The New Age and Global Education

by Steve Deckard, Ed.D. 

Ideas are important. They affect our behavior, our philosophy of life, and ultimately our world view. One such set of ideas being promoted in educational circles is so-called Global Education. The objective of this paper is to expose the hidden agenda of Global Education and show conclusively the links between Global Education, the New Age religion, and evolutionism.

Proponents of Global Education often disguise it by using a variety of other names: multicultural education, international curriculum development, international studies, cultural awareness, futurism, Project 2000, Welcome to Planet Earth, and World Core Curriculum.[1] Dick Sutphen, a leading New Age thinker, summarizes the New Age doctrines as:

(1) the external world and consciousness are one and the same;
(2) we are all part of God, so we are God,
(3) life is for evolutionary purposes;
(4) awareness of one's true self within leads to mastery of one's own reality.[2]

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