by Harbingers Daily
March 31, 2021

Twenty four world leaders have signed a letter calling for more globalism to combat future pandemics, citing the the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to consign nationalism to the dustbin of history.

by Got Questions

Socialism is a societal system in which property, natural resources, and the means of production are owned and controlled by the state rather than by individuals or private companies.

by Leo Hohmann

I reported on February 4 that Moderna describes its new vaccine as 'a computer operating system' but I was not aware at that time that Zaks had spoken three years ago about this, totally debunking the establishment media’s lie that mRNA vaccines don’t alter your genetic code.

by Movieguide staff

Big Tech companies have incredible power to not only influence culture, but to bend truth. They’ve already begun their attacks on us and many other faith-based companies.

by Rex van Schalkwyk - Free Market Foundation
December 2, 2020

Chairman of the FMF Rule of Law Board of Advisors and a former judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa, Rex van Schalkwyk, delivers opening remarks at an FMF roundtable. 'The eutopian ideal of a one world of equality goes hand in hand with totaliterianism and that inevitably gives rise to a total loss of every conceivable liberty.

by Jarryd Neves
January 14, 2021

President Cyril Ramaphosa told the ANC at the start of the year that passing legislation to allow for land expropriation without compensation is a priority for the ruling party this year. It is move that would most likely deal a devastating blow to the already troubled SA economy because it will deter investment.

by Tyler Durden
November 17, 2020

Globalist Klaus Schwab made it clear that transhumanism is an integral part of 'The Great Reset' when he said that the fourth industrial revolution would 'lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,' which in his book he clarifies is implantable microchips that can read your thoughts.

by Rex van Schalkwyk, Free Market Foundation
December 16, 2020

The mantra, The Great Reset, unfamiliar to many and soon to become a universal slogan, is encapsulated in a simple promise of happiness to be experienced equally by all. You will own nothing and you will be happy. This is so eerily similar to the promise of the utopian ideal of Karl Marx and Vladimir Ulyanov Lenin 

by Jack Houghton
August 5, 2020

A disturbing movement to reform capitalism is gaining traction by those using the coronavirus tragedy to call for 'The Great Reset.'

by Bloomberg
November 2020

The Travel Pass will display test results together with proof of inoculation, as well as listing national entry rules and details on the nearest labs, according to IATA. The app will also link to an electronic copy of the holder’s passport to prove their identity.

by Tony Pearce
October 2020

2020 – Covid 19 and world crisis. What next? Limits to freedom. The Global Reset. The Mark of the Beast.

by Richard M. Ebeling
September 9, 2015

When voices are raised today calling for socialism in America it is crucial that the history and reality of socialism-in-practice in those parts of the world in which it was most thoroughly imposed and implemented be remembered and fully understood. If we do not, history has its own ways of repeating itself.

by John Hendrickson 
December 19, 2018

The Bolshevik Revolution has been 100 years of hell - of revolution, oppression, starvation, mass murder, genocide, and terror without historical parallel.

by Dr. Peter Hammond

With the aid of the Soviet KGB, and the East German Stasi, Mozambique's own security organisation, SNASP was established. SNASP set up re-education centres called Centres for Mental De-colonialisation. On Samora Machel's first state visit to the Soviet Union, he pledged to transform Mozambique into the first truly Marxist state in Africa.

by Bill Muehlenberg
March 30, 2020

The state has now officially declared war on conservative Christians.

by Kenan Malik

Cities across the globe are embracing technology to collect data on citizens, ostensibly to improve public services and make urban spaces function better.

by Zhou Jiaquan
August 4. 2018

From tracking the activity of mobile app users to setting up a social credit scorecard, the world’s most populated country is taking surveillance technology to new heights.

24 November 2019

Leaked documents detail for the first time China's systematic brainwashing of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in a network of high-security prison camps.

by Rand Paul
November 9, 2019

Today there are far too many Westerners – including politicians, opinion-makers and leaders – who are seemingly oblivious to the historical record concerning socialism.

by Jacob Mchangama
February 28, 2019

The U.N. should and must fight racism and hate speech. But any attempt at widening the definition and strengthening the enforcement of hate speech bans under international law creates a clear and present danger for freedom of expression already under global attack.

by Tony Pearce

Stalin, Hitler and Mao could only dream about: The flawless totalitarian state, powered by digital technology, where the individual has nowhere to flee from the all-seeing eye of the Communist state.


More than 75 prominent religious and thought leaders have come together as charter signatories of “Preserve Freedom, Reject Coercion,” a statement that affirms every American’s freedom to peacefully live their lives according to their beliefs and opposes government coercion or censorship of fellow citizens who have different views.

by Nhlanhla Ngwenya
April 26, 2018

From South Africa to the DRC and Angola to Mozambique, freedom of expression is under severe strain as those who wield power resort to all manner of tricks to stifle swelling criticism of their failed policies and citizens’ demand for servant leadership and accountable.

by Nicholas West PNW
June 11, 2018

Just a little over 10 years after drone surveillance inside U.S. borders was declared a conspiracy theory, it is now an indisputable fact of life.

by PNW Staff
May 7, 2018

Bill Gates,has announced plans to invest in a start-up that is going to provide HD live streaming services of the entire Earth. The start-up in question, EarthNow, plans to do this by launching as many as 500 satellites to record every part of the globe.

by Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa 
November 29, 2017

It is strange that men would fight and kill to grab power, kill and dehumanise others to stay in power, strain by all means to force their will on their people and then be forced to resign, retire, be dethroned, kill themselves or get killed in disgrace.

by Michael Snyder
November 23, 2017

If someone secretly installed software on your computer that recorded every single keystroke that you made, would you be alarmed? Of course you would be, and that is essentially what is taking place on more than 400 of the most popular websites on the entire Internet.

by PNW Staff
November 14, 2017

China has spent years integrating its digital surveillance infrastructure so that it can connect every aspect of its citizen's lives. Compliance with the Communist Party, by individuals and businesses alike, can now be rated quantitatively on a scale through secret algorithms that constantly monitor thousands of behaviors.

by Errol Naidoo
November 14, 2017

The Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill (BELA Bill) is part of a wider government conspiracy to neutralise the authority and influence of parents in the lives of their own children. The objectives of the BELA Bill is to wrestle control away from parents and School Governing Bodies that determine the quality and values of educational instruction for children.

by Solidarity

The proposed amendments to the South African Schools Act will have a major impact on the independence of schools. Governing Bodies will lose almost all their powers with regard to pupil admissions, the school’s language policy and the appointment of teachers. Schools will simply be nationalised to become state institutions, which will result in major service delivery problems, schools becoming affirmative action targets, and overall decay setting in.

by Dr Joe Boot
October 16th, 2015

With robust Christian faith gone, the modern state’s only recourse is a pragmatism in which historic English liberties are jettisoned. Out of fear and confusion, they refuse to confront the real threat – Islam – head-on and hide behind extremism measures that will be used by progressives to assault Christianity. This leads to the tragic conclusion that, for many elites, the real targets of these new proposals aren’t terrorists, but Christians who refuse to accept the new order.

by Gregory H. Stanton, President, Genocide Watch

By helping us understand the logic of genocide, people can see the early warning signs of genocide and know when it is coming. Leaders can design policies to counteract the forces that drive each of the stages. Ultimately the best antidote to genocide is popular education and the development of social and cultural tolerance for diversity.

by  Michael Tennant

Parliaments are supposed to be forums for open debate. The pro-EU forces at the European Parliament, however, are apparently afraid of public discussion of certain topics, preferring instead to muzzle those with alternative viewpoints.

by Liza Treadwell
May 23, 2016

Throughout world history, governments have violated and ignored the human and civil rights of their citizens. In some instances, they demonstrated this disregard through customs, etiquette, and racial caste systems that denied human dignity and respect.

by Jazz Shaw
November 26, 2016

The staggering human rights abuses which continue in his country to this day were never answered for. Castro himself ate well and had top flight medical care while the majority of his people who were not in favor with the ruling party suffered in poverty and fear. And Fidel Castro was never held accountable.

by Marc A. Thiessen
November 28, 2016

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness... - Isaiah 5:20

by Alex Newman
November 11, 2016

Interpol has now officially selected as its new leader a top “security” official from the brutal communist dictatorship enslaving China. Outraged critics expressed concerns that the appointment would help the Chinese regime better hunt down and terrorize dissidents worldwide.

by Dr. Peter Hammond
November 7, 2016

The ANC government advocated a series of legislation that could pose some of the greatest threats to religious freedom and free speech ever seen in our country.To continue click on the link below:

by  Selwyn Duke
October 27, 2016

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history,” observed German philosopher Georg Hegel. Perhaps nothing illustrates this better than a new survey showing that far too many “millennials” are not just cool to “capitalism,” but are actually cool with communism.

by Brooke Winn
March 24, 2015

Before you jump on the pop-culture bandwagon and purchase your Che Guevara t-shirt and other Che paraphernalia, understand who he was and what he REALLY stood for: hatred, intolerance, and mass murder.

by Culture Watch
March 13, 2016

The ‘long march through the institutions’ as Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci put it is working out real well. Instead of taking over a nation with tanks and bullets, why not just subvert it from within? Take over the main institutions of power and influence, such as the media, schools, churches, courts and so on, and you can capture a culture.

by The History Place

Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union, set in motion events designed to cause a famine in the Ukraine to destroy the people there seeking independence from his rule. As a result, an estimated 7,000,000 persons perished in this farming area, known as the breadbasket of Europe, with the people deprived of the food they had grown with their own hands.

by Historyplace

It began with a simple boycott of Jewish shops and ended in the gas chambers at Auschwitz as Adolf Hitler and his Nazi followers attempted to exterminate the entire Jewish population of Europe.

by Historyplace

An attempt by Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot to form a Communist peasant farming society resulted in the deaths of 25 percent of the country's population from starvation, overwork and executions.

by Dr. David R. Reagan

Socialism always flourishes in a secular society. And the reason is simple. Here’s how Robert Knight of the American Civil Rights Union explained it in a recent article: “…Socialism goes hand in hand with abandoning God and worshiping the idol of an ever–growing government.”

by Karl Altau
June 23, 2015

By June 1940, the Soviet Union had invaded and occupied Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, immediately implementing a reign of repression and terror. Soon after, the Soviets started conducting arrests, deportations and executions. Their main objective was to eliminate the nation’s cultural, business, political, and military elite.

by Ron Paul
April 7, 2016

Liberty means to exercise human rights in any manner a person chooses so long as it does not interfere with the exercise of the rights of others. This means, above all else, keeping government out of our lives. Only this path leads to the unleashing of human energies that build civilization, provide security, generate wealth, and protect the people from systematic rights violations. In this sense, only liberty can truly ward off tyranny, the great and eternal foe of mankind.

by Mises Daily
July 23, 2007

There is only so much ghastly information that our brains can absorb, only so much blood we can imagine. And yet there is more to why China's communist experiment remains a hidden fact: it makes a decisive case against government power, one even more compelling than the cases of Russia or Germany in the 20th century.

by Melanie Hall
January 10, 2016

A controversial critical edition of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf has sold out instantly after going on sale in German bookshops for the first time in 70 years.


Post war Italy was plagued by a lot of problems creating a fertile hotbed for the rise of Fascism and dictatorship under Benito Mussulini and his Blackshirts.

by The Seattle Times

In her July 8 letter, Mary Ann Curtis defends Vladimir Lenin as a noble leader whose lofty ideals were betrayed by Stalin. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lenin was every bit as brutal as those who followed him.

by Dr. Fred C. Schwarz

A simple, direct answer to the question, "Why does communism kill?" is because the founder of Communism, Karl Marx, told them it was necessary to kill a large segment of the population in order to attain the basic objective of Communism.

by Political Systems

Dictatorships are some of the most well-know political systems; throughout history, dictators have risen and fallen, often affecting the way the world sees their country at the time. However, if one hasn’t really lived in a dictatorship, it’s possible you’ll have the wrong idea on this type of political systems.

by Discover The Networks

From the day the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia in 1917, dozens of attempts have been made across the globe to establish societies based on Communist principles. Moscow invariably supported these efforts by supplying them with massive amounts of money, weaponry, and tactical/political guidance. But virtually every Communist experiment – including Russia's – ultimately failed.

by Anne Applebaum

The word "GULAG" is the institution which ran the Soviet camps. But over time, the  word has also come to signify the system of Soviet slave labor itself, in all its forms and varieties: labour camps, punishment camps, criminal and political camps, women’s camps, children’s camps, transit camps. Even more broadly, “Gulag” has come to mean the Soviet repressive system itself.

by Harry, Executive Director of The Laogai Research Foundation

The entire legal system in China is viewed by the Communist Party as, foremost, a tool through which it can maintain its dictatorship over the people, consistent with Marxist-Leninist thought. Accordingly, throughout its reign, the Party has used the laogai to persecute and intimidate large numbers of Chinese people who posed no real threat to their fellow citizens.

by Victims of Communism

In October 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution gave birth to the deadliest ideology in history – Communism. In less than 100 years, Communism has claimed more than 100 million victims. Today, it continues to rule one-fifth of the world’s people.

by Paul Coleman
December 14, 2012

VIENNA — Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Paul Coleman has authored an important new book, released this week, about the criminalization of so-called “hate speech” in Europe and the widespread threat it poses to free speech everywhere. Pastors are being arrested for preaching sermons from the Bible, journalists have been routinely fined, and even private conversations between citizens have resulted in criminal investigations.

by Jack Minor
November 17, 2015 

With the recent terror attacks in Paris, more and more people will be willing to exchange privacy for security as the general population looks to the government to do whatever is necessary to make them feel safe. While the purpose may sound noble, at a time when free speech is coming increasingly under attack, including attempts to prevent anonymous internet postings, it is easy to see how such power could be abused by authorities.

by  Bob Adelmann

A recent spate of reports, analyses, and indexes continue to confirm the decline of personal and economic freedom in the United States. The Fifth Annual report from the Fraser Institute, “The Human Freedom Index” published last month shows the U.S. falling from 17th place worldwide to 20th in the areas of personal, civil, and economic freedom.

by  Steven Musil
June 2, 2015  

Passage of the USA Freedom Act has reversed the controversial national security policy created after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The US Senate on Tuesday approved the USA Freedom Act, legislation that will curtail the federal government's sweeping surveillance of millions of Americans' phone records.

by Craig Timberg - The Washington Post
August 26, 2014

Makers of surveillance systems are offering governments across the world the ability to track the movements of almost anybody who carries a mobile phone, whether they are blocks away or on another continent.

by Maria Kneas - Lighthouse Trails author
May 1, 2014

History shows us that as free nations become complacent, they become vulnerable to manipulation. Most dictatorships rise gradually—a step at a time. Smooth-talking politicians make each incremental step seem reasonable, because the masses are blind to the tides of change.

by DiMarkco Chandler
June 7, 2012.

With the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) sections 1021, 1022, our Federal government now asserts that they can (unconstitutionally and illegally) arrest an American Citizen without a warrant and incarcerate them without a trial.  In a speech railing against this horrible law, Senator Rand Paul explained, “something as simple as homeschooling your children, or having more than 7 days worth of food on hand could indicate that you are a “terrorist” in the Government’s eyes.”

by Berit Kjos 
June 8, 2009 

"...a concentration of world evil, of hatred for humanity is taking place and it is fully determined to destroy your society."-  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

by Beginning and End
May 2, 2012

Under construction by contractors with top-secret clearances, the blandly named Utah Data Center is being built for the National Security Agency. A project of immense secrecy, it is the final piece in a complex puzzle assembled over the past decade. Its purpose: to intercept, decipher, analyze, and store vast swaths of the world’s communications as they zap down from satellites and zip through the underground and undersea cables of international, foreign, and domestic networks.

by A+E Networks

Hitler's political program had brought about a world war, leaving behind a devastated and impoverished Eastern and Central Europe, including Germany. His policies inflicted human suffering on an unprecedented scale and resulted in the death of an estimated 40 million people, including about 27 million in the Soviet Union.

by  A+E Networks

Joseph Stalin rose to power as General Secretary of the Communist Party, becoming a Soviet dictator upon Vladimir Lenin's death. Stalin forced rapid industrialization and the collectivization of agricultural land, resulting in millions dying from famine while others were sent to camps. His Red Army helped defeat Nazi Germany during WWII.

by Le Monde Paris
5 July 2013

In an article published in several European newspapers, the WikiLeaks founder and the Director General of Reporters Without Borders call on European states grant asylum the whistleblower who exposed the NSA eavesdropping, for the sake of freedom of the press and of information.  Julian Assange | Christophe Deloire

By Michael Snyder
June 10th, 2013
Would you be willing to give up what Edward Snowden has given up?  He has given up his high paying job, his home, his girlfriend, his family, his future and his freedom just to expose the monolithic spy machinery that the U.S. government has been secretly building to the world.

By Marcel Rosenbach, Holger Stark and Jonathan Stock
June 10, 2013

The American intelligence director and the White House have finally confirmed what insiders have long known: The Obama administration is spying on the entire world. Politicians in Germany are demanding answers.                                                                                 

by Michael Synder
June 6, 2013
Every single day, the U.S. government gathers and stores more than a billion phone calls, emails, text messages, photographs and Internet searches.  Just about every form of electronic communication that you can possibly imagine is being harvested.

by Calvary Advisor

In Germany the Nazis first came for the communist, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Finally they came for me, but there was no one left to speak up to.” - Martin Niemoeller, a Lutheran Pastor who was sent to the Dachau Concentration Camp in 1938.

by Teresa Morris

"Giving leaders enough power to create ‘social justice' is giving them enough power to destroy all justice, all freedom, and all human dignity." Thomas Sowell