult.

by Ergun Caner

A comparison chart of Christianity and Islam.

by  Elizabeth A. McAlister

Rastafari, also spelled Ras Tafari, religious and political movement, begun in Jamaica in the 1930s and adopted by many groups around the globe, that combines Protestant Christianity, mysticism, and a pan-African political consciousness.

by Gary E. Gilley

The fastest growing segment of professing Christianity today is the Word-Faith Movement, also known as the Positive Confession or simply "Faith" movement. Its growth is at least partially due to the massive amounts of money the leaders are able to extract from the faithful. This influx of cash allows for huge buildings and extensive ministries, and more importantly, wide exposure on television, which translates into numerical growth.

by Matt Slick

Cults are everywhere. Some are mainstream and widely accepted. Others are isolationist and hide from examination at great expense. They are growing and flourishing. Some cause great suffering while others appear very helpful and beneficial.

by Dean Robinson

According to the Bible, Allah is not God, Muhammed is not his prophet, and the Koran is not the Word of God. Islam is a false religion and utterly without power to save from sin because it doesn't recognize Jesus Christ as the Saviour.

by Michael Fackerell
March 9, 2007

I understand that paganism is a growing religious force in the world today. Also, there are quite a number of forms of paganism – Druidism, Wicca, Witchcraft  just to name a few. Perhaps you feel that your rituals and other spiritual activities will help to save the Earth from self-destruction. You may distrust Christianity for quite a few reasons. You can't stand the doctrine of eternal punishment, and you probably feel that most Monotheistic religions, especially Christianity, are a hindrance to spiritual development.

by Hank Hanegraaff
June 12, 2009 

What’s wrong with the “Faith” movement? Its leaders include many of the most popular television evangelists. Its emphases on faith, the authority of the believer, and the absolute veracity of Scripture could appear to be just what today’s church needs. And yet, I am convinced that this movement poses one of the greatest contemporary threats to orthodox Christianity from within. Through it, cultic theology is being increasingly accepted as true Christianity. This article will highlight several serious problems with the Faith movement by providing an overview of its major sources and leaders. Part Two will focus on the movement’s doctrinal deviations as represented by one of its leading proponents.

by Hank Hanegraaff and Erwin M. de Castro
June 12, 2009

Kenneth Copeland stands today as one of the Faith movement’s leading spokesmen. His voluminous material (in print and broadcast media), combined with his crusades and international outreach centers, attest to his vast influence. Copeland is responsible for spreading many of the Faith movement’s unbiblical teachings. He distorts the biblical concepts of faith and covenant. He reduces God to the image of man while elevating man to the status of God. He lowers Jesus to being a product of positive confession who took on a satanic nature at the cross. And he promotes the occult practice of creative visualization.

by Dave Hunt
February 1, 2014

One cannot even begin to “live by faith” while “dead in trespasses and sins”, which is mankind’s natural condition. One must be made “alive from the dead” by receiving God’s forgiveness in Christ. The Christian life of faith is only for those who are “in the faith”. Living “a good Christian life” is not the way to become a Christian. Only those who already are Christians can live that life. Nor is it lived in order to earn heaven, which is impossible, but out of gratitude to Christ for having paid the penalty for sin.


Scientology teaches that salvation is attained through increasing one’s spiritual awareness.

by Rabbi David Chernoff

Messianic Judaism is a movement of Jewish people who believe that Yeshua (Jesus’ original name in Hebrew) is the Messiah of Israel and the Savior of the world.

by Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Judaism, the first and oldest of the three great monotheistic faiths, is the religion and way of life of the Jewish people. The basic laws and tenets of Judaism are derived from the Torah, the first five books of the Bible.

by S. Michael Houdmann

Question: "What is Coptic Christianity, and what do Coptic Christians believe?"

By Mary Fairchild

Orthodox Christianity claims to have fully preserved, without any deviation, the traditions and doctrines of the early Christian church established by the apostles. This is why they believe themselves to be the only true and "right believing" Christian faith.

by S. Michael Houdmann

Question: "What is Roman Catholicism?"

by S. Michael Houdmann

Question: "What is the Baha'i faith?"

by S. Michael Houdmann

Question: "What is Confucianism?"

by S. Michael Houdmann

Question: "What is Sikhism?"

by BBC

There are 20 million Sikhs in the world, most of whom live in the Punjab province of India. The 2001 census recorded 336,000 Sikhs in the UK.

by Got Questions

Shintoism is a purely Japanese religion, the origins of which are buried in the hazy mists of ancient Japanese history. It is one of the world’s oldest religions. 

by Josh McDowell and John Stewart

Secular Humanis is a philosophy that regards the rational individual as the highest value, considers the individual to be the ultimate source of value and is dedicated to fostering the individual's creative and moral development in a meaningful and rational way without reference to concepts of the supernatural. - Peter Angeles

by Danie Haasbroek

Animism is one of the worldviews that believe in a God who created all things. A Supreme Being. The Lakota Sioux Native Americans call him “The Great Spirit.” Zulus call him Inkosi Yesulu or “The God of the Sky.” But, to Animists, he is no tdirectly connected with this world. He rules over this world by spirits.

by Contender Ministries

Anyone who has studied the global environmental movement has no doubt heard the term "Gaia".  Gaia is a revival of Paganism that rejects Christianity, considers Christianity its biggest enemy, and views the Christian faith as its only obstacle to a global religion centered on Gaia worship and the uniting of all life forms around the goddess of "Mother Earth".

By DB Dick

On grounds of the spiritist character of this movement, its denial of Christ and the Bible owing to the status, power and worship the apostles, the contact it claims to make with the dead, and its view of Scripture, it is clear that the Old Apostle Church is not a Christian church.

by Matt Slick

By Daymond Duck

The World Book Dictionary says, "A cult is a group or sect whose practices or beliefs are separated from generally accepted values and creeds." One of their most common traits is the fact that they look to a person or group other than the Bible for spiritual revelation. So by definition and trait Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult.

by Michael Gleghorn   

The chief object of philosophical Taoism "is to live in a way that conserves life's vitality by not expending it in useless, draining ways, the chief of which are friction and conflict."

by Patrick Zukeran

How do you know if a religious group is a cult? Jesus said that you will know false prophets by their fruits. 

By Rev. Paul Seiler

The New Age movement is not a cult as such, with a single cult leader. Rather it is a a general religious and philosophical approach to life that is shared by many cults and societies operating in the world today. The New Age movement is a common world view which is fundamentally Hinduistic in character. One of the primary ideals of this movement is oneness of mankind. Some New Agers see this in the eventual formation of a one world government and a one world religion.

By Rev. Paul Seiler

The New Age movement is not a cult as such, with a single cult leader. Rather it is a a general religious and philosophical approach to life that is shared by many cults and societies operating in the world today. The New Age movement is a common world view which is fundamentally Hinduistic in character. One of the primary ideals of this movement is oneness of mankind.

By Rev. Paul Seiler

The Unification Church is today a cult that exists in many countries of the world. It was founded by Sun Myung Moon. The Unification Church regard Moon as the Messiah and their Church as the true Church on earth.

By Rev. Paul Seiler

In recent year there has been an incredible growth in Buddhism in the Western world. Zen is among the more popular Buddhist sects operating in the West. Its popularity no doubt can be found in its experience centredness. It teaches that man through meditation can experience the ultimate experience - satori.

By Rev. Paul Seiler

Satanism is by no means a new phenomenon, it goes back hundreds of years and was first practiced in Europe in the Middle Ages. Satanism made a big come back in the mid 1960's and the thing which appears to have sparked it off was the Paramount Picture box office smash hit "Rosemary's Baby".

By Rev. Paul Seiler

Witchcraft has a very long history, it usually referred to someone who would caste spells and perform magic. Modern witchcraft while holding some characteristics of this ancient practice has its own pecularities which are exceedingly evil.

By Rev. Paul Seiler

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi onsidered that he had found the answer to the worlds problems. He believed that he had discovered a technique that would revolutionise the world, and put an end to warfare. Finding little response to his teaching in India, he decided to promote his teaching in the West. His cult was given a great boost in England when George Harrison of the Beatles came in contact with him and embraced his teaching.


In Buddhist thought, there is no supreme being, no Creator, no omnipotent omnipresent God, no loving Lord over his creation. Ultimate reality is an impersonal void or emptiness (Sunyata). Only the void is permanent.

by goodnewspost

Buddhism is a very important part of the culture there. It is “engrained” in the habits and lifestyle of millions of Asian people.

by Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Wicca is an eclectic religious belief system centering around gods, goddesses, and nature worship.

by Michael Bradley

Jehovah's witnesses are also known as the "Watchtower Society" or "Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society." They were officially founded back in 1884 and were initially called the "Zion's Watchtower and Tract Society." They did not officially adopt the name of Jehovah's Witnesses until 1931.

by TA McMahon, The Berean Call

Who is the Dalai Lama and what is he all about? And why should The Berean Call even consider this Tibetan Buddhist “holy man”, whom Time magazine selected to top its list of the 100 most influential people in the world today? Well, he is a religious figure who has captured the interest – and in many cases the hearts – of millions of people, including multitudes who profess to be evangelicals.

by The online Bible school

Hinduism is the oldest religion in the history of human civilization. Unlike Buddhism, Islamic or Judaism, Hinduism has no founder, and it is the only major world religion lacking an adequate explanation as to its origin and its development. It is estimated that its origin could date back several thousands of years. It’s very beginning of time is unknown; however, some biblical scholars claim its earliest roots go back as far as the time of the Tower of Babel.


Scientology has gained popularity due to some Hollywood celebrities who have embraced it. Scientology was founded in 1953 by fiction author L. Ron Hubbard, just four years after he made the statement, “I'd like to start a religion—that's where the money is.” That is where he found wealth, also-Hubbard became a multi-millionaire.

by John Weldon

The Church of Scientology is a controversial new religion developed by L. Ron Hubbard as an extension of his earlier psychological theories of Dianetics. Drawing on ideas from Buddhist and Hindu religious philosophy, science fiction, and Western concepts in psychology and science, L. Ron Hubbard produced a religion that sees all human beings as immortal spirits (thetans) who have forgotten their identity and become deceived by the very universe they mentally emanated in order to amuse themselves.

by Matt Slick

Mormonism teaches that God used to be a man on another world and that he became a god by following the laws and ordinances of his god on his home world.  He brought his wife to this world, a woman he had married on the other world.  She is, essentially a goddess.

by Matt Slick

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, known as the Mormons, teaches that God the Father used to be a man on another planet, that he became a God by following the laws and ordinances of that God on that planet and came to this world with his wife (she became a goddess), and that they produce a spirit offspring in heaven. 

by Joy Magazine

a Universalist is someone who believes that every human being whom God has created or will create, will finally come to enjoy the everlasting salvation into which Christians enter, here and now.”