The Emergent Church Apostasy

By www.plankandnails.hubpages.

There is a false Christianity propagating within the Biblical sphere of the Church body. It is leading many astray and is highly deceptive because it subtly cloaks itself in the Christian faith, but "worships" Jesus Christ with ancient pagan (Babylonian) ideologies. This form of doctrine is one of the main contributors to the apostasy that is going on within the church today.

In a nutshell, this movement believes that we are in a "post-modern" era of Christianity, and in order to stay relevant with the times, we must change our views and perspectives (“a paradigm shift”) to be more effective as "Christians" in society. This form of "Christianity" is synthesized with post-modern ideas, which encompasses the Emergent Church movement. It is the literal watering down and removal of God’s truth as a goal to bring “unity” and “co-existence” within the world.

I would coin the Emergent Church as spiritual adultery. It is the same as committing adultery on your wife and justifying the action because you are thinking about Jesus Christ while you are doing it.

Biblical truth is being replaced with the good sounding buzz words such as, "social justice" and “unity” coupled with pagan forms of worship. Doctrinal truth is seen as divisive and cannot be fully known; therefore, it is better to be part of an enlightened conversation of endless questions that leads to no real solutions, answers, or conclusions. Any claim on doctrinal truth is seen as being arrogant, or offensive to someone else’s ideas. The Emergent Church movement is the attempt to synthesize forms of pagan worship practices with Christianity.

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