by Imperial War Museums

Learn more about animals that accompanied men and women into battle over the past 100 years.

by Sara Farr

Horse racing has a reputation for elegance and attracts many wealthy owners and audience members. These pretty wrappings hide dark secrets. The reality of horse racing is as far from high heels and limousines as you can get.

by RaeLeann Smith

Although racing has a wide audience in the United States, few know how racehorses are bred, trained, and handled and what happens to those who are slow or aging or who suffer injuries.

July 3, 2020

Nearly 400 elephants have been found dead in Botswana in recent weeks but local authorities and wildlife experts are struggling to find an explanation, with disease and poisoning among the possible causes.

March 8, 2019

The truth about animals in circuses is that they are abused and endure lives of complete misery, while some are even poached from the wild, purely for entertainment.So what is the problem with wild animal performance? Here are the facts:

by Animal Adventures
March 3, 2019

Wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin goes on a journey of discovery to find out the science behind unusual interactions in the animal kingdom.

March 18, 2018

Today we are going to tell you about amazing friendships between animals and humans. Forget horror stories about the cruelty of wild predators or narrow-mindedness of birds, which are apparently not able to feel affection and devotion.

by Aetopus2
July 19, 2011

Michael Fishbach narrates his encounter with a humpback whale that was severely entangled in a fishing net. Michael Fishback and Gershon Cohen have founded The Great Whale Conservancy to help and protect whales.

by Ryan Claus
May 8, 2020

When you're euthanizing these dogs, they're not old dogs, they're completely healthy, and most of them are still standing there wagging their tails and licking your face while you're euthanizing them - Vet nurse.

by Barbara J. King
October 24, 2017

Animal videos are shared online nowadays at a pace that can be overwhelming. Once in a while, though, a video offers a unique and unforgettable message.

by Howl Of A Dog Rescue

A young dog that was injured and nearly starved to death in Romania was rescued and taken to a vet where he received surgery. He recovered fully and was adopted by a loving family in Arizona.

by The Dodo

Dolphin approaches a diver to take out a hook and line from her fin.


Dozens of wild pigs ranging in age from about 4 weeks to 6 months old were captured and trucked in for the Bacon Bash event, which involved chasing them around an arena, grabbing them, and stuffing them into sacks, as they struggled and screamed in fear. The pigs were slated to be slaughtered and barbecued after the event.


Life in captivity is often a death sentence for birds, who may suffer from malnutrition, an improper environment, loneliness, and the stress of confinement.

by Aspca

While Greyhounds may live 13+ years, they are usually 18 months to 5 years old when they are retired from racing because they are either unfit to race after an injury or no longer fast enough to be profitable.Some of these dogs are sent to rescue groups, others are simply killed or returned to breeding facilities to serve as breeding stock.

by defenceWeb
March 27, 2019

“The NSPCA is appalled by the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) and its lack of ability to care for horses in its custody,” according to a statement issued by the national animal welfare body in South Africa.

by you be the judge
Published Jan 6, 2019

A dog stayed with his injured friend on a railway track in the Ukraine while a train rumbled overhead.


Born Free explains that it is a “myth” that the elephant’s ability to paint is a result of their natural cleverness. Elephants endure months of physical abuse to learn how to hold a paint brush, draw a straight line and paint flowers and leaves on trees.

by Alastair Leithead, BBC News
15 August 2018

A whistle-blower has told the BBC he was the middleman between rhino-horn smugglers and a court syndicate in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province.

by Monkey Child
Published March 2, 2018

Lwiro Primates, a rehabilitation center and sanctuary for nearly 200 orphaned chimpanzees and monkeys in Congo, shared a heart-melting video of a baby chimp rescue on Wednesday. In it, tiny Mussa sits in the lap of a pilot who is flying the animal from Virunga National Park to safety with Lwiro.

October 2017

It doesn’t matter how big the temptation is, how cute the animals are, or whether an abandoned baby was found somewhere – there are no excuses – taming wild animals as pets is impermissible.

by Humane Society International

Across China, there are many dog markets and slaughterhouses, but the annual dog meat "festival" in Yulin in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has come to symbolize the immense cruelty of the dog meat trade.

by Humane Society International

Imagine a syringe being forced down your throat and a massive chemical dose pumped into your stomach, or being squeezed into restraints and forced to breathe toxic vapours for hours. From drugs to pesticides and household cleaners, chemicals and products of all descriptions are still being tested in massive doses on dogs, mice, rabbits and other animals.

by Humane Society International

“The claim that animal experimentation is essential to medical development is not supported by proper, scientific evidence but by opinion and anecdote.

by GaryTVcom

Published on July 1, 2017

A compassionate world begins with you

by Rachel Curit
August 8, 2014

From psychological benefits such as lowering anxiety to social benefits of getting out of the house for a walk, companion animals really do positively impact health.

Uploaded by Michelle Compton 
Published on April 12, 2017

In this video are some of the most remarkable stories of animals who have saved the lives of humans.

by Express
January 30, 2017

A secret network of wildlife traffickers selling baby chimpanzees has been exposed by a year-long BBC investigation, spanning half a dozen countries.

by Barbara Boland
May 12, 2014

Ducklings went missing on an Irish farm, and the farmer thought the cat had eaten them. What he found is even more surprising - they were snuggled up to this mama cat, right next to her kittens.

by In Defense of Animals

 Hunting is a violent and cowardly form of outdoor “entertainment” that kills hundreds of millions of animals every year, many of whom are wounded and die a slow and painful death. Hunters cause injuries, pain and suffering to defenseless animals, destroy their families and habitat, and leave terrified and dependent baby animals behind to starve to death.

by Michael Houdmann

God cares for the animals, so should we. In fact, it is God’s care for animals that most fully explains our desire to have pets. God created mankind in His image (Genesis 1:27), and we have inherited the part of God’s nature that cares for the animals.

by WWF South Africa
September 21, 2016

The reason we use helicopters is that it enables the team to remove a darted rhino safely from difficult and dangerous terrain before being lowered into a container for transportation by road. The helicopter trips are short - less than 10 minutes - and the sleeping rhino suffers no ill-effects.

by Amanda Froelich
June 1, 2016

Daily Mail reports that Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko took in Stepan when he was just 3 months old. He was found by hunters in a forest all alone and in a very bad condition. Twenty-three years later, the three still live as a family in Moscow, Russia. And, contrary to appearances, the 300-pound, 7-ft bear is a gentle giant.

February 18, 2016

Originally a companion dog, Scooby became so much more as he began to detect when Sophie was in danger due to her hydrocephalus and brittle type 1 diabetes.

February 18, 2016

Sarah feared she was losing her son, Cohen, when he was diagnosed with Autism at 3. Since Azerley has come into their lives though, Cohen's confidence has returned and the family life that Sarah thought was lost, is better than ever.

by Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

China has spread its hungry tentacles all over the animal world. From killing dogs for meat and fur to killing elephants for their ivory, musk deer fo...

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We may try to protect our wildlife but it is vanishing rapidly. One of the main causes is the greed of our neighbour China. China has spread its hu...

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China has spread its hungry tentacles all over the animal world. From killing dogs for meat and fur to killing elephants for their ivory, musk deer for their hormone sacs, pangolins, rhinos, all manner of sea creatures, sharks for soup, tigers, bears for their bile, even butterflies and insects, China is smuggling animals out of each country.

by boredpanda
January 2016

Earlier this month, a rhesus macaque monkey adopted a puppy in Rode, India. After watching the monkey defend the little dog from strays, the locals were so impressed that they set out food for the two unusual companions.

by Agence France-Presse
March 24, 2015

African elephants could be extinct in the wild within a few decades, experts have warned at a major conservation summit in Botswana that has highlighted an alarming decline in numbers due to poaching for ivory.

by Peta

Fish are intelligent, sensitive animals who think and feel pain the same way that cats and dogs do. In fact, scientists at Oxford University have discovered that some fish can learn faster than dogs. Fish crave stimulation from other fish and from their environment.  Few people realize just how much fish suffer before they reach pet stores or know how to care for them properly once they get them home.

by Peta

 Driven mad from boredom and loneliness, caged birds often become aggressive, neurotic, and self-destructive. They pull out their own feathers, mutilate their skin, incessantly bob their heads and regurgitate, pace back and forth, peck over and over again at cage bars, and shake or even collapse from anxiety.

by Peta

Today — because experiments on animals are cruel, expensive, and generally inapplicable to humans—the world’s most forward-thinking scientists have moved on to develop and use methods for studying diseases and testing products that replace animals and are actually relevant to human health. These modern methods include sophisticated tests using human cells and tissues, advanced computer-modeling techniques, and studies with human volunteers.

by Jane Flanagan
August 28, 2015

This is the moment a safari park took drastic action to stop poachers from killing a rare black rhino and sawed off its valuable horn using a chainsaw. The project to remove horns of white and rare black rhinos is by the World Heritage Site in eastern South Africa, was to stop them from being attacked by poachers.

by Ben
May 25, 2015

Everyone’s least favorite rodent has been tasked with cleaning up the lethal leftovers of war. Land mines kill thousands every year, but these rats have been trained to save lives by sniffing out the scent of explosives.

by Save The Rhino

Illegal wildlife trafficking is one of the world's top criminal activities – ranked alongside drugs, arms and human trafficking. Rhino poaching is being carried out by criminal gangs, potentially linked to extremist groups with sophisticated multi-national networks.

by Stephen Messenger
Decembe 12, 2014

In a historic vote on Thursday, one which marks a significant step toward preventing exploitation of animals, Mexico’s congress approved a new measure to ban animal circuses nationwide — joining a small, but growing list of nations which have already outlawed the controversial practice. In their opinion, Congress wrote that “the use of animals in circuses provides no educational value to viewers,” saying that the animals exhibited in circuses only perform “because they fear what may happen if they do not."

by In Defense of Animals

Great apes will remain under the rapidly increasing threat of extinction until it becomes socially unacceptable to kill or eat chimpanzees and gorillas. Our outreach programs focus on increasing awareness about chimpanzees’ intelligence and emotional capacity, their similarity to humans, their endangered status and the laws against exploiting them.

by In Defense of Animals

A staggering atrocity is happening every day in South Korea: dogs and cats living tormented lives in the margins of an unfathomable existence—victims of the dog and cat meat industry, with its deliberate and indefensible cruelty, and the South Korean government’s hovering inert over the pervasive smell of human injustice.

by In Defense of Animals

More and more physicians and scientists are also seeing the negative consequences of using one species to provide information about another species; often the results of animal experiments are misleading or even harmful to humans.

by All-creatures

Racehorses are the victims of a multibillion-dollar industry that is rife with drug abuse, injuries, and race fixing, and many horses’ careers end in slaughterhouses. 

by stopbullfighting

It seems hard to believe that in this so-called civilised age, a most vicious and cruel spectacle of blood continues to flourish in Spain and certain other countries. Bullfighting is barbaric and should have been banned long ago, as bear-baiting was. It is difficult to understand how crowds of people will pay money and take pleasure in watching one lone creature - who has never done them any harm — getting hacked to death. How can anyone with an ounce of compassion, cheer and chant olé as a banderilla or lance is thrust into the animal’s pain-racked body?


The greyhound racing industry treats dogs like running machines. For the few minutes that a dog spends on a track during a race, he or she will spend many hours confined to a cramped cage or kennel. Thousands of greyhounds die each year—some in the name of “selective breeding”—before they ever touch a racetrack. Many dogs do not make it to the nominal “retirement” age of 4 or 5.


Teaching kids to have compassion and empathy for their furry, feathered, and finned friends is vital for preventing cruelty to animals as well as in raising them to respect and treat those who are different from them with kindness. 

by National Council of SPCA’s
Jan 26, 2012

The practice of keeping animals in captivity for exhibition has been around for centuries. It is definitely not a new concept but rather an inherited one. The first zoo was created around 1500BC in Egypt.

by National Council of SPCA’s
January 2, 2014

According to several independent investigations, 40%-60% of animals gathered from the wild for the pet trade die before being exported. It is estimated that the illegal trade in animals and plants is the third largest illegal activity in the world, surpassed only by the arms and drug trade.

by National Council of SPCA’s
January 2, 2014

The contentious issue of the trade in, breeding and the keeping of exotic wild animals as pets in South Africa has not only deeply disturbing welfare implications for the animals concerned, but, just as importantly, is a significant threat to conservation and biodiversity.


Using shock collars on dogs is worse than choking or hitting them.


The average domestic pet, such as a dog, cat—even a goldfish—can also provide many therapeutic and health benefits. Pets can ease loneliness, reduce stress, promote social interaction, encourage exercise and playfulness, and provide unconditional love and affection. Caring for a pet may even help you live longer.

by Abrahan Granillo
April 17, 2013

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by Jennifer Mishler
September 26, 2013

The pursuit and beaching of these animals is extremely terrifying and stressful for them and the killing looks just like what it actually is — a frenzied massacre of innocents.”

by Seashepherd
January 29, 2014

60-65 Striped Dolphins Brutally Massacred in the Cove Yesterday.

by CMR - Movie Reviews and News
July 11, 2013

Lion Ark is a film that will grab your attention and your heart strings as you watch a rescue of abused Circus Lions unfold before your very eyes. The film follows Animal Defenders International (ADI) as they battle cruel and abusive Circus Owners in an effort to save 25 African Lions from a miserable existence.

by For The Love Of Animals
Aug 27, 2013

The truth about the treatment of animals in circuses. Filmed by Animal Defenders International, this video lifts the lid on the use and abuse of animals in entertainment including • the violence used to train and control the animals; • the small cages, temporary pens, and chains the animals live and die in; • the long journeys; • the unnatural conditions; • the animals driven out of their minds by boredom and deprivation.

by Al Jazeera
October 4, 2013

Conservationists say a recent surge in elephant poaching is putting the world's biggest land mammal on the brink of extinction. On Friday, advocates held marches in more than a dozen cities across the globe — from Australia to Thailand to Tanzania — hoping to put an end to the practice of slaughtering elephants so their tusks can be used for the illegal ivory trade.

by Leon Marshall - News Watch
August 6, 2013
The audience sat in stunned silence on hearing the announcement that, with five months to go, South Africa’s rhino-poaching toll for 2013 had already shot well past the 500 mark. The occasion was a meeting in Johannesburg where stakeholders were taking stock of strategies to put a brake on the killing spree.

by Mark Fergusson
December 30th, 2009

I received an email recently from a friend with widely circulated photos of a horrific dolphin slaughter in the Faroe Islands of Denmark.

by Sea Shepherd

The Namibian seal hunt is responsible for the largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth and is considered to be the most brutal of all seal culls.


Whether it came from an animal on a fur farm or one who was trapped in the wild, every fur coat, trinket, and bit of trim caused an animal tremendous suffering—and took away a life.

by Care For The Wild

Care for the Wild conducted two investigations into the Chinese fur industry, uncovering devastating evidence of brutality and animal suffering.

by Zvi Kaplan

Moral and legal rules concerning the treatment of animals are based on the principle that animals are part of God's creation toward which man bears responsibility. Laws and other indications in the Pentateuch and the rest of the Bible make it clear not only that cruelty to animals is forbidden but also that compassion and mercy to them are demanded of man by God.