The Trojan Horse in the Dutch Reformed Church: The Cancer of Evolution and Liberalism

by Henrietta Klaasing
December 11, 2010

Nowadays, challenges within Reformed Churches to Biblical teachings are widespread. This book, just published (in Afrikaans), describes how liberal and humanistic trends, including evolution, are undermining the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa.

Here is a brief English summary, kindly provided by one of the co-editors, Henrietta Klaasing (for more information see also her blog Help, Henrietta! and the publisher).
For a number of years a small, brave band of concerned members and ministers of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa have collectively and individually tried to turn around the liberal and humanistic trends in their church by verbal protests at church meetings and writing letters to and publishing articles in sympathetic magazines and newspapers - seemingly without success. It seems as if the liberal tide has been so great that it is humanly impossible to do anything about it.

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