Jewish Holocaust - Truth of lie?

by Renette Vermeulen

A man wrote from Illinois in the U.S.A., stating, “Hitler simply saw to it that the bunch of abusing, miserly Jews got what they deserved.”  Another man called from Kwazulu Natal in South Africa.  He calls himself a historian who visited Germany and Israel, and he reckons the figure of 6 million Jews who died in the holocaust is completely overestimated.  The entire Jewish population at the time might not have been that, he alleges.  He has books that estimate the number of Jews executed by the Nazi’s at 384,000.

“After all,” he alleges, “Hitler was only attempting to unify Old-Germany; he was definitely not all-bad.”

I asked if these very ‘conservative’ figures could merely be anti-Semitic propaganda.

“No, definitely not,” he answered firmly.

These distorted views on Nazism are also ingrained in many other minds; therefore, it is worth the effort to focus somewhat on the truth of this holocaust.

As I dug deeper into the atrocities of the Jewish Holocaust, the picture became so grotesque that it seemed completely unbelievable; like scenes from a bizarre horror-movie.  As I searched the websites of holocaust-deniers, I realized that blatant racism, anti-Semitism, hate-speech, and the unashamed justification of Hitler’s merciless war crimes were just the tip of this deceitful iceberg.

Even if the numbers were inflated and Hitler did not kill as many as 6 million Jews, as well as 6 million other ‘undesirables,’ he did indeed slaughter a huge number of innocent people.  One cannot deny that during the 20th century, Hitler played an important part in the history of antichrist governments under the rule of Satan.

By the grace of God, one of our readers sent us the book ‘The Yellow Star,’ by Gerhard Schoenberner.  Schoenberner is one of the many Germans who had the guts to speak out against these indescribable crimes against humanity.

It must be duly noted that an estimated 1 million Germans refused to support Hitler’s Aryan-theology; refused to bow the knee to ‘The Tibetan Masters, The Masters of the Universe,’ who controlled him; refused to sacrifice the blood of the Jews and other ‘undesirables’ in order to ‘accelerate’ Hitler’s creation of the ‘master god-race.’  Most of these Germans were also starved and driven to death in forced labor camps, hung for treason against the Third Reich, and tortured in inhumane experiments in the name of Aryan ‘science’.

‘The Yellow Star’ is without a doubt the most disturbing book I have ever read.

Schoenberner writes on p. 6, “I remember when I saw the Auschwitz Museum for the first time: the store-rooms stacked to the ceiling with clothes and shoes; the wagon-loads of women’s hair, tooth-brushes, spectacles, artificial limbs and suitcases displayed behind great glass windows.  I found myself then desperately hoping that this was only a bad dream; that the astronomical figures given to us by our guide were based on miscalculations; that it was an optical illusion that made the overwhelming mountains of evidence – those mute, damning witnesses – seem to be heaped up to such a dreadful height.  Yet I knew that this storehouse held only an infinitesimal part of the victims’ personal belongings, the remnants that were left behind at the end of the war because they could no longer be carted away.  Auschwitz was only one of those death factories that killed and burned human beings, mechanically, by the wagonload, in the same way that goods are turned out in other industries…  The appalling thing about the photographs in this book is that here for the first time a State-planned crime, committed million fold, is captured phase by phase in pictures.  Most monstrous of all, the murderers photographed themselves at work.  Imagine a professional murderer asking a friend to photograph him as he selected his victims, lured them into the trap and killed them, and then to stick the photographs in an album as souvenirs.  That is precisely what happened.  These photographs are almost without exception drawn from German sources…  The persecution of Jews was only one crime – the most terrible – among countless others committed by the Nazis.  However, it provides a particularly clear example of the anti-human nature of Nazi ideology and its criminal character, which put all this into practice…

“This is a book of the dead.  All the Jews shown here, unless exceptionally good fortune saved them, were murdered…  Can these photographs from the dark past still reach us in the bustle of our normalized life?  Our imagination must add the missing atmosphere to the pictures:  the air poisoned by brutality and horror, the heavy tread of boots and the arrogant German voices declaring their victims less than human, the rattle of gunshots and the strangled sobs of the children as they hide their faces in their mothers’ skirts.  Smell the choking stench drifting across the camp from the ovens where human beings burn.  Hear the gay operetta music accompanying the prisoners as they march out to their slave labor in the morning and the death transports as they go to the gas chambers, mingling with the mocking laughter of the henchmen…  The people shown there had no choice but to have their photographs taken.  As they went to certain death, often knowing that they must die, they saw the enemy’s lens turned on them…,

“Their eyes meet yours over the boundaries of time as you look at these photographs.  There are looks of fearful expectation and hopeless despair, of utter terror and acceptance of their fate.  Many faces have a distrustful, withdrawn expression.  Others [especially some of the children,] attempt a pitiful smile of fear to put the German master in a merciful mood.  Many fell on their knees and kissed the hands of the strangers in their uniforms with the death’s-head insignia, begging for mercy.  They still looked on them as human and thought they would be able to move them to pity.  Still, the soldiers repeated to themselves that these were mere vermin, as they had been taught in their barracks and SS training centers, and carried out the orders of their superiors…  Anti-Semitism was a fundamental part of Hitler’s program.  Anti-Semitism was the magic formula that he used to explain all social ills and gain the support of the politically disorientated, petty bourgeoisie – [the rich].  Anti-Semitism was the means by which he smashed the legal system, established his dictatorship, implicating the German people in his crimes.”

If it were true that the ‘miserly Jews got what they deserved,’ why did especially the Jewish nation suffer such unspeakable misery for their wrongdoings?  I do not intend to make the Jews into angels.  Nevertheless, why, in all fairness, weren’t the Americans tortured to death for their near annihilation of the native Indians and their slavery of abducted Africans?  Why weren’t the English skinned alive for their merciless global imperialism, especially their starvation of South African women and children in their death camps, etcetera?

As we saw in our study of Communism, the Jewish Holocaust was by no means the only – or even the worst - holocaust that shook the world, but it was certainly one of the most horrendous!

The pages of the book ‘The Yellow Star,’ published in 1969, are yellow and crumbling; falling apart as the binding disintegrates – as if it speaks of suffering and humiliation simply too horrendous for material matter to bear.

The cover pictures German soldiers, driving a hoard of men, women, and children down a street under the threat of machinegun fire.  The people stumble onwards with their hands in the air; confusion and terror on their faces.  And in the foreground - a little boy, maybe seven years old, wearing a cap and a short coat; socks drawn to the height of his bare, skinny knees, his little arms also raised in submission, his features frozen with fear.

The mere thought of children surrendering under the threat of armed soldiers, is appalling!  What danger could these children possibly have posed the mighty Third Reich?  To see the terror on this little boy’s face is to look at the naked consequences of man’s rebellion against God and Satan’s hatred of God’s innocent creation.

The photograph on p. 21 pictures the “Christian Fiancée of a Jew, Hamburg, 1935” – a German officer and a young woman with a placard, written in German, hung around her neck.  It states, “I am the biggest swine in this place and only consort with Jews.”  By 1938, the Nazis had destroyed 101 synagogues by fire, demolished 76, and flattened 7,500 Jewish shops.  At this stage damage to Jewish property, equipment, and stock, was already estimated at several hundred million Marks.

Tragically, some of the racist policies of South Africa’s Apartheid Regime starkly resembled the Germany of 1938.

By 1938, Jews were not allowed to enter municipal parks or public squares.  All park benches were labeled “Aryans Only.”  (In apartheid South Africa, park benches were labeled “Whites Only.”)  Jews were barred from visiting theatres, cinemas, concert halls, and museums.  (In apartheid SA, each race had their ‘own’ places of entertainment.)  Jewish children were expelled from Aryan schools.  (In SA, every race had their schools, colleges, and universities.)  Jews lost their right to tenant’s protection.  (In SA, different races had separate towns.)  Jews were not allowed to keep domestic animals, they had to report their assets, surrender their radios, all their jewelry, and especially their fur coats.  They were not allowed out after 8 o’clock at night.  They were given specially marked identity cards and had to wear an armband depicting a yellow star, the so-called ‘Star of David,’ declaring their ‘undesirable’ Jewish nationality.  (Initially, black South Africans had to carry ‘pass books’ to declare their identity.  Later, these were changed to ordinary identity documents.)

From 1939 onwards, the Jews were systematically pushed into forced labor camps - not only in Germany, but in all the conquered countries as well.  Their beards and heads had to be shaven.  They were taunted and tormented by sticks, whips, and machine guns.  Arrests, interrogations, torture, and the shooting and public hanging of hostages became commonplace.  In Kovno, for instance, on 28 June 1941, the Security Police freed convicts from prison and instructed them to blunder hundreds of Jews to death with iron bars. Piles of broken bodies quickly became mountains of rotting human flesh.

“Resettlement” was the name given to the next phase of Nazi annihilation.

All the Jews had to be relocated to the ghettos.  Mostly at night, the doors of Jewish houses were suddenly kicked open and their windows were smashed with crowbars.  The soldiers drove them from their homes with such haste that they sometimes had to leave their children behind in their beds.  Whether naked or dressed, they were forcibly thrown out on the streets.  Everywhere women were weeping for their children; children were screaming frantically for their parents.  Those that resisted were beaten with whips, or simply shot down.

Most of the ‘resettlements’ took place in the dead of the European winter.  Those that survived the onslaught of the snow and ice faced the loss of limbs due to frostbite.  Anyone who fell behind was immediately disposed of on the march.  The soldiers also shot or clobbered to death those who dared to linger with their slain relatives.  Forced at the barrel of a gun, the march had to continue.  No one dared to look at the strewn bodies oozing warm blood on the frozen earth.

The ghettos were killing-chambers, designed to destroy by disease and starvation.  Parts of the cities were cordoned off with high brick walls and barbed wire fences, and guarded by armed troops that shot, without questioning, anyone caught escaping.

Schoenberner wrote, “The streets of the ghettos are so over-populated, it is difficult to push one’s way through.  Everyone is ragged, in tatters.  Often they no longer even possess a shirt.  Everywhere there is noise and uproar.  The thin piteous voices of children crying.  No one will ever be able to forget those children’s voices.  There are heaps and piles of filth and refuse on the pavements.  Often a child will snatch a packet from a passer-by and run away, ravenous over the food inside.  Even when he is caught and beaten, the young creature will not give up his meal.  Everywhere dispossessed and displaced people drag their last possessions – a bundle, a cushion, or a straw mattress.  Corpses with frostbite limbs and morbidly swollen legs lay on the pavements, bearing the scars of spotted typhus.

“People on the ‘Aryan’ side gape curiously at the piteous spectacle presented by the tattered gangs of starving children.  In fact, these gangs of children are the ghetto breadwinners.  If the Germans look away for one second, they run nimbly over to the Aryan side.  The bread, potatoes, and other things that they buy are hidden under their rags, and then they have to slip back the way they came…”

W. Szpilman added, “Once when I was walking along the wall, I came across a ‘smuggling operation’ being carried out by children.  The little boy on the Aryan side of the wall had to slip back into the ghetto through his hole, bringing with him the last piece of booty.  Half of the little boy was already visible, when he began to cry out.  At the same time, loud abuse in German could be heard from the Aryan side.  I hurried to help the child, meaning to pull him through.  Unhappily, the boy’s hips stuck fast in the gap in the wall.  Using both hands, I tried with all my might to pull him through.  He continued to scream dreadfully.  I could hear the soldiers on the other side beating him savagely.  When I finally succeeded in pulling the boy through the hole, he was already dying.  His little backbone was crushed.”

Schoenberner continued, “The Jews who work in the Aryan sectors are given passes in order to get to their place of work.  They have to pass the guard, hat in hand.  Sometimes the sentries stop a group and order them to undress and grovel in the dirt.  Sometimes they have to dance or do ‘knee-bends’.  The sentries stand by and almost kill themselves laughing.  ’Resettlement’ was a constantly recurring procedure.  As the latest ghetto was established, the first ones were already being broken up and combined in the next, larger town of the district, until finally the last journey began.”

 The last journey; the journey to the death camps, the ‘Umschlagplatz’ or the slaughterhouses.

According to estimates of a Jewish Medical Commission in the Warsaw Ghetto, the original plan to starve the Jewish nation to death would have taken five years.  In the summer of 1942, when the techniques of mass murder had been sufficiently developed, the great transportations to the extermination camps began.

Many pages in this book depict the photos of children.  Children, pulling corpses off the ghetto streets.  Children, dragging sleighs through the snow, stacked with tattered belongings.  Children with sad, old-man faces and bare feet, begging on filthy, ice-covered pavements.  Children, using dirty rags as bandages, huddled together under sackcloth and scrappy coats.  Children with huge, deep-seated eyes, eagerly waiting for a bowl of thin soup.  Children, clutching the hands of their little old grandmothers, battling against the icy wind on their way to the gas chambers.

Then there are the photographs of women.  Women, hurriedly dragging their children away from advancing soldiers.  A very old woman, tormented by a German officer, who forces her to look at him by prodding the handle of a whip under her chin.  Violently raped and assaulted women, photographed during the manhunt in Lvov and Lijepaja: naked, crying, fleeing, pleading; some still attempting to cover their bare breasts with their skinny hands.  Naked women - always naked – squatting on the floor, knees pressed tightly together, clenching one another in their arms, raw fear on their faces.  Women, photographed during their last moments in this life; naked again, their raped and tortured bodies starved to the brink of death.  Some are hopelessly perched on the slope of a mass grave, its deep insides already strewn with thousands of corpses – a bulldozer waiting in the background, ready to bury them under tons of dirt.

Photographs of men abound as well.  Men clothed in filthy rags, starving in forced labor camps, their heads being shaven by mocking overseers.  Men forced at gunpoint to build walls around the ghettos.  Men being tormented, flogged, and executed by firing squad.  A man, hanging on a barbwire fence, cut down in the prime of his life by a spray of machinegun bullets.  Half-naked men dying of exhaustion over their picks and shovels.  Hordes of undead men, naked skeletons, their flesh eaten away by starvation and disease.  Broken men struggling along in the snow, so surrendered to their dreadful fate that they do not even attempt to cover their naked bodies.

Thousands of men and women, young and old, gaze at the camera without a glimpse of hatred on their faces - or a glimmer of hope in their eyes.  They portray a people who have lost everything, maybe even their faith.  They were pushed beyond the realm of the living; tortured beyond physical death.  They own nothing anymore, not even their lives or their humanity.  Strangely, some still face the scrutinizing lens of the camera with a flicker of dignity in their stance.

Holocaust survivor Giza Landau testified, “We traveled in locked wagons, closely packed together and half-suffocated.  We all said goodbye to each other, for we knew that the ovens and gas chambers were waiting for us.  When we were still a long way away from Auschwitz in the evening, we could see the sky glowing red as if there was a fire…

“At the camps the people were ‘graded.’  The dead in the wagons were carted away.  Children, the elderly, and the sick were shoved into the concentration camps.  Healthy youngsters were marched off to the camps for forced labor.  Men as well as women had to do the heaviest kind of work.  They carried heavy loads, built factories and roads, felled trees and drained swamps.  They lived in primitive wooden huts under intolerably unhygienic conditions, without sufficient food and without medicine, in constant fear of their SS overseers.  Their health ruined by starvation and over-exertion, within a few months they were picked out for the gas chambers at one of the regular ‘selections.’”

Ella Lingens-Reiner elaborated, “The chimney began to belch thick clouds of a black, sweetish, smelling smoke which bellied across the camp.  A bright, sharp flame shot up, six feet high.  Soon the stench of burnt flesh grew unbearable.  And still the lorries drove past, on the same route.  We counted sixty batches that night…  Soon after the last car had disappeared, the first lorries came back laden with the luggage and clothes of the dead, which they took to the depot…  In the summer of 1944, when up to six trains were arriving in Auschwitz-Birkenau every day, the condemned frequently waited a whole day outside the gas chambers before their turn came.  The ‘special detachment,’ consisting of 800 men, had to clear out the chambers and take the dead to the crematoria.  The enormous installations of the extermination camps were all destroyed by the SS before the end of the war.  Only in Maidanek can gas chambers and crematoria still be seen today.  Of the others only a few photographs have been preserved.”

The condemned prisoners had to give up all valuables, undress completely, take off artificial limbs and spectacles, and tie their shoes together carefully for “textile salvage.”  Then everyone had to queue for the barber where all hair was shaved and stuffed into potato sacks.

SS-Obersturmfeuhrer Kurt Gerstein wrote in 1945, “The hair was put so some special use in U-boats – for caulking or something like that.  Then the procession started to move to four chambers at a time.  All were naked - men, women and children.  Those who did not want to enter the chambers were driven by the whips of the S.S.  Most of them never said a word.  Many people were praying.  Some, eyes blazing, called down upon the heads of the murderers the blood being spilt here…  The execution of ‘undesirables’ demanded different methods.  In experiments, mental patients were at first suffocated by gas in airtight chambers.  At the concentration camps, the gas chambers were mostly filled with diesel exhaust fumes.

“It took up to 2 hours 49 minutes, and some of the people were still alive!  We heard them weeping and sobbing.  Another 25 minutes went by.  Men of the work squad opened the wooden doors from the other side.  The stench was unbearable.  There was not enough room to fall down or even to bend over.  The dead were standing upright like basalt pillars, pressed together in the chambers.  One could tell the families, even in death.  They were still holding hands, stiffened in death, so that it was difficult to tear them apart.  The corpses were thrown out – wet with sweat and urine, soiled with excrement, menstrual blood on the legs.  Children’s bodies flew through the air.  There was no time to lose.  Two dozen dentists opened the mouths with hooks and looked for gold.  The naked corpses were carried in wooden barrows just a few meters away…”

Then there are the REVOLTING, heart-wrenching photographs of the dead.  Valleys filled with naked corpses.  Heaps and heaps of broken bones piled on top of one another.  Mostly, they were starved to such an extent that only wrinkled, leather-like skin covers the skeletons.  Their mouths are gaping in death, as if they are still gasping for air, or crying in anguish.  It seems as if their stark, staring eyes are still pleading for mercy.  They lay sprawled, their heads and limbs tilted in awkward, unnatural positions.

Some photographs depict mechanical scrapers, pushing thousands upon thousands of battered, bony bodies into mass graves.  Others show corpses strewn in the streets, riddled with machinegun bullets; and rows of men and women, hanging by their necks, hands still tied behind their backs.

As if the carnage goes on forever, there are the accounts and photographs of some of Hitler’s ‘scientific’ experiments.

SS ‘scientists’ subjected their victims to extreme cold in low-pressure chambers and then dissected them to find out the effects of death by hyperthermia.  Their most common experiment, however, was starvation.  They starved their victims till they looked like the 30-year-old Margit Schwarz from Budapest - a human skeleton, unable to stand by herself, too weak to lift her head, yet still alive somehow.

Page after crumbly page reveals the mayhem.  A photograph of a man, still alive and not even sedated, his skull removed to bare his brain.  Dying prisoners, injected by SS doctors with malaria, typhus, and cancer.  Prisoners, tortured by phosphorous burns, their bodies mutilated by medical scalpels.  Countless German ‘undesirables’ or ‘lesser’ Germans; the insane, retarded, disabled, and other ‘incompetent,’ which ‘scientists’ tortured to death, and then discarded as trash!

Then there are the thousands of suffering, weeping little children, barely two or three years old, the byproducts of Hitler’s Lebensborn Stud Farms, on their way to the slaughterhouses because they did not fit the ‘scientific’ criteria of super-intelligent, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, ‘god-children’ – the ‘scientific proof’ that man was evolving into god!  And let us not forget the other six million ‘undesirables’ whom the Nazis slaughtered!  Some victims of these unspeakable crimes against humanity were guilty of homosexuality, freemasonry, and ‘treason.’  Millions more were merely of so-called ‘impure blood,’ such as Gypsies.  Mostly, however, these victims were the ‘failed’ experiments of ‘brilliant’ Jewish and German ‘scientists.’

After all, Hitler was merely practicing the ‘science’ of National Socialism!

I saw determination on some of those tortured faces, frozen in time by the photographs in this book.  Fear.  Utter despair.  Hunger.  Pain.  Sorrow.  Surrender.  Acceptance.  Rarely, however, did I see hatred.  And I thought, ‘How could they not fiercely hate their cruel oppressors, whose hearts were firmly set on killing an entire nation by starvation, dispossession, humiliation, torture, experimentation, and disease?’

I believe God, in His infinite grace, gave those who died with such dignity, the strength to bear the carnage of the Nazis without becoming hysterical.  Many of the dying did not even cry out for Divine vengeance.  Totally surrendered to their terrible fate, a great number did not even plead for their lives.

As Schoenberner wrote, “The Biblical prophesies of Judgment Day became reality...  The monsters of Hieronymus Bosch rose up in human form, but they did not have tusks or hooves or the faces of toads.”

No, according to their own photographs, these male German monsters were clothed in neat uniforms.  Their implacable faces were mostly young, clean-shaven, and handsome.  They wore their hair neatly combed and parted.  Some looked at the camera with a secret little smile, others were proudly serious; none really seemed indignant.  Their eyes were neither cold nor distant.  They did not resemble brutal rapists, violent killers, merciless torturers, or the mutilators of little children.  Undoubtedly, after a busy day at the slaughterhouses, they went home and cuddled their own children in their arms, smiled lovingly at their spouses, even brought their sweethearts flowers and chocolates.

The faces of the female overseers, however, tell a different story.  On the opposite page is a photograph of their victims: a huge heap of female corpses, young and old, always naked, starved and tortured, strewn upon another pile of decomposing skeletons, discarded as rotting trash.  These overseers, too, were neatly dressed in uniforms; hair stiffly curled away from their faces, set in the familiar style of the time.

But their gazes are piercing; their lips pressed bitterly together.  Their features are fierce, their eyes cold, their expressions merciless and angry.

Unlike their male colleagues, hatred, maybe even remorse, revealed itself more readily on their mother-, mother-to-be, and grandmother-to-be faces.

Schoenberner also wrote about the resistance that the Germans encountered, “The passive acceptance by the Jewish people of their fate as they went to their death has often been admired.  But many overlook their long heroic struggle, year after year, every day wrested from death, every crust of bread for their children represented a victory over the murderers who had already decreed their death.  On 19 April, the SS storm troopers broke into the ghetto.  They encountered bitter resistance.  The youth heroically defended the lives of their mothers, brothers, and sisters.  Almost without weapons, they fought the SS for every street, every house, every cellar.  The fighting lasted for 28 days and nights.  For most of them it ended in death.  The resistance offered by the Jews could be broken only by energetic and tireless action by the shock patrols.  The longer the resistance lasted, the tougher became the Waffen-SS, the police and the Wehrmacht.  Mostly the engagement lasted from early morning until late into the night.”

But eventually, the Jews were brought up from the bunkers and the defenders of the ghetto were led to their execution.  Some photographs depicting the resistance do show angry defiance.  Add the bombing of portions of the ghettos, the photographs of the ruined buildings and the executed ghetto fighters, and one begins to grasp the brave, life-and-death struggle in which some Jews were engaged.

After the bombing of a ghetto, P. Elster wrote, “In another corner lay a year-old baby.  It was not crying or moaning.  It probably no longer had the strength.  Its little arms and legs were burned.  I shall never forget the look of intense pain reflected in its little face…  The mother’s face and arms were completely burned.  She could not hold the baby…”

The encyclopedia ‘Wêreldspektrum’ states the following – “More than a million Jews were executed during the raids of the German mobile killing units, the ‘Einsatzgruppen,’ especially in East Poland and in Russia.  The Einsatzgruppen followed the German armies to execute Jews, Gypsy and other ‘undesirables’ wherever they found them…  [They used mobile gassing vans as well as bullets.]  Another aspect of the German terror was the economic abuse of the besieged territories.  Germany viewed the Eastern region as a reservoir of labor and began a policy of “Arbeitseinsatz” or forced labor, with the result that in September 1944 there were more than 7 million foreign laborers in Germany, about 20% of the total labor force.  The “Arbeitseinsatz” meant virtual starvation for the prisoners.  The conditions under which they worked were not much better than those in the concentration camps of the SS.”

Hitler’s “Final Solution,” the extermination of the Jews and other ‘undesirables’, reached into the heart of the following countries: Poland, the Baltic countries, Germany, Austria, Protectorate, Slovakia, Greece, The Netherlands, Hungary, SSR White Russia, SSR Ukraine, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Romania, Norway, France, Bulgaria, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia (RSFSR), Denmark, and Finland.

 The Einsatzgruppen, following the German armies, completely wiped out communities and killed 45,000 people in Vilna, 9,000 in Slonim, 5,000 in Vileika, 4,000 in Molodechno, 1,800 in Volozhim, and so on.  From September 1941 to April 1942 (a period of 8 months) the German Einsatzgruppe-divisions A, B, C, and D, killed 461,519 Jews. – [The Anatomy of the SS State, 1973, p. 81.]

In Bosnia Herzegovina the Muslim- Catholic- and Nazi leaders joined forces to commit genocide.  They “set apart 3 million bullets for Jews, Serbs, Gypsies, and other undesirables.”  In Yugoslavia, Croatia and parts of Serbia they killed 800,000 Yugoslav citizens, 750,000 Serbs, 60,000 Jews, 26,000 Roma.

The estimated Pre-Final Solution Jewish Population: 8,861,800.

The estimated Jewish population annihilated: 5,933,900.

In the end, 67% of the Jewish population was exterminated.

As stated, these figures do not include the other 6 million ‘undesirables’ whom the Nazis and their allies also allegedly murdered!

Sadly, I had to conclude that these unthinkable crimes were not exaggerated.

Although the actual statistics are hotly debated, as far as I could determine, these statistics were not inflated.  If only I could say that they were exaggerated - for the sake of those who were tortured, maimed, and murdered, and for the sake of those who were left behind.

My heart bled while I reported these facts, as every one of these numbers represents a human being.  Everyone in those torturous photographs was once a living person.  A living soul.  And I cried, How could something like this happen?  It did not occur during Medieval Times, it happened barely 60 years ago!  Where were the voices that were supposed to cry out against this slaughter?  Where were the journalists, the pastors, the preachers, the Christians – the God-fearing custodians of planet earth?

I believe God and the angels witnessed it all through tear-stained eyes.

And God waited for true believers to cry out to Him, to enquire of Him, and to trust in Him to intervene on behalf of the innocent and the helpless.

Some holocaust-deniers, (even preachers like Texe Marrs, whom I respect for his outspoken, fearless exposure of the hidden powers that govern this world,) as well as Marrs-supported writers like Andrew Hitchcock, allege that Hitler and his helpers did not slaughter ‘real Jews,’ as they were not ‘really Jews of the Dispersion,’ but evil counterfeits, conspiring to oppress the whole world.  [‘Dark Secrets of the New Age,’ Marrs; ‘Synagogue of Satan,’ Hitchcock; ‘Codex Magica,’ Marrs.]

Even if this were true, would these horrendous crimes be more acceptable somehow?

While no one can deny that a strong, antichrist element exists among the Jews – as well as among every other nation - fact remains that the Nazis specifically sacrificed Jews in order to ‘speed up’ their ‘creation’ of the Aryan god-race.

Besides mourning the alleged 6 million other people whom the Nazis murdered, we ought to cry out against this holocaust because the Jewish nation of the Old Testament is God’s ONLY physical nation on earth, and this was a genocidal crime primarily directed at the Most High God.  Even though the Jews have rejected His Messiah, (His Saviour,) the Lord Jesus Christ, God still has a special plan for the Jewish nation, (Gen. 12:1-3; Acts 14:36; Rom. 9:30-31; Rom. chapter 11.)

The Jews are the root of New Testament faith, the physical nation of the Lord Jesus Christ.  To deny this, is to deny the Bible.

To condone, therefore, the carnage of Hitler and his helpers – or any other atrocity and holocaust for that matter - is to violate the Word of God, and to ignore His warning in Rom. 1:32: “Though they are fully aware of God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve to die, they not only do them themselves but approve and applaud others who practice them.”

Isaiah also warned in chapter 31:2, “He will arise against the house of evildoers and against the HELPERS of those who work iniquity.”

We can only understand the suffering of the Jewish nation, dispersed all over the earth, from a spiritual viewpoint.

About 2,500 years before the Jewish holocaust, God’s prophet Ezekiel wrote in chapter 37, “… the Spirit of the Lord set me down in the midst of the valley, and it was full of bones.  And He caused me to pass among them, and behold, there were very many human bones on the plain, and behold, they were very dry…

Israel clung to Judaism, their spiritually dead religion, and incited the Romans to torture and murder their Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Spiritually, they became dead, dry bones.

Physically, they were dispersed among all the nations of the earth.

And during World War 11, Ezekiel’s prophecy became a startling physical reality.

Words cannot describe the misery the Jews had to endure since that day they rejected Jesus.  Israel as a nation was buried among the nations of the world for hundreds of years.  But God did not forget them.  Intense persecution became the tool that eventually brought them back to their country.  God allowed this persecution because He is the Good God that turns “all [bad] things for good to those who… are called according to His purpose…” – Rom. 8:27-28.

God promised in Jer. 16:15-17, “As the Lord lives, Who brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north and from all the countries to which He had driven them, I will bring them again to their land which I gave to their fathers.  Behold, I will send for many fishers, says the Lord, and they will fish them out; and afterward I will send for many hunters, [Hitler and other antichrist God-haters,] and they will hunt them from every mountain and from every hill and out of the clefts of the rocks, for My eyes are on all their ways; they are not hidden from My face, neither is their iniquity concealed from My eyes.”

During World War 11 - hunted, driven, tortured, and murdered - the corpses of millions of Jews literally became a “valley, full of human bodies...”

Some did indeed resist and hid in bunkers, but in the end the ‘hunters’ drove every one of them from ‘the clefts of the rocks.”

God is really a God of His Word!

However, Paul asked in Rom. 11:1-13: “Has God totally rejected and disowned His people [His physical nation, the Jews]?  Of course not!  Why, I myself am an Israelite…  So too, now, there is a remnant selected by God’s grace…  So I ask, Have they stumbled so as to fall to their utter spiritual ruin, irretrievably?  By no means!  But through their false step and transgression salvation has come to the Gentiles [ALL the non-Jewish nations] so as to arouse Israel to see and feel what they forfeited and so to make them jealous…

The prophet Ezekiel referred to this restoration of the Jews in chapters 36:24-28 and 37:4, “…O you dry bones…  Behold, I  cause breath and spirit to enter you and you shall live…  For I will take you from among the nations and gather you out of all countries and bring you into your own land…  and you shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers; and you shall be My people, and I will be your God.”

By 1960 one-sixth of the remaining Jewish population was in Palestine – just as God had promised!  As foretold, Israel became a recognized nation “in one day,” on 14th May 1948 – between sunrise of one day and sunset of the next, (Isa. 66:8.)

Someone said, “Never in the history of the world had such a thing happened before,” because what many of us have witnessed in our generation was the physical restoration of the Jewish nation.

Moreover, what we are experiencing in our day is the spiritual restoration of God’s ‘remnant’ of believing Jews, (Rom. 11:5; 9:27; Mt. 7:14.)  Jews are coming to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ by the thousands, just as God had promised in Ezk.  37:5-6, “I will… put breath into you [dry bones] and you shall live; and you shall realize that I am the Lord.

Whenever we discuss God’s dealings with His physical nation, the Jews, we must remember Paul’s warning in Rom. 11:17-21, “If some of the branches were broken off, while you, a wild olive shoot [ALL those sincere believers from the Gentile nations] were grafted in among them to share the richness of the olive tree, do not boast over the branches and pride yourself at their expense.  If you do boast and feel superior, remember it is not you that support the root, but the root that supports you…  For if God did not spare the natural branches [because of idolatry and unbelief,] neither will He spare you, [the believing Gentiles from all other nations, if you are guilty of the same offenses.]”

God commanded His Old Testament nation, the Israelites, as today, He still commands His spiritual, New Testament nation of believers: “Be holy, for I am holy.”  - Lev. 11:44; 1 Pet. 1:16.

We can only “be holy” by sincerely believing in, and diligently following the Lord Jesus Christ.  By accepting His blood-sacrifice in our place; His complete fulfillment of the Law in our stead, He indwells us with His Spirit, and we can stand before the Throne of God as if we have never sinned, (Jn. 1:12-13; Gal. 4:6; Rom. 3.)

Be encouraged, sincere believers of the Lord Jesus Christ, God knows the heart, therefore He promised in 2 Chron. 16:8-9, “…Because you relied on the Lord… the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to Him…”

God will always be faithful to His New Testament nation of believers, those who truly belong to Him.  Whatever we may experience in this physical realm, He has promised, “I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support.  I will not, I will not, I will not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake, nor let you down, nor relax My hand on you.  Assuredly not!]”  – Heb. 13:5; Josh. 1:5-7 – (Amplified Bible.)