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I need help and I need it now! Wherever you are, whatever the time of day, and however bad it is, there is someone to call. Here is a list of help services you can contact:  Emotional well being, Children in crisis, Women in crisis, Alcohol and drug addiction, Mental health, depression and anxiety, Family and marriage, Pregnancy, contraception, abortion. 

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by The Conversation
June 4, 2021

The discovery of the graves of 215 Indigenous children makes it clear that preventable deaths were always a part of the Indian Residential School system.

by Gregory Reid

Written by a male sexual abuse survivor, this booklet helps parents identify if their son has been sexually abused and gives advice on helping him to recover.

by Candice Lucey

Emotional abuse controls, intimidates, subjugates, demeans, punishes, or isolates another person without leaving bruises, but causes degradation, humiliation, or fear.

by BBC

The UN rates Norway one of the best countries for a child to grow up in. And yet too many children, according to a large number of Norwegian experts, are taken into care without good reason.

by Dr. Peter Hammond

Are you raising a bully, a victim or a bystander?


Many elderly adults are abused in their own homes, in relatives’ homes, and even in facilities responsible for their care. Learn about the warning signs of elder abuse, what the risk factors are, and how you can prevent and report the problem.

by Jacqueline Willliams
December 14, 2017

A royal commission investigating the sexual abuse of children in Australia found Friday that the nation was gripped by an epidemic dating back decades, with tens of thousands of children sexually abused in schools, religious organizations and other institutions.

by Heart Publications
November 21, 2017

Satanist Ritual Abuse is a brutal form of abuse of children, youth and vulnerable adults, consisting of physical, sexual and psychological abuse, and involving the use of Satanist rituals.

by David Levine
October 31, 2017

Much in the news lately, sexual harassment has serious mental health consequences for the victim.

by Faithwire

Thousands inside the war ravaged African nation are being exploited because of the cobalt mine industry, a trade that is financed by the United States and China’s consumption of smart phones and electronic cars.

Author: Gregory Reid

"I belong to a company of men and boys, mostly silent and scared. So few have survived well enough to talk about it. I know I have to talk, because I DID survive, and because I see them in every group I meet, from five to seventy-years-old suffering, silent victims who are not really considered REAL victims by many."

by Michael Houdmann

Abuse is a learned behavior, and if we allow it to happen and continue, we are in fact accepting it. We cannot and should not accept verbal or emotional abuse, for at least two reasons: it dishonors the Lord and it often escalates to physical abuse.

by Dennis Rainey

Let me begin by saying that I cannot think of a circumstance in a marriage or family that could justify abuse of any kind - emotional, mental, physical, or sexual. Abusive behavior was never and can never be a part of God's plan for a marriage or a family.

by Gregory Reid
August 19th, 2013

I’ve written from my history, my head, and my heart. There’s not a lot of statistics, but I’ve put in a few for those who just want to help. A lot of the following is from my own experience, as graphic and real as I dare. For me, no one knew. No one should have to struggle that way.

by BBC News
February 26, 2016

The BBC missed opportunities to stop "monstrous" abuse by DJ Jimmy Savile and broadcaster Stuart Hall because of a "culture of fear", a report says. Referring to Savile and Hall, Dame Janet said: "Both of these men used their fame and positions as BBC celebrities to abuse the vulnerable.

by  Alex Newman
April 29, 2015

In response to the mushrooming scandals surrounding predatory UN troops who rape and abuse civilians, the tyrant-dominated global outfit is reportedly working a plan for paternity testing to uncover so-called “peacekeeper babies.” But instead of truly dealing with the grotesque revelations, the UN is busy persecuting whistleblowers who exposed the horrors while plotting ever-grander “peace” missions by its military forces.

by Pat Zukeran

We are all familiar with traditional cults such as the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses. There are, however, other groups with cultic characteristics that do not fit the same profile as the traditional cults. Sometimes called "abusive churches" or even "Bible-based cults," they appear outwardly orthodox in their doctrinal beliefs. What distinguishes these groups or churches from genuine orthodox Christianity is their abusive, cultic-like methodology and philosophy of ministry.

by  Alex Newman
August 21, 2015

Heads are rolling at the United Nations — sort of, at least among lower-level officials — as a mushrooming scandal involving UN “peacekeeping” troops systematically raping and abusing women and children in Africa continues to expand. At first, top UN leadership tried to keep the abuse under wraps, even firing the official who exposed the initial revelations, Anders Kompass, before having him investigated and escorted from his office under armed guard.

by Investigative Sergeant Patrick Crough

We must make it a point to communicate with our children every day to learn what is going on in their lives and who they are having daily contact with. Our children are exposed to school staff, counselors, coaches, day care providers, summer camp staff, and/or babysitters every day. Their social horizons have been expanded at a far too rapid pace.

by John Barber
June, 2 2015

Canadian governments and churches pursued a policy of “cultural genocide” against the country’s aboriginal people throughout the 20th century, according to an investigation into a long-suppressed history that saw 150,000 Native, or First Nations, children forcibly removed from their families and incarcerated in residential schools rife with abuse.

by A Ministry in His Service
February, 2014

Below are several short audio clips from the recent interview Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries did with Lighthouse Trails author and investigative sergeant Patrick Crough. Patrick is the author of Seducers Among Our Children. We have posted some excerpts from that book below the audio clips. Lighthouse Trails has been reporting on the issue of child sexual abuse since our inception nearly twelve years ago. As Patrick says in his book, parents are to be the shepherd’s of their children. And yet millions of children are sexually abused by predators every year.

by Lighthouse Trails Editors
August 29, 2011

 What is sown today will bear fruit tomorrow. In other words, what we do for or against the younger generation (children, teens, and young adults) today will be evident in how they function as Christians tomorrow. If we give them sexual abuse, deceit, sensuality, mysticism, pride, arrogance, carnality, lust, surely we must realize what this will reap in the future.

by Peter Saunders

As doctors we are exposed to suffering in a unique way. For us, it is not something that just happens on a television screen to people we neither know nor meet. We grapple with it in our patients each day. Unless we want to insulate ourselves by becoming cynical and detached, we need to learn to cope with it and understand it. Suffering asks deep questions of us as Christians - not least 'Why does it exist at all?'

by Peter Sidebotham

As a paediatrician, I have had to face the reality of child abuse as being part of everyday life for many children. In this article, I want to present a biblical perspective on the problem of child abuse in order more clearly to understand its roots and learn how we can respond.

by Patrick Counihan
June 07, 2014
More than 2000 Irish children in religious run homes were subjected to drugs trials in the 1930s according to a shocking new report. As the Tuam burial ground scandal erupts, it has now emerged that Catholic Church run homes and state institutions let the children of unmarried mothers be used in medical experiments. The Irish Daily Mail has published a damning report which outlines how scientists secretly vaccinated more than 2,000 children in religious-run homes in suspected illegal drug trials.

by John Fay
June 10,2014
Father Edward Flanagan, founder of “Boys Town” made famous by the Spencer Tracy movie, was a lone voice in condemning Ireland’s industrial schools back in the 1940s – and he was viciously castigated by church and government for doing so.

by Kate Hickey
June 10,2014

The Irish government has announced a statutory inquiry into the State sanctioned, Catholic Church-run institutions used as homes for pregnant, unmarried mothers and their children.

by onesocietyinitiative

Description of services: Anex is a children’s rights organisation advocating for the end of all forms of exploitation and abuse of children. The scope of Anex’ work involves counter-trafficking, anti-child labour and youth development. Although all three programmes are diverse in nature they are all linked in that they actively attempt to extricate all forms or situations which result in the enslavement of children

by Amy Joy Hess
September 8, 2014

On par with murder itself, the sexual assault of a child is one of the most horrendous crimes known to man. Yet, between 1997 and 2013, at least 1400 girls in the South Yorkshire of Rotherham were groomed, drawn into the company of packs of Pakistani men, and exploited without mercy. The reign of terror involved beatings and threats of death and torture of the girls’ family members, and local law enforcement did close to nothing.