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by Prof Johan Malan

Medicine and the way people treat disease and illness are changing. Alternative medicine is gaining in popularity while, in some cases, science and mystical spirituality are joining hands to form a new frontier for the advancement of healthcare. “New Age medicine” involves the application of generally Eastern/occult methods of healing while stressing treatment of the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

The term is frequently used interchangeably with “holistic medicine” and “alternative medicine.” Occult and metaphysical terminology is removed from New Age medicine and healing techniques to make them more acceptable to the wider public. The result is that many people are using these practices and remedies without knowing what they are participating in.

Alternative therapies are offered to people to replace drugs and eliminate their many side effects. In stead of taking pain-killers patients are recommended to undergo acupuncture, while the need to balance energies is advanced as an alternative to operations and the taking of conventional biomedicine.

The concept behind New Age healing is that there is an intelligence, a cosmic force, or a vital force which pervades the universe, and that people become sick when they are not properly aligned or attuned to this force. Health is presented as a holistic concept, including the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of a person. The techniques to ensure a person’s well-being in all these areas are not known to general practitioners since they only concentrate on the biological nature of medical disorders. New Age practitioners, on the other hand, are focused on the healing of the entire person through the working of the vital force and the restoration of the cosmic energy flow in patients.

It is a common occult teaching that everything in the universe is vibrating, has sound, colour, a number and a form attached to it. These features can be used to bring about changes in an organism through the correct energy flow, and to promote healing in malfunctioning organisms. The hands are powerful tools used in occult healing. A well-known New Age author, Alice Bailey, said: “It is an occult fact that the hands of a disciple… become transmitters of spiritual energy.” Massage, acupressure, and the laying on of hands by such people can expose a patient to dangerous occult influences.

In psychic and occult healing, the true source of the healing energy is seldom revealed. Therefore, it can be practised under the name of any religion and even pretends to be Christian. Some practitioners will invoke the God of forces who is in control of the life force manipulated by them. This is a title of the devil. The coming Antichrist will not honour the God of his fathers, but in His place he will “honour the God of forces” (Dan. 11:37-38; cf. Rev. 13:2). Millions of people are being deceived by exposing themselves to mystical techniques which are empowered by Satan.

The following are some of the mystical therapies used by New Age practitioners as an alternative to biomedicine:

1.  Healing with sound. In New Age thought, each organ is believed to have a specific vibration attached to it. The flow of energy through these organs may be interrupted and thrown out of balance by unnatural sounds such as noises caused by motor cars, screams of fear, anger or pain, etc. Meditative New Age music is used to promote alternative states of consciousness and to soothe the soul. In addition to the music, mantras, or sacred words, are also used to penetrate the soul and align the energies that are out of balance. The danger with meditative trances such as these is that the person opens himself for visitation by alien spirits, often referred to as spirit guides. They are demons who disguise themselves as “angels of light” (2 Cor. 11:14) and endeavour to help the person achieve a false form of inner peace and healing, and also to act as advisors in decision-making.

2.  Healing with colour. Colours are used in healing in a similar manner to the way numbers are used in numerology. An esoteric meaning is associated with every colour, and by visualising its mystical significance, healing and positive energy flow are promoted. Objects with the colours that correspond to a particular problem are placed close to the afflicted body parts to effect healing. Fruit with healing colours are also eaten while clothing with matching colours is worn. Astrology plays a role in this type of healing as the signs of the zodiac have, according to occult thought, their own colours that correspond to the human anatomy.

3.  Healing with crystals. Crystals supposedly contain vibrational frequencies that mystically interconnect with the earth’s and the individual’s energy field. They are used to amplify or realign psychic or cosmic energy for psychic healing and entering altered states of consciousness. Time magazine has observed that crystal power and crystal healing are among the most favoured New Age techniques for expanding consciousness and curing ailments. According to the nature of the illness, the crystal will become hot or cold as it is passed over the person’s aura. In terms of this occult belief, the crystal is absorbing the bad energy out of the body. People also place crystals under their pillows to have nice dreams and to be “taught” in their subconscious mind by the cosmic wisdom with which the crystals supposedly establish contact.

4.  Biofeedback. A monitoring device is used to extend the five senses with a view to creating a deeper sense of awareness. In this way, your consciousness is expanded by integrating the mind and body in a way which cannot be effected in a state of normal consciousness. The deeper, integrated state of consciousness promotes relaxation, creativity and intuition. In response to the information received from the monitoring device you take voluntary control of your bodily processes. You are enabled to control your muscles, eye movements and brain waves, and can even learn to practise a form of self-hypnosis by achieving an altered state of consciousness. In this way you enter the cosmic sphere and tap an occult source of energy.

5.  Flower remedies. Edward Bach was a physician in London who gave up his practice to perfect his method of flower healing. Flowers are collected from various domesticated and wild plants. For example, the rock rose is applied to cases of extreme terror, while more than 30 other remedies are applied to other emotional disorders, thus enabling the body to heal itself. The philosophy behind this healing is that by taking the flower remedies the sufferer will be enabled to overcome negative emotions such as fear, worry and depression, thereby causing the disappearance of the physical illnesses which are the consequences of disturbed emotions. A person’s state of mind is believed to be directly related to his bodily health. When peace and harmony return to the mind, health returns to the body. In this case, cosmic energy is also resorted to since the correcting of disturbed emotions is believed to occur in a mystical way. This is yet another way to ensure the flow of cosmic energy to the patient.

6.  Aromatherapy. This is the art of healing by inhaling the essential oil fragrances of flowers, herbs and aromatic wood, thereby bringing the body, mind and spirit into balance. Plant extracts and essential oils are also used in massage. The holistic nature of this therapy is clearly evident in the claim that it positively influences the mind and spirit.

7.  Astral travel. This practice is also known as soul travel. A person learns to be conscious of his dream state, being fully aware of travelling in the spiritual realm to other dimensions. During these experiences, when the body is asleep, people usually see a light and hear celestial music. They also have experiences of meeting spirit guides who help them solve their personal problems. From a Christian point of view, astral travel opens the human spirit to a mystical sphere where demons can gain control over them.

8.  Reading auras. In New Age Healing it is believed that every person is surrounded by an aura, or energy field, which conforms to the shape of his/her body. Different colours in the aura give an indication of the person’s health, attitude and consciousness. Grey is associated with fear and depression, orange with pride, while deep flashes of red reveal anger. By reading one’s aura, sickness will be shown even before the symptoms manifest. Practitioners are accredited with the ability to cleanse and realign a person’s aura. Afterwards, the practitioner will shake his hands to rid him of any negative energies. To see into the spiritual realm, one needs to be a psychic with an awakened 6th sense, or third eye.

9.  Reflexology, also called zone therapy or compression massage, is a technique which involves the massaging of one’s feet at specific points to bring relaxation or relief of pain in another part of the body. For example, by massaging the big toe in the appropriate places, you can ease head pains, thyroid, and neck problems. Reflexology is not limited to the feet. The hands, as well as other parts of the body, are said to contain these same points, or “zones.” Dr. William Fitzgerald revived this ancient practice and presented it to the medical profession in 1913. He called this technique Zone Therapy, because he had divided the body into ten “zones’ – five on each side. Reflexology, although unknown to many people, is an ancient occult technique! It is based on the theories of yin and yang and the five elements, which were taken right out of ancient occult teachings from China.

10. Palmistry, the occult practice of foretelling the future by reading the hand, is also based on the theories of yin and yang and the five elements. According to Oriental magicians, the palm of the hand contains the secrets of life. There was also an ancient Chinese school of thought which maintained that the palm of the hand was a replica of yin and yang and could provide information about illness, good health and one’s entire fate. Deuteronomy 18:10-12 tells us that those who use divination (such as astrologers, palmists), enchanters, witches, etc. are an abomination to the Lord and were not to be found among God’s people.

11. Reiki. The word reiki is derived from the Japanese words “rei” meaning universal spirit and “ki” which means energy. The word reiki basically means a balanced cosmic and energy force. The fundamental principle of how reiki works is that it dissolves the toxic energy from your aura or life force. This can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki helps to create equilibrium of energy, which in turn creates a harmonious environment within the human body so true healing can take place. People that become reiki healers must first learn to become attuned to the reiki energy to allow their natural healing energies to become enhanced. The energy of reiki is transferred to students through a reiki master. The reiki master attunes the students gradually to the reiki energy and reveals symbols of meditation, often yoga meditation, that can be used within the student’s energy field to accomplish higher vibrations of energy. This mediation is guided through a celestial universal force that guides each student through his/her individual journey of healing. In essence, reiki is an occult technique designed to influence and/or manipulate patients through the use of unadvertised or undiscerned spiritistic energy. In reiki we discover the same problem illustrated in therapeutic touch and related forms of spiritistic/psychic healing. The practice appears innocent and many people assume it can’t hurt. However, it may easily produce serious emotional and spiritual problems. For this reason, reiki should be avoided.

12. The Pilates Method. A German, Joseph Pliates, developed this form of exercise to enhance mind-body fitness. In the exercise programme, use is made of basic stretching and body movements. However, in many cases the gymnasiums and centres that offer this method also make use of controlled breathing and New Age techniques such as visualisation, kundalini yoga and tai chi. Once that is done, the door is opened to exploring the occult energy field which is used to quicken the mind and spirit of those who do the exercises.


According to Ankerberg & Weldon (Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs) “the problem in the approach of New Age medicine is twofold: (1) The New Age health providers are usually not experts in biological medicine; and (2) their treatment of body, mind and spirit is based on occult presuppositions and practices. In both cases, this can damage a person’s health.” The basic occult presuppositions are that of a magical worldview in which supernatural forces permeate everything, altered states of consciousness to draw people into spheres of mystical influencing, and mysterious body energies which are derived and controlled from the cosmic realm of yin and yang. Occult practices include aura reading, acupuncture, therapeutic touch, crystal work, yoga, transcendental meditation, astral travel, etc.

Every person should make very sure that he or she does not become involved in the New Age Movement’s holistic therapies, since contamination by occult forces will inevitably follow. However, that does not mean that everything outside of western biomedicine is part of the New Age Movement’s alternative medicine. There are herbal and other therapies that have a proven beneficial working without any mystical ideas or practices associated with them. Ask questions and investigate everything before giving it a stamp of approval. The devil cleverly conceals his subversive activities from the eyes of the ignorant in an effort to catch them in his web and subject them to his sphere of influence.

Part of an extensive network

Healthcare is only one of various aspects of life which has been penetrated by the New Age Movement in an effort to subject the entire world to domination by demonic forces. The ultimate goal of this movement is that all religions should worship the same, universal god who is presented as an impersonal source of energy in the Orient. They are intent on influencing people in the West to only perceive God as a positive power that is present in the entire creation – also in human beings. Because, to them, He is not a person, all verbal prayers should be discontinued and replaced by quiet meditation (or contemplation) until the person experiences peace in his heart. Since the New Age god is also hidden deep within every person, they must be taught to descend to the centre of their beings and enter a mystical sphere through meditation and the entering of an alternative state of consciousness, thereby ensuring their healing and general wellbeing (for more information on this form of prayer, read our article: “The danger of centering prayer”).

When this practice has, according to the New Age Movement, been firmly established, evangelical Christianity with its denunciatory attitude towards other religions will gradually loose its support and be replaced by multireligious thought and practices such as transcendental meditation. The whole world with all its different faiths will then await the same messiah to introduce a new world order of international peace and unity. Political leaders will also give their full support to him, explaining why “all the world” will follow the Antichrist in amazement for what he will be able to do (Rev. 13:3).

When this deceiver of Satan has taken over the world and rules it, signs and wonders will abound and be derived from the demonic energy field that surrounds the world (Eph. 6:12). All these manifestations will be based upon deception, thereby confirming the biblical warning that the coming of the Antichrist will be “according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders” (2 Thess. 2:8-9). An antichristian network is rapidly spreading around the world to “heal and unite” the world under false pretences.




Alternative medicine is gaining in popularity while, in some cases, science and mystical spirituality are joining hands to form a new frontier for the advancement of healthcare. “New Age medicine” involves the application of generally Eastern/occult methods of healing while stressing treatment of the whole person – body, mind and spirit.