by WAR

I need help and I need it now! Wherever you are, whatever the time of day, and however bad it is, there is someone to call. Here is a list of help services you can contact:   Emotional well being - Children in crisis - Women in crisis - Alcohol and drug addiction - Mental health, depression and anxiety - Family and marriage - Pregnancy, contraception, abortion. 

by Amy Morin, LCSW

Frustration and anger can quickly turn into defiance, disrespect, aggression, and temper tantrums when kids don't know how to deal with their emotions.

by Amy Morin, LCSW
August 31, 2020

As a part of your family rules and values, create a clear household rule that stresses the importance of honesty and truthful communication.

by Dr Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller

Some parents try to give their children an easier life than they had or they try to make their children feel good at the expense of good character.

by Cheryl Markland - Childhood Ministry

Important things you need to know about children in preparation for the privilege of talking with them about becoming a Christ-follower.

by John MacArthur

What is the Scriptural basis for an 'ge of accountability' regarding a child's salvation?

by Carlos Beltramo, PhD and Germán Beltramo

Hungary’s outspoken president, Victor Orban, who is probably the leading anti-Globalist in Europe is doing everything in his power to encourage Hungarians to have more children.

by Beginning and End
August 1, 2017

As Hollywood continues to push Satanic rebellion into the hearts and minds of children, the Disney’s Descendants movie series has taken the indoctrination to an entirely new level. The movie series casts evil villains as heroes and celebrates wickedness, sinful rebellion and the occult.

by Jonathon van Maren
September 10, 2020

Netflix film 'Cuties' is part of a larger trend towards the increasing sexualization of children. The normalization of pedophilia is not a right-wing fairy tale or a QAnon conspiracy theory. It is real and happening right now.

by Karen Whiting
July 22, 2019

Little eyes watch everything you do, so be sure to model great behavior. That means being intentional about attitudes and conduct you most desire to develop in your youngsters.

by Jaime Jo Wright

Did you know that one of the kid’s most popular apps gives complete strangers access to chat with them online? Were you aware that another often used app introduces your child to soft porn?

by Gabriel Hays
December 3, 2019

This strange and macabre introduction to the occult is being marketed to the '5 to 10-year-old' demographic and will be sold on Amazon, and at Wal-Mart and Barnes & Noble.That kids are being exposed to this has alarmed parents and even exorcists.

by Daryl Evans

We often do a great job, as parents, by taking care of our children’s physical needs, but often feel lost about giving them the spiritual nourishment that they need.

by Allen S. Nelson IV

If you don’t shape your children, with God’s help, the world will.

by Michael Brown
June 26, 2019

There are some things so wrong that we cannot allow ourselves to get used to them. We must always be outraged over them. We can never accept them as the new status quo. The drag queen assault on our children is one of those things.

by Scot Chadwick
June 17, 2016

A godly father does well to pay attention to his own example, knowing that his children and others are watching and may follow his lead.

by Lighthouse Trails author
January 29, 2018

There are some people out there who literally want to get our society to the point where we become incapable of thinking in terms of male versus female. They don’t want us to be able to tell the difference between boys and girls and they want to train children to think like that at early ages.

by Tony Pearce
April 2019

A report by the Prince’s Trust revealed that the number of young people in the UK who say they do not believe that life is worth living has doubled in the last decade. This has been caused amongst others by social media, the LGBT agenda, efforts to destroy biblical family values and the introduction of mindfulness meditation in our schools.

by Prega Govender
May 12, 2019

From next year, textbooks for pupils in grades 4 to 12 will reflect a “cutting edge” curriculum that treats masturbation, sexual consent, gender nonconformity and single-parent families as mainstream.

by Cris Rowan
December 2017

Parents, teachers and therapists should help society "wake up" and see the devastating effects technology is having not only on our child's physical, psychological and behavioral health, but also on their ability to learn and sustain personal and family relationships.

by Anonymous

I gave you life but cannot live it for you

I can teach you things but I cannot make you learn

by Paul Price
October 30, 2018

Richard Dawkins is making the news again: he has unveiled his plans to publish another book aimed at promoting atheism to children.

by Bill Muehlenberg
October 23, 2018

They wish to destroy childhood innocence and smash the remaining influence of religion. They wish to alienate children from their parents. They wish to spread the idea that under-age sex, sex outside marriage and many other things are ‘natural’ and ‘normal’ and inevitable.


With children having so much exposure to the media, the messages that come across are very important and they shape how a child sees the world and what a child sees as important.

by wikiHow

Computer addiction has been described as being just as powerful as a drug addiction and your child’s excessive computer usage could lead to more serious problems down the road. Help your child overcome their own computer addiction by placing limits on their computer use, talking to them, and helping them find alternative activities.

by Dr. Brent Conrad

No one will display all of these signs of video game addiction. But obviously, a greater number of signs, more frequent occurrences, and more intense presentations would be more indicative of problematic video game habits.

by Ed Vitagliano
March 27, 2018

Should parents embrace their kids’ homosexuality? Cut them off from the family? Ignore the issue? What happens when the homosexual child wants to bring home a same-sex partner for a family visit?

by Dr. Gregory Reid
October 27, 2015

What is Halloween? It is a pagan holiday. It is a Druid celebration of the dead. Samhain - or Saman - the druid Lord of the Dead – is given his worship on this

by Berit Kjos
May 2, 2017

The following ten points offer practical and scriptural advice on how to raise your children to know and love the Lord and to continue walking in the faith.

by Focus on the Family

Teenagers and need to know is that sexting is potentially illegal. Photos of this nature are considered pornographic.

by Stephen Arterburn and Jim Burns

Alcohol is a dangerous drug even though our society mistakenly views it as separate from other drugs. Some parents are actually relieved to discover their kids are “only” drinking and not smoking pot or swallowing pills. But alcohol is a drug and a depressant, and it causes more deaths among young people than any other drug.

by Pat Williams

Humility is one of the rarest of all the character traits—and the most desperately needed. Here are some ways we can encourage this character trait in our kids.

by Brandon Showalter
July 25, 2017

Social media and online gaming are unfulfilling substitutes for human relationships. The power, identity, and even friendships that social media and technology provide distorts our perception of reality and contributes to the rising rates of mental health breakdown.

by Tim Challies

God’s commandments are perfectly clear in what they say and, broadly, in what they require. Yet implementing those commandments in practical ways and in the nitty-gritty of life can pose a challenge.

by Daniel Darling
April 9, 2015

How should an adult child relate to his or her parents? There is a tension in Scripture between obeying the Scripture which says to “leave and cleave” in forming your own adult identity and family and obeying the Scripture which says to “honor your father and mother”

by Kenneth Boa

Children are a gift from the Lord. They are God's possession, not ours. He has temporarily placed them under our care; in effect, our children are "on loan" from God. We have been given the task of raising them up from a state of complete dependence to a state of complete independence so that we can release them to God by the time they reach maturity.

by Leading the way
April 10, 2017

Our children are only in our homes for a season. After that, they are on their own - and those first few years of independence will present plenty of tests and temptations. While we have them with us, let’s take every opportunity to share what God is doing, even when things are tough.

by CoorDown
March 13, 2014

“Dear Future Mom” was created in 2014 for World Down Syndrome Day, whose purpose is “to help raise awareness of what Down syndrome is, what it means to have Down syndrome, and how people with Down syndrome play a vital role in our lives and communities,”

by Inside Edition
Published on October 19, 2016

A seven-year-old girl with Down syndrome is breaking stereotypes around the world with her videos on social media. Jennifer Sanchez captured footage of her daughter, Sofia, talking about her disorder for Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

by ABC

This amazing video reveals that Dominique Moceanu has a secret sister, one given up for adoption when Dominique was six years old. Her name is Jennifer, and - even without legs - she became a power tumbler, volleyball player and aerial performer.

by KIDS Answers

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life - John 3:16

by Garrett Haley
September 5, 2016

An evolution-propagandizing illustrated children’s book is drawing praise from the secular community and currently ranks as a best seller on “Annabelle & Aiden: The Story Of Life” is a 26-page children’s book that was published last month.

by Heather Clark  
August 15, 2016

The American College of Pediatricians (ACP) has released a report stating that it is wrong to encourage children to believe that they were born in the wrong body as there is no scientific basis for such an assertion.

by Timothy Allen

An epidemic of pornography addiction is affecting teenagers and preteen children all over the world, while receiving very little notice from the media or medical community. Parents are unaware that their children can begin to struggle with this mind-altering addiction even before they are teenagers.

by Berit Kjos

Who are the strange little creatures from Japan that have suddenly become global super-stars? Most kids know the answer well: They are called Pokemon (short for POCKEt MONster and pronounced Poh-keh-mon), and they have stirred up some mixed reactions.

by Berit Kjos
December 13, 2015

Popular occultism is spreading fast, and the “spirit world” has become increasingly more accessible. But few families are equipped to resist it. Contemporary churches offer little or no help. Most simply ignore the danger or endorse the “fun.” To avoid offense, the word evil is dropped from their vocabulary.

by Gregory Reid
August 19th, 2013

I’ve written from my history, my head, and my heart. There’s not a lot of statistics, but I’ve put in a few for those who just want to help. A lot of the following is from my own experience, as graphic and real as I dare. For me, no one knew. No one should have to struggle that way.

Bill Meuhlenberg
January 29, 2014

Homosexuals of course cannot reproduce – they can only recruit. And recruiting children into this dangerous lifestyle has long been part of their agenda. There are plenty of ways in which they target children, and they have made their aims quite clear here.

by Bill Muehlenberg
August 27, 2014

The father has the greater impact on the daughter’s ability to trust, enjoy and relate well to the males in her life … well-fathered daughters are usually more self-confident, more self-reliant, and more successful in school and in their careers than poorly-fathered daughters

by Helpguide

While peer pressure and TV commercials for junk food can make getting kids to eat well seem impossible, there are steps parents can take to instill healthy eating habits without turning mealtimes into a battle zone.

by Ripplekindness Project

Kindness shouldn’t be limited to any particular gender, race, age group or even species. In fact, showing kindness and compassion to the most vulnerable of our fellow earthlings (i.e. other animals, particularly under human care) is often seen as the most telling sign of a person’s capacity for the traits we hold most sacred.

by Dennis Rainey

Children are going to struggle with one another, compete with one another, irritate one another, and have conflict. As parents we came to the conclusion that if we are going to have to endure these conflicts, we would turn them into training opportunities.

by Gary Chapman and Arlene Pellicane

No doubt you have seen your kids with their eyes glued to a computer screen, television or mobile device. And you may have wondered how technology is affecting them. The moving pictures on television, in video games and in apps are extremely stimulating, and a child's brain is particularly sensitive.

by Ron Blue

Money is one of the most concrete ways you can teach life lessons. By training your children in simple, tangible ways, you will set them up for success — with money and possibly in life.

by Thank you Diva

Saying thank you – it's everyday etiquette and a simply courtesy that takes just a moment. It costs nothing, not even effort. But it's also one of the most important ways in which we interact with others, both those closest to us and those with whom we have contact for the briefest of times.

by Marissa Stephens
April 15, 2016   

If you’re struggling with your co-parent  – arguing about whose style is more correct, or more effective – you’re not alone. Coming to an agreement can be very difficult. And when you’re talking about parenting, emotions can certainly run very high.

by Lois Putnam - Lighthouse Trails
May 12, 2016

Adult coloring has recently become a national passion. Now, from your first examination of these color books, you’ll note they aren’t like the color books of your youth, for at least half of them are distinctly New Age in look and content. And second, you’ll note that they almost all purport to help calm, soothe, de-stress, and relax you into a meditative state.

by Whitney Hopler

When you become a father for the first time, your life changes in significant ways. All those changes can feel overwhelming, but if you rely on God’s help to navigate them, you can experience the joy He intends for you as you adjust to life with your new child.

by David Peach

Disciplining your children is an important aspect of parenting. I want to encourage you to follow God’s Word and His plan for raising a godly family and instilling proper character in your children.

by Michael Houdmann

How to best discipline children can be a difficult task to learn, but it is crucially important. Some claim that physical discipline (corporal punishment) such as spanking is the only method the Bible supports. Others insist that “time-outs” and other punishments that do not involve physical discipline are far more effective.

by Henry Cloud

Our kids are maturing amid a culture in which people no longer own their choices, words or actions — a culture in which there's always someone to blame for why they do what they do.

by Melissa Kruger

A bribe is offered as a means to cajole or influence a child. Typically, it is given in the midst of a tantrum or other bad behavior. In contrast, a reward is something that is given in recognition of a child’s effort, service or achievement.

by Tracy Tennant

The Scriptures emphasize that God’s primary interest is the heart. The wise parent looks beyond behavior to what’s going on at a deeper level. This involves the child’s attitudes and motivations. As you begin to use the secret of teaching children to focus on their hearts, you will see them make attitude adjustments, not just behavior changes.

by Family Policy Institute
March 29, 2016

If you’re a parent who’s been told that your child’s sex-ed program at school is comprehensive, evidenced-based, age-appropriate, and that it promotes healthy relationships then you, and every other parent who’s been sold the same message, have essentially been lied to. Please view the 35 min video.

by Sue Schlesman
March 24, 2016

You might not admit it, but secretly you know that part of the problem is you. Yes, you are an angry mom, but you’re not sure what to do about it. You really love being a mom. But sometimes, you’re just mad.

by Michael Price

People today are more connected to one another than ever before in human history, thanks to Internet-based social networking sites and text messaging. But they’re also more lonely and distant from one another in their unplugged lives, says Massachusetts Institute of Technology social psychologist Sherry Turkle, PhD. This is not only changing the way we interact online, it’s straining our personal relationships, as well.

by Ralph Taylor

Below is the poem entitled "Being friendly."

by Sue Schlesman

From time to time, I write my sons letters or send texts with nuggets of advice in them. I want to make sure that before they leave me, they have a collection of wisdom to carry with them into life.

by Janet Lehman

It’s important to remember that your child is not your friend—he’s your child. Your job is to teach him to be able to function in the world. This means teaching him to behave respectfully to others, not just you.

by Cathy Gulli
January 7, 2016

Many kids are actually overpowering their parents. A functional family unit hinges on the one social construct that contemporary society has been working hard to dismantle: hierarchy. “You need a strong alpha presentation to inspire a child to trust you and depend upon you,” says Neufeld of parents. The parent always has to be honoured as the ultimate person,” he continues. “We need to put parents back in the driver’s seat.”

by Michael Houdmann

Assuming that the rebellious child naturally possesses a strong-willed personality, he will be characterized by an inclination to test limits, an overriding desire for control, and a commitment to resisting all authority. In other words, rebellion is his middle name. In addition, these strong-willed, rebellious children are often very intelligent and can “figure out” situations with amazing speed, finding ways to take control of the circumstances and people around them. These kids can be, for their parents, an extremely trying and exhausting challenge.

by Investigative Sergeant Patrick Crough

We must make it a point to communicate with our children every day to learn what is going on in their lives and who they are having daily contact with. Our children are exposed to school staff, counselors, coaches, day care providers, summer camp staff, and/or babysitters every day. Their social horizons have been expanded at a far too rapid pace.

by Steven Cole    

Nausea, grief, anger, fear - these were some of my feelings a few weeks ago when I heard about yet another student who took a gun to school and opened fire. I fear because I’m a parent: What if it happens at my son’s school? What can we do to halt this frightening trend? Obviously the problem is linked to the overall moral decay of our society.

by Steven J. Cole

Mothers do influence their sons and daughters! One of life’s greatest blessings is to have a godly mother. And, thus, one of the greatest gifts you can give your children is to be a godly mother. But, sadly, the influence of the feminist movement has caused the status of motherhood to decline. Women are encouraged to find fulfillment in a career, not in raising children.

by Steven J. Cole

One of the most important things you can do for your children is to give them your time and to enjoy being with them. Just putting down what you’re doing for a minute and giving them your undivided attention says, “You are important to me and I want to hear what you have to say.”

by Ginger Plowman

Six guidelines for controlling your emotions while verbally correcting your kids.

by Tedd Tripp

Too many parents focus on changing a child's behavior. More important is what's going on in the child's heart. The Scripture teaches that the heart is the control center for life. A person's life is a reflection of his heart. Proverbs 4:23 states it like this: "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."

by Jill Rigby

Advice on how to meet all their needs, but not all their wants.

by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Here's a list of values and character traits that helped us focus on biblical priorities in our parenting. Raising children requires huge chunks of time, prayer, discipline, involvement, and relationship-building. This list of values and traits has helped us focus on biblical priorities in raising children to become mature adults of faith and godly character.

by Tricia Goyer

Ten ways to ensure that your child will not succeed.

by David W. Cloud
February 2012

This is an extensive and practical look at child training and discipline. It deals with such things as understanding the child’s nature, teaching obedience and respect for authority, when discipline should begin, the effective use of the rod, dealing with sassing and resistance to authority, disciplining for attitude, the essential aspect of love in discipline, the necessity of consistency and persistence, the necessity of good communication, the necessity of the father and mother being in harmony, the danger of provoking children to wrath, keeping the child’s heart, and discipleship.

by Michael Houdmann

Being a good parent can be a difficult and challenging venture, but at the same time can be the most rewarding and fulfilling thing we ever do. The Bible has a great deal to say about the way we can successfully raise our children to be men and women of God. As a good parent, the first thing we must do is teach them the truth about God's Word.