Dietrich Bonhoeffer Understood The Globalists Were Co-opting the Church

by Brannon Howse

Dietrich Bonhoeffer noticed the globalists were co-opting the liberal American churches in 1930. Today however, it is both the liberal and "conservative" denominations and Christian leaders that are being co-opted by the globalist.

What is happening within American Churches and denominations is not new. Bonhoeffer writes, "In New York they preach about virtually everything, only one thing is not addressed, or is addressed so rarely that I have yet been unable to hear it, namely, the gospel of Jesus Christ, the cross, sin, and forgiveness, death and life."   Eric Metaxas, in his excellent book, Bonhoeffer writes, "Seeing an opportunity to knock out fundamentalism in New York, the Rockefeller Foundation promptly funded the construction of a church for Fosdick [a liberal pastor], one that would serve as a proper platform for his 'progressive' modernist views."

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